Howto: Getting the most out of posting your photos

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    Howto: Getting the most out of posting your photos

    Please. PLEASE use Flickr, people. It is by far the the best way to get images circulating and seen by the masses.

    There are a few very simple ways to make photos spread as far as they can using Flickr.

    First off: Tags

    Tag the ever-loving fuck out of your photos.

    For starters, I tag every damned photo I have with the following:
    "Church of Scientology" CoS Co$ Church Cult Scientology Anonymous Anon Epic Win Lulz "First Amendment" Hubbard Dianetics "Stress Test" "Free Speech" People Protest [country] [state] [town] [event] [month]

    Country, State, Town, Event & Month get added in, along with anything else of relevance to the particular event.

    See if any local media pulls photos by using Flickr tags. For example, out here SFist uses the simple tag 'sfist' to find photos for their articles. Fucking add it to your photos.

    Why use tags?
    When you search for things on Flickr, it's primarily the tags that are going to get the results. Titles & Descriptions will also be searched, but it's far simpler to just give everything tags. Tags also form clusters of similarly tagged photos that people can browse through.

    Next: Groups

    Fucking use them. Here's a few obvious ones you should post to.

    Anonymous Global
    Evil Evil Scientology
    Anonymous Worldwide Raids and Shenanigans
    Protests, Political Art, Democracy, Social Change

    Obviously there are others you can join. Search for scientology, cult, protest, free speech, etc. Add your photos to ALL of them.

    Why use groups?
    Groups are a dead-simple way for anyone looking for our photos to find them en masse from various photographers. Videofags, if you haven't started using Flickr groups as your first stop for photos to use, you ought to consider it.

    Lastly: Maps

    Flickr allows for geotagging photos. You don't even need a GPS or anything, you can simply drag photos to the general area they were taken.

    Search for the street address, zoom in a bit, select photos and drag them on. The more an area is saturated with Anon photos, the more likely people just looking through an area on the map will see them.

    Why use maps?
    While it may be one of the lesser known/used features, geotagging photos is growing in popularity. People are learning to look at photos in an area before visiting. iPhone apps allow you to see photos taken near your current location. It's a very simple way to gain the interest of someone who otherwise would not have come across the photos.

    Additional Protips

    Have some discretion! One of the main differences between a good photographer and a bad photographer? Good photographers only post the photos worth seeing. Why does this matter? Using numbers from my own experience, if you shoot 100-200 photos at an event, you'll likely only have 50 of them worth seeing. If you post the upwards of 150 crap photos, people either have to sift through them to find the worthwhile photos, or will ignore the set entirely.

    Personally, I'd also recommend changing the license on your photos to some form of Creative Commons. That allows for legally using your photos fuckall everywhere at the expense of giving credit.

    The free version allows up to 100MB/calendar month, 3 sets, and the most recent 200 photos get shown. If you want to support the site, and get a full version (unlimited everything, pretty much) anonymously, you can register Visa Gift Cards for online purchases. Buy one with cash, register it, and you can enjoy Flickr Pro with no paper trail leading back to you.

    In conclusion

    I don't care if you guys are posting photos using other services. That's fantastic, I encourage that- I do it myself. But seriously, Flickr is pretty much #1 as far as I've been able to tell. It's super easy to upload in bulk to (They've got an uploader app that works great).

    Photography is a very powerful medium to spread a message, but unless you get it out there, noone's going to see it.

    Any help you people need with Flickr, photography, post-processing, whatever. I'm happy to help as best I can. In this thread, in PM, AIM, whatever.

    Media you create, no matter how good it is, will only be seen if you put it where it'll be seen. Do it right or you're wasting your own time. Read the fucking OP or I'll rape you.

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