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Discussion in 'Planning' started by sdrowkcab, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Randomperson Member

    This thread started as a tool to raise awareness, then an arguement on how the economy should be, then some trolling. I'd like to say the regardless of opinions, I can see the fact that there needs to be major changes implemented. The question that we really should be trying to answer here is, "What are we going to do about this?" I'd love to help in any way I can even if that means showing up somewhere out of my region, but just like anybody else I'm still learning how to make a difference. Call on me if you need numbers to show up someplace or anything helpful. I bet if we targeted those cartoon characters sitting at that table individually with real game changers, the system would be esier to correct for if we remove their obscene income, we take much of their power and send them panicing.
  2. The Internet Member

    My idea:

    1. Petition Congress to run a query on the NSA database showing the network of financial transactions and personal communications for everyone in the US owning over a billion dollars in assets. To whom much is given, much is expected.

    2. Publish that database query on the web where we can go over it at our leisure.

    3. ?

    4. Profit!
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  3. Randomperson Member

    That is a great political approach, and I think it deserves a little more development. At the same time, There's no telling what the end result may actually be, and I certainly wouldn't rely on the integrity of Congress. Still, even though there is a great risk of not getting that, I think it's well worth a go for the potential positive effects it may have which I could not possibly predict being unfamiliar with politics.

    As a side note, I fear that somebody in this thread may either be a victim of disinformation tactics or a disinformation tactician. I'm not pointing any fingers.

    There are ways of using the system against itself. I've been looking for groups of Anonymous Engineers, and have found nothing yet. With engineering we could use capitalism against the big wigs. Oil, for example, would be trumped if we could get people/businesses to start making cars that don't burn oil. There are many viable alternatives, one of which I have about 132mb of engineering data for from a project that a man died for. I know for a fact that groups of engineers are working toward this as I type already, but I fear that their own greed and patents will be their downfall.

    So this is one way to target Oil in the grand scheme of things, but what of the other chairmen?
  4. Anonymous Member

    What do you expect this database query to do?

    And how does your idea fit with this whole outrage at NSA? Are you saying that the government can't do it to 'us' but they can do it to billionaires? How does that fit with the rule of law, that all are subject to the same rules?

    And what exactly, do you expect to happen? You leave that very vague...??? which is fine as a meme but it lacks telling us the result you are hoping to achieve.
  5. Anonymous Member

    First of all, the government has already done it to us. Billionaires should join in the fun so we are all held to the same rule of law, including the lawlessness of the government. I assume the poster is hoping to achieve justice.

    To whom much is given, much is expected.
  6. The Internet Member

    I suspect that the NSA and other parts of the defense industry have become tools of the rich, not all of them Americans.
    I want to know about Crossroads GPS.
    I want to know about the ring of tax havens around the globe.
    Also, the fancy boats along that ring. Want to know about those also.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Paul Allen's boat
  8. Anonymous Member

    And once you get all this data, what do you do about it? Do you hope to have an uprising? Do you hope to reform government? So far, you've been pretty darn modest in your wants.

    I would say that government and crony capitalists are parasitic symbiotes, one strengthens the other, always at the expense of the host
  9. Anonymous Member

    Nice boat. sort of makes me wish I'd worked harder.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Oddly enough, you are describing government exactly. To whom much is given...
  11. The Internet Member

    Depends what is going on.

    Billionaires by themselves are scary. But several of them working together --that's too much concentrated power. We have to look into that.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Scary huh?
    You fear a billionaire, but do you fear your president? You know the one I mean, The one who murders Americans or locks them up indefinitely without due cause.

    It seems the wrong target to fear a private person, even one with lots of money, over the person who has openly stated his intent to ignore that most basic laws of the land, such as due process.

    And of course you don't address the fact that you want to use the NSA, the agency that is truly a scary institution, to find all this data.

    You sir, are the scary one, You want you to use a secret program to intimidate people, and you don't see the irony in this.

    You don't think things through. You are scared of a billionaire, so you turn to the one group that is known to murder hundreds and thousands of people for protection. This doesn't make a lick of sense. The one person who openly admits to breaking the law is the one you turn to to enforce the law.

    That's crazy talk
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  13. The Internet Member

    There isn't a clear line between public and private. A wealthy private person can effectively control governments.

