How to save a knocked out tooth or Traumatized tooth

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  1. If there's brawling with batons out there I would expect some loosened teeth so I'm lending some expertise as a dental student here.

    If a tooth is loosened from trauma...

    2) Keep tooth in socket but do not apply too much pressure! This could cause Ankylosis where your bone merges with your tooth root.
    3) Restrict diet to soft foods and liquids and find a dentist to splint your tooth. This will help your tooth from falling out and allow the cells between your root and bone to heal back into place.

    If a tooth is ejected from the mouth from trauma...
    1) find the tooth and clean out all dirt particles attached to the root.
    2) If possible, do not touch the root too much because you do not want to damage the periodontal cells that separate the root from the bone.
    4) If tooth is cleaned from all the debris, and socket has no bone fragments and is cleaned as well, put tooth back into socket and seek out a dentist for splinting.
    5) If you don't trust yourself and figure you can find a dentist within 1 hr...
    Store tooth in the following solutions to preserve root cells while you seek out a dentist:
    1- save a tooth solution from first aid kit
    2- saliva (either keep the tooth below your tongue or spit into a cup and put the tooth in)
    3- milk
    4- saline solution (water with a few grains of salt- should taste as salty as your sweat or blood)

    Try to avoid storing in pure water because hypotonic environment would cause root cells to burst. this would still be better than allowing the root to dehydrate though but I would just keep the tooth in my mouth.

    6) If you choose to keep the tooth out and find a dentist it is imperative that you seek treatment withini 1 hr for the best survivability. 2 hours MAXIMUM. Otherwise your body will not recognize to tooth as its own and may start an immune reaction against it if you stick it back into the socket.

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