I was a Victim of Narconon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Narconon Sucks!, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. The only reason this narconon is hiring is because nearly all of the employees were caught shooting up heroin and coming to work high, and the other ones decided to leave because of how terrible they treat their employees, and how corrupt and evil many of the staff members there are. Narconon does not save lives, does not care about anything but making money. They have no interest in helping people, they merely use you until you are no longer needed to them and then kick people out on the streets. I had a lot of friends who worked here, many of which left because of how terribly they were treated. Glenn the executive director is a hardcore Scientologist and is insane.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Paging Patriot75 and David Love.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    There is much press attention on Narconon in other states as of late, and in OK and GA the media attention led to state investigations that are currently underway. So please consider talking to your friends about possibly going to a local media outlet with their stories, every little bit helps.
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  4. billybob Member

    Moar Please!
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  5. I was initially sent to the narconon in Colorado, but they quickly transferred me after learning about my education in psychology, and mental heats therapy. They had multiple meetings about me and my threat to the group because I spoke out often about how mislead my family was, and that their program did not address any issues relating to addiction. I was sent to the south Texas facility which was significantly smaller so that they could keep a closer eye on me. I kept in contact with many former staff members and interns after I left which is why I know about how everyone, literally almost all of their staff left or was terminated based on their drug use. I have a wealth of information on both facilities and will be releasing my testimony very soon. I have enough information about unethical, and illegal practices to possibly file a lawsuit. Including a staff member bribing me to engage in a sexual relationship with him while I was a student in treatment so that he could sign off on my check sheets and give me EPs to objectives. Very terrible experience and I am still traumatized from how i was treated and made to feel at fault for what their sick minded staff did to me.
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    You are brilliant, Brave and inspirational.
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    bump, with highlighting
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    I'm so glad you got out before something awful happened to you. And thank you for being willing to release your testimony. I take it you must be the one this video is about:

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    So wouldnt just let the guy get you off?

    Thats just being a good host!
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  10. Thank you all for your support, much more even more horrifying details to come soon, I've just begun writing my story and it's already six pages, I haven't even gotten to any of the worst stuff yet. Ill let you know when and where I post it.
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    Nice to see you here, "More-To-Come" - - and it was nice chatting with you:)

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    Welcome guest.

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    Ok I'm officially registered
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    Warm Welcome!!!
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    WELCOME Darln' <3 - - AND I won't tell that you aren't 19 :) {{{HUGS}}} :)

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    Who said I was 19 lol
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    Please feel free to Post away - - always being cautious NOT to Post anything
    that the CULT could ever, in the future, use against you :)

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    9 is my lucky number. Born at 9:09 am weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces, the list goes on.
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  19. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    Ill be cautious. In my testimony I'm changing other students names to protect them but keeping all involved staffs the same, minus last names.
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  20. Intelligence Member

    ALL details that you can remember are valuable, including a description of each event and how
    it made you feel at the time and how you feel today when revisiting the events. Also, details
    of who else witnessed event and their reactions to it.

    AND please be careful when you revisit these traumatic events. If you feel really upset and they
    start to stress you out (TEARS ETC), that's ok ,..., but take care to take breaks as needed, from
    writing all these horrific events.

    It "CAN" be quite theraputic, especially if you are in counselling now too, and can discuss what
    you are doing with writing about it.

    We are ALL different, with different reactions, so this ^^^ was what I was advised by some of my
    therapists and counsellors :) <3

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  21. CarolinaGirl9 Member

    I've spoken to a lot of people who went through the program and were disgusted by it too who have brought up some events I had forgotten. I'm looking for a therapist right now because the only reason I agreed to go to treatment was because of a lot of psychological issues particularly surrounding the unexpected loss of my father that I was promised I could work through with a therapist in narconon, what a load of bullshit that was but I'm ready to process those issues now along with a lot of the trauma and abuse I endured in narconon, but so far I've found writing everything down has been helpful, there's just so much stuff to write about it's insane. My main goal is to get my story out there so other parents and family members don't make the same mistake in sending their loved ones to a narconon like my mom did.
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  22. Hi carolinaGirl9!

    It's always a good thing to speak out against crime and injustice. Right now is especially a good time, because there is much more momentum lately to get somehing done about Narconon/Scientology abuses. Media are paying attention, and there are these tireless and very competent Anons able to offer advice you can rely on.

    Your voice will not go unheard.
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  23. Woo Hah Member

    WELCOME :)
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  24. Be strong... this too shall pass.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    This thread is awesome, pulling in new posters with real Narconon experiences.
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  26. AnonMishka Member

    I'm so glad you're here, speaking out, & that you want to help prevent others from enduring the same traumas you went through. Welcome!
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  27. I believe their is one key factor that is being overlooked about the Narconon approach. And this is very, VERY important, if you relapse after a visit to Narconon, it is far more likely to be fatal than a relapse after a visit to a real rehab center.

