How to Start Your Own Cult in 7 Easy Steps, by Steve Mason

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    This article was published today. While it refers to cults in general with only one passing reference to Scientology, see if this excerpt sounds like what Hubbard and Miscavige did:

    How to Start Your Own Cult in 7 Easy Steps

    By Steve Mason

    To start your very own cult:

    1) Begin by creating your own reality. You do this by keeping your members away from outsiders. An isolated farm in the middle of Idaho is good but if such a retreat isn't available, impose a form of self-censorship. If it's not of the cult, it's of the devil.

    2) Next, set the leader and his/her inner circle up as the only link to paradise. Only they hold the keys to the kingdom.

    3) Remember to make increasing demands. Start small but keep it going, and eventually you'll have your followers standing in line to turn over all their worldly possessions.

    4) Keep turning out stories about the greatness of the leader. The more unbelievable, the more they will be believed. Your members have already been conditioned from the time they were children to accept things like coming back from the dead and walking on water.

    5) Remember to use your converts to bring in still more converts. This has the double advantage of picking up new disciples and (even if that doesn't always work) the mere act of proselytizing will further cement the commitment of those already in the fold.

    6) Keep everybody busy. This doesn't allow time for potentially critical thought. Let the minds of the masses wander and who knows, they might put two and two together. For this reason, long sermons -- the longer the better -- and interminable work shifts are essential. And when you aren't haranguing them and they aren't being kept busy... make sure they're at least singing.

    7) And finally, keep your flock fixated on the carrot. The payoff is just around the corner and only they will be the ones paid off. The clouds will part and they will be raptured up and then, boy-oh-boy, won't all those non-believers be sorry.

    Here's the full article, with open comments:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Probably a corollary of number 2 but what I've tended to observe:

    2(a): Assure your followers you hold the eternal souls in your hands and if you judge them harshly they will lose whatever 'eternity' exists after death.

    Paradise (possibly on earth ala utopianism) is one thing. Eternity would be a more precise wording, since that is what cults actually say if you check them out.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

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  4. I organized a protest against TED because of their support of kidnapping and forced faith-breaking. You can read about my protest and about Toro Goto who was held against his will for twelve years for "deprogramming" on my blog:

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    It isn't.

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