    Power corrupts and a billion dollars is a lot of power.
  14. Hi everyone, I suggest you watching this video, you will find the answer to your questions

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  15. Anonymous Member

    The US government has a budget approaching $4T. That's the equivalent of 4000 billionaires.

    Forbes lists 1,426 private billionaires in the world.

    Looks to me that government is corrupting business, not the other way around.

    If the government made a law exempting blue eyed men (I'm one) from all laws, then it's natural that men with blue eyes would be resented by the populace for their unfair advantage. But the problem is not the blue eyes, it's the government law that enforces this.

    The same with corporations. The government enacted a law (against 100 years of American tradition) allowing corporations. So now, instead of speaking out against the law, you are complaining about those who take advantage of the law.

    It's clear that most people would not give up their unfair advantage willingly, it would be steeped in tradition and time would have made it seem normal.

    But it is only the law that allows the unfair advantage. So to complain about the corporations without examining the reasons behind it is to play into the hands of those oppressing you.
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  16. The Internet Member

    I'm not singling out government or private companies. I'm singling out powerful people.

    The top most powerful people need watching because some of them are disturbed narcissists who think they can bend reality to suit themselves. They use their wealth to convince governments to follow bad policies. They also spam us with misleading propaganda, creating personal armies amongst the public.

    For example, alternative medicine. The US government has been spamming us with pro-alt med nonsense since the early 1990s. Private companies like Herbalife play a role in this. Herbalife has been Sen Tom Harkin's biggest campaign funder. There's also Prince Charles and Oprah and our friends the Scientologists. These people can always buy a few experts to sit in front of Congress to plead their case. So the whole propaganda mess is both a problem with government and with private parties.

    Shit needs fixing. Figuring out how rich people are playing the system needs to be part of the fix.
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    And yet you point specifically to wealthy private people and ignore the men with weapons, aircraft carriers, NSA, secret courts and say I should worry about rich people, not powerful people. You are singling out RICH people, and ignoring powerful people, such as Obama, Clinton and Congress.

    Well, I say that there is a higher percentage of sociopaths and narcissists in government than in industry. Certainly, I can point to dozens of insane people in Congress (Pelosi, eg, who says we have to pass the bill to learn what's in it) so again, you ignore a rich source of insanity in our culture, and it is the group that makes the laws.
    Oh my.

    They use their wealth to force other people to do their bidding, agreed, But the mechanism they use is politicians, who could stop it immediately by saying no. They don't. Ask your self why.

    But the provate parties can't pass laws that we have to follow. So again, you are pointing to the wrong target. The problem is having people with so much power that they can hand out favors like that. The power comes not from money but from the juggernaut that is government.

    And yet you ignore the core issue by ignoring the group that makes the rules we all labor under. The government deliberately creates conflicts in order to misdirect your attention.

    "Oh, look at those rich corporations not paying any taxes. Ignore that Congress made the laws and complain solely about greedy corporations, ignoring the role congress had in creating the situation."

    The shit that needs fixing is having people with monopoly power over us, able to enforce their edicts without reference to the people.

    The rule of law is dead in the US, The rule of law says ALL are equally under its umbrella. But with government carving out exceptions for itself and powerful rich corporations, the rule of law is dead, and it is back to the rule of men, not laws.We are back to the divine rights of kings.

    So yeah, shit needs fixed, but we have to identify what, exactly, the shit is.
  19. The Internet Member

    Rich people get jobs in government. Or government people leave and get jobs in industry. It's not like we have two separate species of human being.

    If the government has too much power we have to rig the game to check that power. I totally agree with that. I just don't think it's as simple as "all government power is bad; all private power is good." Private power = government if the private power is big enough.

    If we got rid of government completely we'd just have rich people telling us what to do. I think that's called "feudalism." That I do not want.

    Hey I mentioned Sen. Tom Harkin. Give me credit for that. Also Prince Charles. He is more a government guy than a private citizen.
  20. Random guy Member

    If that was true, then one would expect the number deaths per capita due to warfare rising markedly in the early part of the 20th century. Despite two world wars, the death rate per capita due to warfare actually dropped in that period, and has continued to drop since.*

    So no, a simple check against the real world shows that your basic assertion, that fiat currency enable more and longer wars, is false.

    * Source: Pinker, The better Angles of our Nature.
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