HowTo: Evasive Strategies/Running is better than fighting!

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  1. ITT: A compilation of evasive maneuvers instructions, recipies, tips and tricks.

    Some things to keep in mind when the militia decides to pay you a visit, as well as how to prepare yourself, your friends, and whomever for situations you can not stand up to.

    Recipies: Flash grenades, cverted lasers, traps, triplines, anything to slow your pursuer down
    Tips and Tricks: How to run, what to take with you when you run, when you can return, how to look for safe places, etc. What to avoid.
    Instructions and Resources: Where to look for more info, enritchment, etc.

    In your post:
    1) scenario request: if you anticipate a scenario, please describe it in as much detail as possible. once your scenario has been answered thoroughly, please mark your request for deletition.
    2) feedback: please keep it as short as possible. (1 line) If you have serious edits for a scenario, please rewrite it, and repost, and mark the original for deletition.
    3)HowTos: Please write out initial scenario first (eg: [SCENARIO: You see three armed, nonuniformed people in front of your house. two of them proceed to your front door. The front door is the only possible escsape route. Windows are inaccessible. you are alone]) and then the instructions (eg: [TO DO: A) IF YOU DO NOT POSSESS FLASH GRENADES, GO TO B. get your flash grenades out and position yourself behind the door, which should be locked. The assailants will most likely knock. Do not make a sound, unless they correctly identify themselves as your friends or allies. If you are in doubt, remain silent and motionless. Thay may just go away. If they do not, They will most likely call in the third assailant to help them kick in the door. Wait till you hear repeated kicks against your door. Light one of your flash grenades and slip it through the slit between door and floor. If this does not fit, use the mail slit. if that is not available, go to A1. If this does work: the assailants will most likely stare curiously at the envelope, one may even try to pick it up. Wait till the grenade goes off, and THEN (quickly unlock if needed) rush out of the door. Depending on their and your strength, you could attempt to scourge a weapon from one incapacitated. But if unsure, do not hesitate to simply run. SEE RUN Afor running instructions from here.
    RUN) The assailats most likely came in a vehicle........])

    4) tips, tricks and recipes: please post the type and it's usefulness in the first line (eg. [RECIPE Flash Grenades. Use: Evasive maneuvers, easy incapacitation of one or multiple pursuants, assailants]) then, in the next line, a short intro, the recipe, trick or whatever, how to use it, and when to use it.

    Tx, I hope we can establish a usable database.
  2. RECIPE: Flash Grenades

    Use: Evasive maneuvers, easy incapacitation of one or multiple pursuants, assailants.

    4 parts potassium Perchlorate (or 8 parts shell powder)
    1 part aluminum powder
    1 part sulfur
    7 parts potassium Perchlorate (or 14 parts shell powder)
    5 parts aluminum powder

    Potassium perchlorate can be obtained as a crystalline powder. It can also be obtained from most fireworks and shells. Aluminum powder: Take a file to any aluminum object.

    put this in an envelope. It does not have to be much, in fact less than you can scoop up with a table spoon. ad a fuse, and you're done. Light up and let it flash

    DANGER! causes a blinding flash which may impair your eyesight, and cause iris seizures. Potential burn dammage.

    Use: to flash pursuers, look for it in scenarios. Very useful. It is reccomended that you carry a lighter and a few envelopes on your person at most times.
    More pyrotechnics: Improvised Explosives - Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki
    More on potassium perchlorate: Potassium perchlorate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I reccomend you test your mixture before relying on it.

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