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  1. Here are the condensed results of Hubbard's epoch-making research on computers:

    INCOMM-1.jpg INCOMM-2.jpg INCOMM-3.jpg INCOMM-4.jpg
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  2. Random guy Member

    Not entirely successful now, was it?
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Fortunately for us computing turned out to be a whole hell of a lot more chaotic than many people expected.

    All hail the iconoclast geeks who have made and are making this medium of expression as infinite as humanly possible!

    However, I am reminded of the stories of programs like 'echelon/carnivore'. I could see 'L Ron, The Toady' trying to 1) make money 2) rule the world by selling some variation of this thing to the government in the day (via a front group) or implementing it via implanted 'Snow White'-type infiltrators.

    Thankfully, we seem to have dodged that bullet.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sounds to me like Hubbard didn't know shit about computers, much less where they would end up taking us.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Hilarious! Thanks, OP!
  7. Unfortunately, INCOMM's "whole track computers" were not as efficiently as Hubbard had promised in 1985. I remember well the day in early 1992 when the CO IMCOMM in Clearwater tried to add a few mailing lists from outer orgs to the FSO's address data base: the whole system crashed and stayed crashed for a week. Not really the technology to "successfully administer whole planets."
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  8. Anonymous Member

    What OS were they using?
  9. Thanks Martin,I spent ages looking for this HCO.
    I only found half of it,a while back.
  10. Quentinanon Member

    Unix spelled backwards.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    From page #3 -
    - appears to be the psychotic moonbat OS.
  12. No idea.
  13. Quentinanon Member

    A hypothetical planet run by Hubbard's tech and policy programmed into computers would be something like The Penultimate Truth meets Vulcan's Hammer.
  14. DROS 3.1
  15. DeathHamster Member

    Too bad that his paragraph about the Internet was accidentally left out.
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  16. Quentinanon Member

    His OT prediction powers failed him miserably.
  17. Daverator Member

    He really meant to spell it INCOME.

    The hubris just drips throughout that whole document... fat fucking arrogant bastard.
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  18. jensting Member

    Yeah, that would be the clincher that really made it work.
  19. DeathHamster Member

    I'm guessing that if every INCOMM printer started spitting out copies of Miscavige's SP Declare, they probably wouldn't buy it?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I know of a guy who was asked by the cult in L A to work for them running their computers. He saw the cult members in uniforms and observed their behavior and said no way!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Awww, that's kind of a shame, because his stories about his experiences would have been hilarious!

    OMG I want a whole track computer for christmas!
  22. CarterUSP Member

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  23. Anonymous Member


    Making babies laugh since 2008.

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  24. pelagic Member

    In the 80's to early 90's the computers where WICAT (world institute of computer assisted training). In the 90's we started implementing Unix systems on MIPS computers. Then some systems like FAST (stored all text for searching e.g. telexes and internal mail) and the data files (all the reports etc scanned in from the Orgs) where on Intel servers running SCO Unix. That was up to the mid 90's. After that I don't know, but I heard all the WICATs where eventually replaced with Intel servers.

    More info on Hubbards whole track computer research is here:

    As far as I know the actual advices from Hubbard have not been leaked.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for answering my question :)

    Yes, we can only wish that those advices would be leaked by some kind soul...
  26. DeathHamster Member

    Imagine CoS vs The Bastard Operator from Hell.
  27. Anonymous Member

    or a well-placed Anon Plant ;)
  28. Not precisely. In Dianetics Hubbard compared human mind to a computer. That resemblance has been valid. Dunno who else compared human mind to a computer at that time (1950). Also, Hubbard had high hopes for computer technologies, the ones that we now consider as habitual as a cooker or a car.
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    No, Hubbard's comparison of the mind to computers was bullshit. He obviously had no real understanding of how computers worked, especially the ones in the 40s/50s.
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  30. *Anon Plant*.
    Sounds funny! :D And Coool! :cool:
    Every Scientology Organization *must* have one. Or two. - And have them leak their going-on to WWP. LOL!
  31. Anonymous Member

    This is your problem: you think your mind is like a computer.
    You and Hubbard: both wrong.
  32. Well, to a layman like me he described them pretty well.
    Also, I don't think (now) that Hubbard was a superhuman of some sort who was able to know everything about everything better than everyone else and before everybody else. He was just a poor human being, like you and me. In some things he was weaker than you and in some stronger than you. It's normal.
  33. And you?
    Share your theory, please. I'd like to hear all about it.
  34. Anonymous Member


    Anyone know where I can find one?
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  35. Someplace in the Internet, may be?
  36. Anonymous Member

    According to hubbard, his INCOMM group was making that amazing computer back in 1985. Surely by now it should be ubiquitous and I should have no problem getting my hands on one because of course everyone will want one ...

    Oh, he didn't see computers being used in that way, did he? Couldn't fathom the idea of a portable pocket computer/phone/camera/videogame system etc. for anyone who had the money to buy one.

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  37. Anonymous Member

    I remember as a cultie, reading the "Computer Series" and the "Art Series" and thinking, "LRH doesn't know fuck-all about either of these topics."

    I should've been sec-checked a little more ;)
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  38. hubbard wasn't ever bigger that life being.
    He impressed people, yes.
    He made them think and feel he knows much more shit than he really knew, yes.
    He made people believe in his theories, yes.

    Hubbard was never a person people tended to believe he was. - He was just a poor Sci-Fi writer who wanted luxury. He wanted "American Dream came true" type of shit. - Well, he got that, didn't he?
  39. Anonymous Member

    If only my Anonymous Dream would come true... *sigh*
  40. Anonymous Member

    As I remember, hubbard compared the mind to a calculator with a held down 5.

    Real scientific, that

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