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    How To Think Tank

    The Think Tank is a center for creative, open-minded discussion. Its purpose is to generate ideas and develop solutions, not so much to debate. Here, nothing is too big or too crazy (but do keep it legal). Put your ideas out there and see whether they catch on. If not, try again. Here is a suggested process to follow when developing ideas:

    • Propose and discuss problems and goals
    • Develop ideas and possible solutions
    • Create a plan of action

    Proposing Problems, Dreams and Goals

    When proposing an idea, choose a project that interests you, that needs development and that WWP is actually capable of addressing. Your first post should include the following:

    • Your end goal or ideal scenario
    • A definition of the problem

    Focus on refining and reformulating problems and scenarios. If an idea doesn’t interest you, don’t waste time debating it. Just move on to the next idea.

    Developing Ideas and Solutions

    As a consensus emerges about the goal and the problem, begin developing ideas by generating as many different solutions and ideas as possible. Your posts at this stage should include ideas and relevant information or resources. Focus on moving forward; rather than debating ideas, move past the ones you don’t like and contribute to the most promising ones. Consensus will determine which ideas prevail.

    Making Action Plans

    Finally, implement solutions by proposing every possible action towards realizing each solution. Assess support and opposition for each proposed solution. The goal of discussion is to choose the most relevant actions and to organize them into an action plan. Action plans should include a desired goal or scenario along with feasible and well-thought-out steps toward its realization.
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