Hunting down articles from 1950 and 1951

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    Hunting down articles from 1950 and 1951

    The 3 articles I'm trying to find are:

    Publisher's Weekly, June 17, 1950, page 26-27:
    At American Bookseller's Association convention, Dr. Fredric Wertheim denounces Dianetics as "neither a good book nor a hoax," but a "harmful mixture of science and science fiction".

    Postgraduate Medicine, September 1950, pp. 242-243.
    Dianetics or the 'poor man's psychoanalysis'
    (editorial by Dr. Morris Fishbein)

    Training School Bulletin, January 1951, pages 220-229:
    A critique of the evolution of dianetics, by Parker Davis, Ph.D.
    This journal is published by The Training School at Vineland, New Jersey and publishes articles "dealing with all aspects of mental retardation".
    They published this one because LRH's Dianetics claims that "a large proportion of allegedly feebleminded children are actually attempted-abortion cases" whose mental growth is inhibited by "engrams"

    So far I've only found references and quotes from them in other articles, but I'd really like to read the full text of each of them. I fear none of these are in an online format yet.
    I've even peered bleary-eyed at photos of newspaper articles in PDF files with no success.
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  3. A good public library should be able to inter library loan them for you. Alternatively your county library or a lol college library may have access to them on microfilm.
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    The one that would be great to have online most would be the Training School Bulletin, as a copy of it was given to Victoria's Board of Inquiry into Scientology and probably helped Kevin Anderson get a grip on Dianetics.
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    Delicious DOX! Well not so delicious as it turns out. This is an example of a Ph.D that was semi-duped by Hubbard's book because instead of the scathing breakdown I expected, he tries to read Hubbard's mind in order to understand how Dianetics came about, which means he buys into a lot of the made-up jargon, even if he qualifies his "enthusiasm" in places :(

    To get the gist of this document I had to use Google Books "Snippet View" which only shows about 5 lines of text around an entered search term. "Not a problem," I thought, "I'll just search for enough terms to reveal all the things!"...

    What the fuck was I thinking?

    There were 10 pages to get, I had no idea how many snippets there were per page until I either recovered all snippets from one page, or enough snippets from all of them to be sure how many. I never got the former and it took 69 snippets to figure out the latter, which is 9 snippets per page, and where I've given up. There are 90 snippets to get, so I got three quarters of them. This is what my desktop looked like, I've indicated the snippets of the example page I'll show:
    You can see the terms I searched for highlighted in yellow. If anyone wants a go at finding the last 21 snippets here's the link with an example searchterm:

    Be aware of a few things:
    • The target pages are 220-229
    • Each snippet image when you save it/drag it to the desktop is named "books.png" by default so you'll need to rename each one
    • Google only shows 3 results max per search, only the first three it has a scan of, and only the first match per page
    • Putting in multiple terms is a way to skip the pages before these, but all terms must be in the same target snippet
    • Google has a glitch where it only shows the first snippet of a page instead of the snippet with the search term(s) in it. I found examples of this at pages 220, 222 and 225 where there's enough context around the missing snippets to know what words are in them.
    The glitch was what stopped me, but if you're the completionist gamer type and can come up with unique search terms or combinations, have at it! Here's where they're assembled:
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