I was a Victim of Narconon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Narconon Sucks!, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    .. and if so, please to contact Colin or David or a reliable lawyer rather than tell us about it ;) ;)
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  2. BigBeard Member

    Anywhere else and I'd agree. But to do a 'major house cleaning' at NN would mean hiring real staff that actually knows what they're doing. As long as they keep operating with "staff" (and I use the term loosely here) that were former students who have a 'good thing' going for themselves, it's not going to change. At least not until the Sheriffs Dept/DEA show up with search warrants and the cuffs.

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  3. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ that day soon come.

    Tick Tock Miscavige...
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  4. eddieVroom Member

    Tangentially related:
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  5. patriot75 Member

    here is the lawyer you should contact IMO.
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  6. Albion Member

    I've just opened a new section at Infinite Complacency on Narconon. Clearly, I have a lot of catching up to do. Not sure if there's a main Narconon thread so posted it in a few of the most recent ones, but if you could spread the word, much appreciated.

    Narconon is a rehabilitation programme for addicts run on a system devised by Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Critics say it is based on junk science and potentially lethal.
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  7. B.K.P. Member

    Of the 22 original staff and interns that worked at Narconon, Colorado during my stay, 13 staff/interns quit or resigned after my departure. That leaves minimal help at the facility but the gaps are filled with newer interns and other staff flown in from other facilitys in the U.S. I have seen the notice of applications for a Sauna supervisor--so that means an inexperienced personel is filling in that possition, and a need for a 'Course Room Supervisor--how can student's do book work and o/w's without a trained staff??? More than that, staff is most likley pulling double the work load now and that leads to mistakes.....and dealing with addicts in a rehab you have to be on the ball, there is NO room for mistakes.... things get missed... and students do things (ie. drugs)
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  8. B.K.P. Member

    i have given thought on all this and several questions come to mind,--at this point after paying out $$ to the program and personal expences i am absolutley broke savings wise, when i returned i have basicaly had to start from scratch and my insurance has sent a note saying the time spent at Narconon, Colorado is not covered, so i'm worse off now then when i started. Getting a lawyer now?? out of the question.--Where would i go to testify in court?? out west? Colorado? California??--where would the $$ come from to pay for ticketts, a room??--whom do i turn to to simply make an sworn testimonial?? Some members here speak of bringing 'documentation', papers and witness info, it would simply be my word against THEIR'S, my article on the abusive practises by these numbskulls could be total rubbish a lie, i couldn't stop a staff member and say "hey, can you sign this witness statement i have verifying that you use drugs, deny me my meds that keep me alive" ect. So in this case, my terrible experiences there doesn't even exist at this point. A 'student'(victim) has No way of bringing documentation, evidence of any kind, we were denied cameras, phones, our personal effects were gone through-- anything written or remotely detrimental to the program was confiscated, all that is left is what we remember and recollect--how can that stand up in a court of law?? If someone has an answer to all this please let me know. i seek no $$ or any type of payback, I only want these places shut down and never, ever open again even under the disguise of a new name or ownership. To many kids have suffered enough it is time to put a total end to these Narconon facilities.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Actually it's your word and the word of other victims against theirs. Your testimony would be valuable because it corroborates the DOX and the testimony of other victims.

    Please contact the user "Intelligence" by PM. He has boxes of DOX on Scientology's Narconon abuses and deceptions and scams. Your testimony + his DOX + corroborating testimony is very powerful. When you throw media exposure of NN into the mix, that also puts pressure on politicians to put legislation in place for better oversight of drug rehabs.

    As for legal and travel expenses, there may be ways to raise the money needed.

    Contact "Intelligence". He can help with your concerns.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. snippy Member

    This is what she does.

    Mary_McConnell and Intelligence can help you, BKP. They can answer your questions. Your eyewitness account is very good evidence. Remember, you are not alone in your experience and it could be that the most healing part of your recovery would be to stand up for yourself by speaking out.

    Exposing NarCONon is a team effort, with many peoples testimonies corroborating the facts that they have a pattern of ripping people off and hurting the people they claim to be helping and callously using dangerous quackery to do it. So don't think you have to have enough evidence, as one person, all by yourself, to win a court case. That's what they want you to think and it isn't true. At the very least, you are entitled to a refund and you need to give them a hard time about this for your own sanity. Please don't throw in the towel just yet. There are lots of us here and at the Tipping Point who are on your side.
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  12. B.K.P. Member

    i wanted to than
    i wanted to thank all of the members on this page for your help and support, your a great bunch! if there are further sugestions on my part Please share i consider it regards, B.K.P.
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  13. Random guy Member

    Good luck B.K.P.!
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  14. Yes good luck B.K.P. I wish there was more I could do to help. The above posters have given you some good advice which I hope is useful, just wanted to say that Anonymous gives me hope that together we can make a difference
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  15. Intelligence Member

    If you were an Intern working at ANY Narconon, there is help available to you immediately,
    at no cost to you and you would not have to travel or testify. The government investigators
    will do the work and their lawyers go after them for any wages owed to you, plus potential
    damages award to you for being exploited.

