How To: Write a Letter To Your Politician

Discussion in 'How To' started by AnotherAnonymous, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. How To: Write a Letter To Your Politician

    I apologize for posting two threads at once, but I thought the different subjects of each video warranted it.


  2. re: How To: Write a Letter To Your Politician

    Here's the transcript in the video description.
    Also lrn2apostrophe
  3. MorganFreeman Member

    Wouldn't writing to a politician give us away?
  4. an0nim0uz Member

    Politicians are our friends.
  5. MorganFreeman Member

    Friends don't call friends 'cyber terrorists'.
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  6. Durga Member

    Politicians' interests occasionally align with our own, and we would be wise not to alienate them needlessly. How's that for a compromise?
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  7. Gobic Member

    Politicians represent the people and public opinion. Rallys and protests are forms of public opinion. Sending letters show public opinion.
  8. Josh01 Member

    Friend I don't think so because all politicians are corrupt and my friend can not be corrupt :)
    Colorado laws
  9. Anonymous Member

    This all looks great, but sometimes i wonder if it's an exercise in futility.
  10. Anonymous Member

    We do this all the time.

    Don't be paranoid.

    If you're worried, use a pen name.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I think the most important thing is to build relationships with staffers in local offices of Congressional representatives. We had an anon who happened to work in the same building as the local office of a congressman. He invited the staffers to lunch, and I think even dated one of them. He said that they are all with us.

    You can ask for an appointment, share your concerns in person, and give them an info pack. After that you have a name and email address and can keep sending the information as things develop. Tony Ortega now has an email alert list, and you can put them on it.

    You also have a contact who can help you contact other officials depending what you are working on. So you can talk to your staffer and ask her for contacts in other state and federal agencies about Narconon for example. I think this is the most effective way to go.

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