Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonamace, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    This is America, right??? So much for DUE PROCESS. This f-ing judge does not belong in any court room, in any county in this country. THIS WILL NOT STAND.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- First Restraining Order Hearing PART 4[/nomedia]
  2. Rockyj Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    QUOTE]This is America, right??? So much for DUE PROCESS. This f-ing judge does not belong in any court room, in any county in this country. THIS WILL NOT STAND.[/QUOTE]

    First: I know Anons have already given you a lot of very good advice about getting on with your life, etc.
    Second: You are posting a lot of VERY dysfunctional family drama that appears you may have posted in the past that some Anons may have grown intolerable about because you have refused to listen.
    Third: It's VERY obvious in the videos your mother is making a lame attempt using "I am a sweet old lady and should not be blamed for raising my sons in a very sick & evil cult." Especially, when her voice started cracking with all the "poor me's".
    In addition, I can't believe she actually said she was emotionally abused because you told her that TV dinners are bad for her health! Also, something about you no longer helping her with her garden.
    What I don't get is your response about the Judge! The judge did not approve your mother's f-n request for a restraining order so why is she guilty of NOT giving you due process?
    Your post doesn't make sense as a result & that's probably why you're not receiving any responses.
    From more recent posts it appears your mother was eventually successful getting her restraining order against you & you had to move out.
    So I don't understand why you are posting this video (by the way how in the hell did you get the recordings?)
    As someone who is estranged from my family for reasons unlike yours but very horrendous, I understand, relate & validate your pain.
    But I also know that you are above their BS & you can't allow your mother & brother to have anymore control in your life.
    HOWEVER, in order for you to realize this I believe you need to go to the grocery store and purchase a head of cabbage.
    You need to take that cabbage home and place it on your coffee table (use other table if you don't have one) and then you need to try to REASON with it!
    My hopes is that you will realize this head of cabbage represents your mother & brother.
    AND as soon as you realize they are beyond REASON the sooner Ian, you will be able to get on with your life.
  3. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    OK Anonamace.

    First off, stop being such an antagonistic shithead to your mother about everything.

    OK. Now that that is out of the way, let's chat.

    That was the first court hearing. I am guessing that there was a 2nd court hearing that you lost & a restraining order was put up against you. Judges give out restraining orders at the drop of a hat.

    Anytime you walk into a court room without a lawyer just expect you will lose. It's not fair or just. It's just the way that the real world works.

    That interview is excellent evidence. She clearly stated there was no physical abuse against her. Nothing of the claimed mental abuses were of any consideration and that judge grilled her over & over again for details that might be of value for such a case.

    OK. This part isn't about 'blame the victim,' but people who have been abused need support. You have your church to go to (and just because your scilon mother suggests it, doesn't mean it's a bad idea), since they claim you have bipolar disorder, if true, see if you can get access to a therapist.

    If you don't have a current license for medial marijuana and you use it, make sure you get a renewal. That sounds like it could be an issue.

    Now, why the heck are you still living with your mother? Are you trying to protect her? Or are you just trying to protect your assets invested in the house?

    If it's just the housing assets, sell the house. Let your mother live with your brother and give yourself space & time to grow as a person. You deserve that.

    If you are trying to protect your mother, then stop being so antagonistic on matters that have nothing to do with Scientology. I know you can't do this now with a restraining order, but try doing something nice for her. Take her to a play. Make her something nice. Prepare her a nice dinner. You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar. Obviously it works with her as Scientology has been throwing honey at her all along & she bit on it left & right.

    I wish you the best of luck. But please try to reach out for local sources for help. And stop uploading videos of your mother on the internet. The audio of the court case would have been sufficient.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

  5. Rockyj Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Creepy eye Cabbage...
    Mother & Brother!
  6. Rockyj Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

  7. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I am sorry for your pain. What ever it is. I offer you an impromptus internet hug.


    (Let the internet hate machine commence.)
  8. chrisanon Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    What Rockyj said.

    Get out and get on with your life, Mace. The warm, loving family life you want and deserve is never going to happen with your birth family. Never.

  9. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I partially disagree with giving up forever. Always hold open an olive branch. But I do agree that it isn't going to occur under the current conditions.
  10. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I am sorry, I forgot that some "Anons" only have a 3 second attention span and need everything explained to them, lest they actually need to think and do their own investigation.

    The female judge, Judge Sanders, heard the first FAILED attempt to abuse the court system in retaliation for my speaking out publicly, last September. She is a very smart woman.

    The second, successful, attempt to abuse the court system in retaliation, was in front of THOMAS O. BRANFORD, whom took a whole 30 seconds to make a decision that has devastated me physically, mentally and financially. He is obviously not interested in justice and was probably told what to do by his lodge leader.

    I had finally saved up enough money to move far, far away and was only waiting two more weeks to harvest my next 4 month supply of medical cannabis. I was not even talking to my mom unless I had a recorder going. She realized she had lost the game and this is her last ditch attempt to destroy me, as per. the fair game policy. Her new friend, Elizabeth Stevens, Mac Stevens mother, has been acting as go between for the cult and called at the beginning of every month to ask "is he gone yet". Then my mother, spurred on by her fellow OT 7 ronbot, would instigate a fight and hope for a violent reaction. To my credit, it took two law firms and 15 months to get this result. I have also had a P.I. trailing me off and on for 3 months (that I am aware of). This tiny temporary victory must have cost the cult at least $30,000, and that is what I wanted.

