HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

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  1. Anonymous Member

    HOW/WHY of Psy Ops


    Simple. To gain a better understanding of the enemies forces, you must always infiltrate. Sun Tzu knew that, Scientology knows that. They read this forum hourly. Wouldn't it be NICE to know what they know too? It's afterall, not that hard.

    How it works

    In a lot of ways, FaceBook is extremely unique because it allows a person to blend into a community with ease. Want to pretend to be a Scientologist? It's never been easier with FaceBook.

    So you're going to do it huh? Well, you need to know a couple of things.

    Scientology Slang

    Banky - Disoriented, chaotic, confused (it means in WOG language, you're a stupid asshole). Don't overuse it.

    Theta - This word gets used a lot, theta means life force in Scientology but on the Internet, it takes up a whole new meaning. It's not uncommon for a Scientologist to say something like "Man, that guy is *SO* theta" essentially that means you're cool, collected and whatever else he thinks it means. You can also end a conversation with "Have a upstat theta day!".

    ML - Much Love, this is one that's thrown around on the Internet by them constantly. Need to know how to use it though - it's not always used person-to-person if you're not on friendly terms.

    ARC - This is, much like "ML" a way to close a conversation or an e-mail. Usually they'll say something like


    Craig Jensen"



    Craig Jensen"

    This means they're telling you they either have love for you (possibly the gay kind) Or they're telling you they enjoyed their conversation with you.

    Picking a name

    You should never pick the name of a Scientologist who is popular if you want to do Psy Ops. Never use people like Heber or Elaine Jentzsch or David Miscavige, Tommy Davis etc. These are just bone head ideas and get you caught right away. If you have an ex-Scientologist in your cell, ask them the name of an obscure Scientologist or Sea Org member (who is preferably out but on good terms) and use that name.

    You can alternatively make up a name. My suggestion would be to create a name that sounds as "white" christian as possible. Ethnic names like "Markus Egerer" don't ever work on Scientologists, especially in America. Stick to basic sounding Christian names. Go with something like "Paul Emerson" or something like that. Hispanic names DO sometimes work but they're real questionable, as are black sounding names like "Trey" or "Mandingo". They don't fall for it for a minute.


    Try to avoid pictures. Uploading a picture of a person which is clearly from a raid is not going to work. Scientologists aren't completely stupid y'know! It's often better to NOT have a picture than to have one, since most Sea Org members don't have access to a webcam (unless you're Charlie Bills).

    Causes, Groups, OH MY!

    Scientologists love to flock to causes and groups on FaceBook that further insulate them against the rest of humanity (much like in real life) and they flock in droves to causes on FaceBook. There is a list of them on Jean Pierre Gitner's Wiki site
    . My personal favorites are: Volunteer Ministers, CCHR, Thomas Szasz, Youth for Human Rights and IAS. These tend to make you look good. Especially if you post on their wall saying nice positive things about the cause.


    Clearly Scientologists are suspicious of anyone/everyone. However, there's a few golden rules you can follow.

    • Don't ask about people who are OBVIOUSLY declared that your pretend Scientologist should know about
    • Don't ask direct questions until you have gained trust.
    • Don't ask for intelligence information in a stupid way. Phrase things gently like "So, I have not seen Mary in a long time, has she routed out?" That's kind of a hard to pull off for an intermediate, but once you've gained the targets trust, you may be able to ask that question.
    • Remember, in the Sea Organization, all men and women are addressed as "Sir" so don't fuck up and write "Miss" "Ma'am" or however. Keep it business casual conversation and never go too deep into casual. Going casual gets you fucked up.
  2. mrfyde Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    Dox on the table are better than an ace up the sleeve. Not telling anyone they should not pose as a scilon but I don't know what good it would do us. If someone told me they are a scilon I would look up their completions, it couldn't be that hard to do if you know someone on staff in that city. And in many cities they all know each other it is not like there 1000's of Scientologists in most cities there are only 50 -200, and they all go to the same church.
  3. Arsolycus Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    Psy Ops have their advantages.
  4. YAHRLY Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    you guys of course realize like more than 60% of the scifags on failbook are already Anon trolls, and spies right?

    thanks for making this public
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    NO, thank YOU for adding even more details to it....dotdotdotdotdot
  6. Mutante Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    If they weren't wouldn't we be wasting our time?
  7. mrfyde Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    I agree but Psy Ops are not playing make believe on face book like some kind of pedophile. The Scilons on face book or where ever are the people who don't know the things about the cult that we want to know. In the mean time we learn all sorts of stuff in their personal life and pretend to be their friends and in the end we are just dicks. Nobody is going to go on face book and say that David Miscavige is laundering money and here is how he is doing it.

    They at most are going to say I am going to an event I sure hope those anons are not there to spoil it. And we already have ex's on their mailing lists who post those events here daily.

    If there is need for someone to pose as scilon get an ex to do it they don't have to worry about fucking up the lingo. I am sure smurf would love to infiltrate face book. (no offense smurf you just came to mind)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    There are many ways to use facebook in this chanology nation. There is a thread on 888 about it.
  9. none given Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    The anon who played DM on twitter a few months back cause them a lot of chaos and I'm sure had great fun doing it. I seriously doubt he learned anything useful but he made them even more paranoid and unwilling to use the online tools that are ruining them. Anything that hampers their ability to network is good.

    As far as asking exes to "go back in" online thats kinda like asking a recovering drunk to go throw out a drink for you. People do get sucked back in.
  10. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    I approve of this psy ops^^^

    Or is it...
  11. YAHRLY Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    OR I could be lying to mess with the scifag's heads
  12. Mutante Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

  14. zizmo Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    Came across this site 4% - Pan Aryans @ AWE - Home
    In their Links N Downloads section they have 2 items of interest which indirectly refer to psy ops.

    1. The Book of Underground citizens

    2. Pan Aryan Troll guide

    The themes of these files may not be your cup of tea, but still worth reading.

    There is also NetAction file that concerns inet activism.
  15. anonakatie Member

    Re: HOW/WHY of Psy Ops

    Some people have been very successfully posing for a while.

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