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  16. SOJOA Member

    ....all this talk and still no doxs.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. anon walker Moderator

    And this is why heroin addicts who have been clean a while may overdose, because they remember the amount they USED to use, which is now deadly to them.
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  19. anon walker Moderator

    BKP: there is also a Narconon Exposed group on Facebook if you care for a little more 'real time' communication with some of us.
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  20. Albion Member

    Another post up on Narconon at Infinite Complacency:

    Narconon is a variation on “casualty contact”, a recruitment
    policy Hubbard developed for Scientology in the 1950s, as
    internal documents make clear.

    Still working on the background before trying to tackle individual cases.

    Jonny J.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    a typo on the page "list list"
  22. Albion Member

    Sorry? Not with you. Can't find it.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Albion Member

    Got it! Thanks.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I would only say Objective not subjective so far your writing seems to be the former which is an added plus I look forward to your work. Some people get blinded by the light losing the end goal with their writing you do not seem to be one of them.
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  26. Albion Member

    Thank you, though I would not actually claim to be objective.

    I am fairly clear about my position regarding Scientology and don't myself subscribe to the false paradigm of "objective journalism", which in some quarters has been elevated to neurotic levels. But I do try to lead off on the facts and set out Scientology's position too: how else am I going to be able to critique it, after all?

    It's good to have a few copy editors out there, too. One of the tricky parts about writing a blog is subbing your own copy. :)
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  27. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    Hello all, I'm back again and currently beginning the process of filing a lawsuit against NN south texas for the sexual harassment and abuse I endured as a student there. I have a lawyer and am attempting to get my file back, or at least everything I signed but it's quite difficult. Does anyone have any advice on how they have successfully gotten their money back or any success in suing the facilities? Please let me know. I am trying my best to expose how unsanitary, unethical and corrupt the Narconon South Texas facility is. Thanks!
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  28. snippy Member

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  29. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    Thank you no I haven't yet, I'm at the very beginning stages of this process so any advice is so helpful!
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  30. snippy Member

    Sure, sign up at the Tipping Point if you don't already have an account. Then you can send her a PM. She knows stuff that should help you.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I am very happy to see you standing up for yourself and demanding justice. Only the victims of Scientology's Narconon scam can truly prevent the same abuses from recurring.

    I hope that in the course of your legal battle you never give up your right to tell your story. Don't allow the cult to silence you, because the truth about how Scientology's Narconon treats their patients is what will prevent other innocent people from being abused, and will help other victims come forward as well.
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  32. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    My main goal is to expose them and every terrible secret I know about that place in hopes of preventing at least one family from making the same mistake my mom did sending me there, and to hopefully get my trust fund money back which is how my mom paid for the program, which I did not choose and was initially told she had paid for. I would of left in withdrawal if I knew it was my money!
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  33. snippy Member

    Did they lead you to believe it was covered by insurance?
  34. Anonymous Member

    yes it would be fair to say if you have a case they will settle with you; just remember
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  35. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    I don't know what exactly they told my mom but she had been talking to them for months and I came home to visit for Mother's Day and walked into an intervention. The interventionist didn't say one damn word the whole time and was completely worthless and unnecessary. After I immediately agreed to go, not knowing wtf I had just agreed to, they put me on the phone with some NN rep named Brian who told me I'd have a therapist to meet with everyday, that there were doctors on staff and nurses and that there were trips to float the river, horseback riding on site etc etc, all complete lies. The only reason I agreed to go is because my father unexpectedly died from a heart attack while running four years ago, and I never had any help processing that which lead to my drug abuse and then addiction to prescription pain meds. My mom is still brainwashed by them and their "family liaison" did such detrimental damage to our relationship, my mom refused to let me come home when I fled from there.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    was the interventionist named Holly Conklin by chance....
  37. Anonymous Member

    your mum will come around i promise
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  38. Anonymous Member

    i'm gonna strongly disagree here. CG9 & BKP - By coming here, you have proven that you are no longer victims of Narconon.

    You are survivers!

    So many cannot make that claim.
    You have begun the journey of healing with help, support and encouragement and you will triumph over the horrible experience you had with Narconon.
    Each follow their own path in this battle to expose the truth about Narconon. Sharing your experience with Narconon can prevent more victims, create more survivers and give hope to all involved. You have more to give than you probably realize!
    I hope you are able to contribute to the demise of Narconon.
    I hope you can recoup financially but want most for you to succed in your journey to recover as completely as possible and be proud you survived. Rally proud!

    With <3 and respect!
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  39. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    Just wanted to update everyone, I called the health inspector to go look at the south texas facility. Where he discovered rat feces all over the kitchen and storage room for food and also discovered they have been operating without a permit since opening. They issued a warning and will continue to inspect the facility frequently. $33,000 to live in a rat infested house with completely disgusting food conditions. Thanks a lot narconon.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Thanks CarolinaGirl9!
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