    I did not follow the "advise" of the people that told me to just leave, because I will leave on my own terms, NOT THE FUCKING CULTS. They are so convinced they are so superior, with their deception and criminal acts, this proves that the only power behind "fair game" is when the victim gives in and runs away like a coward. They must learn that they just make things harder on themselves when they go over the top, as they always do.

    Now she has lied under oath, and her credibility will be history, once I have my day in court, April 1st (and no this is not an April fools joke, unless the joke is on me.) If more people get this fair game bullshit on record, it set prescdent that will protect others from this treatment. STAND UP FOR YOUR FUCKING RIGHT OR LOSE THEM.

    My mistake was trying to salvage my only living parent from the grip of David Miscavige and his piece of shit excuse for a religion. I still love my mom and always will. And no fucking mind control criminal cult can take that away from me. They have taken too much already.

    I will return after the dust has settled and post the results and court recording from the hearing, even if I lose this battle (then I will be here begging for money, NOT). See y'all in a couple weeks.
  11. chrisanon Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I respect your viewpoint, CowBell, but I do disagree. In extreme situations, which this one is, I think the victimized child needs to slam the door shut. I have observed that for a person to leave that little thread of connection, to reserve that tiny bit of space in his heart for a parent who's just not going to come through, harms him. (I know his mom's a victim of the cult, but that's not the issue here.)

    Ian's family has been in the cult since he was 2. His mom is an OT7 (8?) in her 70s. Although completely and utterly broke, she's given FLAG money to do the next part of the Bridge when she returns next life in her new body. She's just too far gone.

    I know people can surprise us, and in the unlikely event that she does wake up, it's her job to find Ian and make her amends. For him to hold out hope holds him back. I think it already has.
  12. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Correction- uncompleted OT 7, but she has OT 8 paid for (my house???) and will "come back" and do it next time. Not if I have anything to say about it.
  13. chrisanon Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Oh, OK, thanks. In Sci terms, does that make her OT 6?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio


    So what you are now saying is that... In Sept, you knew your mother went to judge trying to get your thrown out of your house and told the judge about you GROWING marijuana and have expired medical marijuana license.

    You do realize your mother is being advised by a bunch of rich scilons, and lawyers..

    So you continued to grow pot plants OUTDOORS for months after this?? And had them seized by the sheriff?

    No offense, but you are really fucking stupid to be knowingly antagonizing your mother and the cult and meanwhile possessing illegal substances and violating federal growing laws.

    You are lazy or stupid or have this entitlement concept that you cannot live without your pot.

    Well I'm sure the second judge ordering the TRO took this marijuana business into account.

    Here's what you do. Tell your mom to get a loan from some of her OT8 friends and pay you whatever you think your half is worth. Let her go into debt and have huge loans. Let her take personal loans from her OT buddies. Get your fucking cash and move on with your life.
  15. sci and tell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Since OTVII takes years, most scilons call someone "OTVII" if they are on the level. I know it's inconsistent with all the other labels, but that's the way it works in the Church of Scientology.
  16. sci and tell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio


    So you've known for a long time that your mother has been pressured to be antagonistic towards you? (rhetorical question; don't answer)

    Bull shit. It's highly unlikely that the Cult of Scientology has paid one fucking penny for a "parishioner's" problems. Their standard operating procedure would be to pressure the parishioner/member verbally. (see previous paragraph)

    This is a very stubborn attitude. The cult doesn't care about how long it takes for their member (your mother) to handle her PTS situation. She will be pressured until she "handles" their problem (you). For you to be stubborn, it's like that old proverb of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Sometimes in a war, you have to abandon a battle to live to fight another day. Standing your ground has killed many a battalion. Just think back on what has been the quality of your life during this time you've been trying to spite Scientology by not leaving your mother's side.

    Yes and no. So many people think that "their day in court" will be something just or satisfying. They are usually disappointed in the end. Courtrooms have an uncanny nack for being very unjust.

    Glad you still love your mom. It might have been better to not be living with the day to day antagonism and instead send her a birthday and christmas card each year letting her know your then-current address and phone number in case she wants to reestablish the relationship.

    Good luck.

    I hope you DO listen and take some of the advice given.
  17. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Yeah, I was growing a tropical plant OUTDOORS in Oregon in the middle of winter.
    I have grow my own MEDICINE INDOORS for many years, with full knowledge of my mother. She even loaned me the money to get started. The problem arose when I got licensed and took away her leverage to keep me as a virtual slave. She never called the police (except when I was 16, and she found my brothers plants and had ME arrested for them) untill I was fully legal. More scino twisted logic. She knows I do much better when I have my MEDICATION. In the restraining order, she claimed I am a regular drug user. I have not even seen, nor touched, any narcotics since 1994. Even when I had $150,000 in the bank, I NEVER GOT HIGH ONCE. She knows all this, but it did not fit into the picture she I trying to paint of a drug addicted, psychotic, violent criminal.

