I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BlackRob, Sep 9, 2012.

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  4. billybob Member

    Thanks for sharing these, and I'm grateful that you are now expanding the comments!
    We can see the cult group-think reinforcement cycle at work here.
    Get's pretty deep, with all that talk of flowing and blowing!

    And of course the solution to all money problems always seems to be - Spend what little money you have on one more training/auditing/debug/hatting/Flag/Freewinds,etc.


    No Money? Sell all your earthly possessions and become a Sea Org Slave!
  5. BlackRob Member

    Well, first mail sent... To the single lady with the tethan in the mirror problem:

    Hey [name removed]...

    How are you doing? I hope all is well. About 6 months ago I've encountered a thread about you on a forum... I guess you've also found out about it, because after it was posted, you stopped telling your "wins" in Scientology.

    Well, seems like there is another thread about you and your "wins". Anyway, here it is:

    Don't be afraid to click on it. It's not "entheta". They only tell you that because they want to control you. And i've heard from a friend that you are now on staff in Clearwater right? Come on [name removed] , why? How much do they pay you? Not a lot huh? And let's talk about the "wins" you are having. Fixing the "tethan" that does things to your mirror? Upsetting people at the mall? Lanes opening up for you while driving? Having "amazing" nights with LRH?

    Sweetie, do you even have a clue how you sound like when you say those things? And you are paying A LOT of money for it. And it's only getting more expensive! You are in your 30s, you don't have a bf and they pay you almost nothing for being in staff. Is that what you call winning?

    Yes, we are clowning sometimes about the things you've said. But we are laughing because we are amazed. Amazed at the things you are saying. You sound so brainwashed honey... And i am here to help you.

    Don't tell your auditor or OSA or whoever about our convo. It's the best for you. Because if you do tell them about this, they will sec-check you. And that will cost you only more money.

    Last but not least... Think about this. When you go to a christian church, they ask you for "donations". When you go to an Islamic mosque, they ask you for "donations". When you go to a Jewish church, they ask you for "donations". They don't ask you money for their services... Right?

    Food for thought, i know. Think about it. And we are here to help. So drop me a line when you are ready. You might not understand it now, but soon you'll understand. And then you will cringe when you read your own messages :). But it's all good, you are not the only one :).

    Take care [name removed] . And drop me a line. Cool?
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  6. All these people selling their houses or gems to join staff or the Sea Org or to buy a lifetime membership.

    Makes me wonder how much of this was their idea and how much of this was influenced by a reg or recruiter.
  7. Missfit Member

    yeah, not trying to be a dick but for already having a snowflakes chance in hell of getting through to her, that letter will do zero things besides re-enforce her beliefs. It's more comical to us then helpful to her. That's just my thought though.
  8. BlackRob Member

    Yea, i know the chances are very slim... But hey, at least i gave it try :)
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  9. BlackRob Member

    Thx to TG1 for the findings:

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  11. BlackRob Member

    She is always in people's business lol
  12. Anonymous Member

    I want us to buy that house in Columbia! We can all use it as a vacation house and then give it back when they wake up. We can also use it as a(nother) safe house for the new ex's. Guys? We should do this.
  13. Anonymous Member

    ^^^Can someone get more info. Pix? How much?
  14. BlackRob Member

    PM me and i will send the link.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Thank you so much for this, BlackRob. You have given us so much wonderful lulz-fodder, the likes of which we haven't seen for some time.

    I gather from these gems that if I join Scientology I can start to see every inanimate object as possessed by demons, and attribute random occurences to my own individual thoughts. Awesome!

    But is there a cheaper way to become absolutely insane?
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  17. Well done for trying Rob.

    These people are amazing. How they can write a sentence about their money woes and how to solve them with Scientology and not realize the source of the problem is staggering.

    If you didnt pay $5000 for a set of books maybe worth $10 would you have said problems.
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  18. Sounds like the IAS is still doing unscheduled, uninvited appearances at people's homes to shake them down for money. Actually, that is really sad.
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  19. CarterUSP Member

    I want to tell you all about the wins I am having in scientology. I was studying the tone scale last week then man door hand hook car door. Thank you Ron!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    DO EET!

    Make a Facebook page called, "LRH Assist" or something similarly nurturing. On the "About," put up some words about a project among several OTs to channel LRH's wisdom and encouragement from his present base of operations on Target 2. Then have a few socks post "Dear Abby" type questions. LRH should answer totally straight to start, then add some extra theta later.
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  21. BlackRob Member

    You was absolutely right:


    Oh well... I hope she is going to like the sec-checks... I'm done. I am trying to help her, and this is the thanks i get?
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  22. That's right. Report it to the OSA. The OSA is your friend.
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  23. You did what you could and the response was somewhat predictable. Damn SP's

    This thread is full of both lulz and depression for me. I look forward to tracking this womans progress to the inevitable spiritually defeated, financially ruined, dead eyed shell that she will become.
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  24. BlackRob Member

    "most people just wonder why the media attacks it"


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    He posted this on his wall:
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    Check the name of the URL... Somebody is going to the RPF:
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    Disconnection in full effect:
  30. BlackRob Member

    Comedy gold. This guy figured the black holes out in a simple Scientology Session:
  31. BlackRob Member

    Just awkward.
  32. Anonymous Member

    give'em the straight jacket and vistaril in their asses !!
  33. Anonymous Member

    mor ( m ) ons !!
  34. BlackRob Member

    Anyone interested?

  35. Anonymous Member

    lovely dildo !!
  36. BlackRob Member

    Cheap Scientologist... $250 for each additional Wordpress page? WUUUT!


  37. BlackRob Member


    But but but but but... you are rich and successful, right?

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  39. RightOn Member

    would be great to compile these (minus the avatars of course) and put them in a booklet in categories.
    Category topics can be, disconnection, financial drain, child welfare, wins,thought stopping, views of health care,pyschiatry ect......
    The title can be a spin off from the old Art Linkletter's show
    "Scientologists say the Darndest Things"
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  40. YouSeeNothing Member

    Spoof DM's email addy and have the OSA disbanded and hand over all credible evidence to the FBI. :)
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