Hubbard Quotes

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    Hubbard Quotes

    Excerpts from the "Clearing Course" audio transcripts.
    (Hubbard presentations)

    -"It's perfectly legitimate, boy, to sock 'em on the jaw, drag 'em over,
    open up the south door and throw them out (laugh)."

    -"Finally the preclear comes in, his hands running raw, red blood. The
    building next door - one whole wall of a bedroom there that we were using -
    plaster, lathe, right straight on out to the brick, just totally wiped out.
    Fernando said, "Well, he was sort of unwilling to do it" (laugh). Fernando
    had just taken his fist and made him fight the wall."

    -"[...] we were running bloody adventure. We had preclears rolling around
    on the floor and rolled up in prenatal balls, you know, and screaming at
    high C that no human voice could possibly emit or tolerate. We had a
    situation there where we had lots of adventure, tremendous adventure."

    -"[...] they offer you something and you start cutting their fingers off one
    quarter inch at a time, they're liable to get a little upset, but the
    magnitude of violence required to aberrate a Thetan on the subject of
    creativeness escapes the modern imagination."

    -"You try to get him into the auditing room and he screams all the way down
    the hall, and the neighbors complain."

    -"In Clearing, we crack the person who didn't want anything to do with
    anything anyhow [...]"

    -"We're a long way from Dianetics where we asked somebody to lie
    still at least, and pull an engram up and run it. He had to be willing
    to lie still [...]"

    -"Now processing a person today is an enforcement of reality, only for a
    short period of time. That is, when they are totally unwilling[...]"

    -"You could reach over and kick the pc, which I did (chuckle), you got no
    wobble on the meter."

    -"For half an hour I ran a process which was guaranteed to cut to pieces
    the mass and havingness of a pc. It was chosen with malice-a-fore-thought

    -"The auditor was running a process guaranteed to kill anybody, and so, it
    becomes important then to keep the pc in session and one of the best
    ways of doing it is to ask the pc, when he appears to be upset, "Has
    something gone wrong with session?" or "Have I done something wrong?""

    - "It puts the preclear under the auditor's control and if you think that he's
    going to be a little bit difficult to control physically, think how difficult he will
    be to control when you can't see what he's doing."

    -"Now, here is a place in a case in processing on Clearing where a person
    would rather be dead."

    -L. Ron Hubbard

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