    If she is stupid enough to show up at the next hearing, all this will be public record and I will get it up here as soon as I can.

    Sorry I can't spend any more time on this banter, but I have to study all 1008 rules of evidence, so I don't fuck up in court next week. At least the Judge got switched to a decent one.

    Ian Walton
  18. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

  19. attackgypsy Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    For those of you who bash Mace over wanting to save his mother, don't.

    I would give anything to be in Mace's place right now. Because my mother passed away on February 3rd of this year.

    I never blast anybody trying to save a parent. That's a special relationship that can never be replaced.
  20. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Oh, & before this escapes us. About the only thing worth listening to that recording for is this quote.

  21. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You should see the GIANT thing she has growing on her thigh.
    Its called a lipoma. Lipoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Its about the size of a football.

    I gave her a hard time about it being a cluster of body thetans, and she needs to get some auditing to get rid of it.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Happy now ? You got yourself a restraining order and then come on WWP to BITCH about it when everyone can see in videos previously posted by you you are clearly harrasing her, she's your mother for F Sake, you could have just moved out and let it be and carry on the fight, but no you had to be a sick little bitch and try and collapse her, if you were my brother i would have made sure to kick you out and not just by a kick on your arse. The cult members need to be helped, to get out of the cult, you did NOTHIN of those you whining fuck. And you're putting all of us in a fucking bad light.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You're certainly a role model for compassion toward troubled yet difficult people. I guess you save all your lovingkindness for cult members, and feel free to bash their children.

    And stop being so melodramatic. No one is judging "us" by one persons actions, and who cares if they are? If you really think the way Ian acts out his personal pain detracts in any way from the great work the Hamburg anons are doing this week-end, the great work LA did a couple of weeks ago, or, for that matter, the great work Project Chanology does in cities around the world every day of every week, then there's no use trying to talk some sense into you.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You misssed the whole point he was torturing her his OWN mother, and now HE becomes the "tortured soul" i call it SOULLESS, and he deserves nothing less then he got even more, if she's in the cult he did NOTHING to help her out, by harrasing her? torturing her ? what kind of sick fuck would do that to his own mother despite she's in a cult. It sounds like you approve of his method at least you're defending him, if you like him go and join him we don't need you or him in our group. This is just derailing the whole purpose of anonymous.
  26. tippytoe Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio


    If Ian isn't the poster child for what this evil cult can do to people, I don't know who is. That Anons are coming down on him because of it astounds me. HE represents the reason we protest. Just like people who put the title of "Reverend" in front of their name and believe that allows them to perform the most heinous of acts without being criticized or stopped, the same goes for the role of Mother and Father. Giving birth to a child is easy; being a good parent is not. And, for the love of Xenu, Ian's "Mother" was not. She IS the cause of all the bad things that happened to him, case closed. I know that she is a victim of the cult too, and I have some sympathy for that, but she went into it as an adult; Ian had it forced upon him as a child and that is the difference. The fact that Ian can still say that he loves his Mother is a testament to HIM and the humanity he managed to hold onto despite the abuse he suffered at the hands of this cult and his Mother.
  27. chrisanon Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You need to work on your material. You're not a very amusing troll.
  28. RightOn Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I am staying out of this one
  29. chrisanon Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You are wise. I just have a lot of feeling for Ian's particular situation.

    And I think trolls should be interesting.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Stalin Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

  33. sci and tell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Everyone tries various things to get culties to wake up and take off their rose-colored glasses. I had many a fight with my spouse when they were trying to get me out of the cult. I felt "tortured". Now I'm grateful.
  34. willhaven720 Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    The first attempt at getting a restraining order by mum is obviously unwarranted as it gets. What did she say to the judge in the second hearing that made it easy for him to rule against you??

    The one clip of the 2nd hearing is only at the end of it. What did she say to the court before that clip takes place? I'm curious. She is forcing an emotional dismay to the first judge. That much is apparent. And the judge rules accordingly. But the second judge... did he hear some new evidence? Or is he just more sympathetic than the 1st one?
  35. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    1:58:23 PM Judge Ruling - Follow Findings
    2:01:22 PM Off
    2:50:21 PM Attorney Gari Lovejoy Walton vs Walton #101000 - Elder Abuse (Petioner Elizabeth Walton Appearing) Granted
    2:52:58 PM Off
  36. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

  37. willhaven720 Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Madness. Pure and simple.

    I'm so sorry, brother.
  38. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    See that? Attorney. I've seen inexperienced judges who almost seem to jump at whatever a lawyer tells them. I think the inexperienced ones are intimidated.
  39. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Not inexperienced, he's just a DICK. He runs the "DRUG COURT" and mom put in the complaint that I "uses drugs regularly". That and the medical cannabis case painted a false picture that the judge was all to familiar with. He probably had no idea that it might be retaliation for my speaking out about the criminal activity I witnessed in her "religion". Lucky for me, they switched judges to someone that is a little more thoughtful.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    i'll agree with the crowd chanting lawyer! If you don't know exactly what your doing in a courtroom you will be RAPED by the people that do.

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