Huntsville Narconon Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I know some people have talking about getting a group together in Huntsville, and now Huntsville has a Narconon locations (or is getting one....any official word in if it's open yet? I'm down in the Ham now and am kinda out of the loop) so me and some friends are gonna try to get a protest organized. We have spring break coming up when I'll be back in town if anyone is up for March 12-20. Otherwise we'll need to wait till summer. But just trying to see if there is some interests, and also gotta start researching the random things like if it's legal to "conceal your identity in public" and all that crap. Any senior protesters out there, guidance and random websites for the laws are appreciated.

    Also, anyone know the location of the Narconon? I haven't had any luck finding it yet trying to stay clear of actual Narconon/Scientology affiliated websites.
  2. OTBT Member

    Narconon Gulf Coast
    Birmingham, AL 35201

    Narconon Riverbend Retreat (Louisiana?)

    (damn front group won't even post their address)

  3. Anonymous Member

    I thought Gulf Coast Narconon was in Destin, FL?

    I live in Birmingham right now and am not familiar with one down here. I've just heard there is one opening in Huntsville
  4. OTBT Member

    I'm having the same problem as you, trying to track down Alabama Narconon.

    They seem to refuse to give their address. So I guess they refer you to another Narconon in a state besides Alabama.
  5. ravenanon Member

    I wish you lots of luck protesting them! Be sure to keep your camera running when you go
  6. Anonymous Member

    B'ham is not too terribly far from Nashvegas. If you're unable to find a Huntsville location, that would certainly be more reasonable than driving all the way down to Destin, FL, or Denham Springs, LA. Nashvegas is only about 3 hours, considering the speed limit is 70 mph on most of the Interstate you'll be on. If you haven't been to Huntsville, I highly recommend the Space and Rocket Center and Constitution Hall Park.

    Also, cameras are your friend.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Speaking of the Space and Rocket Center, I remember as a kid, this was at the Welcome Center, I believe, my father picked me up so I was able to touch the bottom of one of the massive Saturn V rockets. Had I not been a science fiction geek before, that only cemented it.
  8. I've done some searching on that site, (yes, Mom, I used a proxy condom), and the only address I could find is their location in Denham Springs, LA after sifting through their website. They do have a tendency to try to make themselves look bigger than they are. If you want to protest, I'm sure Nashville will be happy to have you. I see no evidence of Narconon having a physical presence anywhere in Alabama. The only drug rehab I was able to find in Huntsville was Narcotics Anonymous, which is related to AA, not Scientology.

    Edit: While proxied, I did go to the Narconon dot org website and checked out Eastern United States locations. If you want to protest a Narconon, the closest would be in Norcross, GA, at 5688 Peachtree Pkwy, Suite B1. The phone number is 770-379-0208. Not being familiar with the Atlanta area, I'm not sure what kind of location that is, though the presence of a suite number in the address points to it being small.

    On an unrelated note, I made the mistake of looking up the term "puffer fish" on the Urban Dictionary website. I don't know which of the three definitions horrified me the most.
  9. xenubarb Member

    I remember as a kid, some breakfast cereal had little rockets as a prize. I favored the Redstone, until I threw it at my brother and poked his eye. It seems weird today, thinking about war toys in kiddie cereal.
  10. Anonymous Member

    You can't blame a nigga for getting a little wistful. lol
  11. If you're uncomfortable going to Scilon websites, download the toolbar for Firefox. That'll give you easy access to a proxy condom and keep you safe. There are other proxy options as well. I don't know why, but when I go to while proxied, it always gives me Yahoo's German website. Oh well, I always did love a good schnitzel.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Schnitzel is quite delicious. I'm particularly fond of the schnitzel cordon bleu at a place called Ol' Heidelberg in Huntsville.

    But back to the matter....I myself have not heard about it, but I have seen posts on other boards on this forum from people in Huntsville that they have been advertising Narconon on the radio and stuff like that. I will email some of the radio stations that have been mentioned to advertise it and see if I can get some info. Maybe it was really narcotics anonymous....I haven't had any luck at finding any info but I'm new to this
  13. ravenanon Member

    We just protested there and i didn't take any pics. We do head there off and on. The area is run down and creepy.

    You can find a few narconon protest videos here and from searching wwp. I would not recomened going alone.

    Atl would love to have you visit us for a regular protest too
  14. Anonymous Member

    I think I finally found a relevant link.....still no physical location. Only a phone number which I haven't got around to calling for info yet. I'm not very good at trolling in person....hard to come up with something convincing on the spot. And it still may be useless. But its the closest I've got so far

    Mod edit: Warning CoS site. Proxy up!
  15. Dude. No hotlinking to Scilon sites without warning. For those who want to proxy up, give them that opportunity.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Oh my apologies. Didn't think about that. I just always kinda use one by default.
  17. Also, a few days ago, I went to the main Narconon website. The nearest Narconon facility to Birmingham, AL, is in Norcross, GA. This looks like a case of the CoS trying to look a lot larger than they are. They simply don't have the manpower to set up one of their scams in every state, and they may figure Norcross, GA; Denham Springs, LA; and Destin, FL would be close enough for people in Alabama. They're probably right.

    I'm not surprised by Ravenanon's report about the area, as they would need a place where the lease is inexpensive. Near a major city like Atlanta, that's not going to be in the good part of town.

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