    After going through Sauna, your body is very sensitive to any substance.

    After I returned home from Narconon, I could get intoxicated after only 2 alcoholic drinks. I have never been able to do that, not even when I first started drinking at age 18.

    The worst part is, Narconon doesn't warn their "graduates" about this newfound sensitivity to drugs, alcohol, or even over-the-counter substances. It was only because of a slip-of-the-tongue from the course supervisor that clued me into this important fact. They probably don't warn graduates about the new sensitivity because they don't want to be seen as giving people permission to do drugs or alcohol again (much in the same way that many people see sex education as permission to engage in sexual activity).

    That slip of the tongue was something along the lines of "people that overdose after leaving here do so because they've been through the sauna and the don't realize how low their tolerance is."

    This brings up 2 points,
    1) These deaths happen all the time and get overlooked in the official death stats,
    2) people aren't receiving a real drug education and therefore may be less inclined to make intelligent decisions based on reality instead of decisions based upon scientology.

    Oh, as for that success rate, you better believe people are reporting that they are still drug free, because if you don't, Narconon will get in contact with your most gullible family members and turn them against you to get you back. Most people aren't stupid enough to admit they are using again with that kind of risk.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So we'd better keep a close eye on them. (Or get the government people who should be watching to do it!)
  29. Woo Hah Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    welcome to WWP

    I have to question why it would matter if someone did the Purif. Full disclosure I did one, took 5 weeks, got to the full 5000 mg dose of niacin

    There is no reason the purif as such should change your tolerance. Any change in tolerance can be accounted for by the fact you have quit doing the drug.

    It makes sense that if you kept doing your drug of choice while doing the full purif routine, you would still require the previous levels to feel the desired effects. When you stopped, there would be no change in required dosage. IMHO.

    A person who was trained by a lying cult that never tells the truth tells you the purif somehow changes your tolerance should be taken with a grain of salt. Hell, a full shaker of salt.

    I will believe that it is bad to get through a worthless program then be confronted with old desires. They didn't do their job, didn't even try to do their job, as any same person would see it. So it's no wonder people who go through a worthless program relapse more and harder.

    I see the purif as dangerous to the body, not the mind

    Again, welcome back to the real world, Glad you could make it.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I did the Purif 3 times.

    No, I did not do drugs in between sauna crap.

    5k mg of niacin is shit, ask about OTs who did 50k Niacin to provoke restim.
  32. ZeroC Member

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  33. Welcome and thank you for sharing your story with us. I am glad that you are seeking help, I lost my father as a child and it has had a massive impact on my life. I abhor the rubbish that scientology spews about offering psychological help. Auditing is not counselling. Real therapists/counsellors train for many years and are properly supervised, their agenda is to help the client, not to make money or recruit you to a cult! (Or to abuse you further).

    Good counselling can be very helpful, it is NOT the total answer though. Take time to find a therapist who "works" for you, the most important part of therapy is finding what fits for you. Take time to look after yourself, writing is great, talk with friends, support groups, notice the good things around you, help others too, use this site to share but make sure that you protect yourself too on here.

    Be kind to yourself and thank you for helping others

    Scientology Stinks and It Kills People
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Somehow I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when Intelligence writes things like that.

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  35. RightOn Member

    A Very Glorious Welcome!
    thank you for your courage.
    David Love can be a good guide for you if you have any questions, he is the "go to" guy for anything Narconon.
    Telling your story will be saving countless lives, saving some families from spending their life savings, and helping people from getting very ill or further compromising their livers.
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Welcome to whyweprotest, thanks to telling and sharing your story and everything you've got to provide. That is truly a horrific experience. I never was in there myself but it's just as bad as some group homes, depending on the situation.

    Ppost those six pages not just on here, but everywhere. On a personal blog, write to the media, everything!! Don't let nothing stand in your way!! :)
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  37. This page is great! So helpful to so many unanswered questions I've had since being there. I never realized how deadly this sauna was because when I was there they flushed away all my doubts with bullshit. But as time goes on more starts coming back and haunting me I hate it. I just want to forget it happened and not believe that people can be so cruel. It takes a lot for people to actually go to rehab let alone thier families that end up having to pay so much, thinking theyre getting real professional help and yet when ur there, u have NOT ONE medically trained person or even access to it. And the "doctor" u think u finally get the chance in seeing isn't even a doctor or at least is controlled by Scientology.(not sure on the whole story on that one..) Anyways, thanks for ur stories and updates on things it's helped alot.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    We're just getting warmed up... I expect this will be an epic thread.
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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    Google is going to pickup every narCONon thread there is... :D

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