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    In Naples FL, while walking past some retirement condo to catch sunset on beach, i believe i bought some goodies from a bake sale of sorts for that organization. not sure what 4 goodies it was but ladies said it was jewgoldz and it truly was! then they called me meshugginana as i walked off with big flaky pastry goodness.
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  2. Demented LRH Member

    My grandmother on my mother’s side is Jewish, so, technically speaking, I am a Jew.
    Anyway, I was talking about Los Angeles Jewish Center -- they help people of all origins who left a cult, not just Jews.

    I do not know very much about Hasidic Jews except for the Lubaviches; when their leader, Menachem Shneirzon, died they were singing and dancing because they were waiting for him to rise from the grave -- they thought he is the Messiah. He is still in his grave, and they are still waiting for his return.
  3. Anonymous Member

    A friend of mine is an activist with Footsteps - he is a former Lubavitcher. There is plenty of sexual abuse and under-reporting of crimes that goes on inside the followers of Shneirzon [who obviously didn't rise from the dead, hehe]. Fortunately I think that the victims of Scientology have been relatively good at reporting the crimes and speaking out, probably because most of them were not born into the cult. I think that Steven Hassan and Tory Magoo and Jason Beghe are doing a fine job at helping victims and evenually getting them to press charges.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I think I need this. I tried googling, but got ambiguous results. Where in LA are they located?
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    As per my advices for the last 2 years ; If you are a victim or a witness of any crime commited by CO$ go to the feds and report.
    If you know of any other ways to fight crime let us all know. You don't have to admire the FBI but remember they are on your payroll and they are supposed to serve you.
    Stay safe.

    To anyone who has been a victim of actionable crime(s) committed on behalf of the Church of Scientology, who has witnessed actionable crime(s) committed on behalf of the Church of Scientology, and/or who has perpetrated crime(s) on behalf of the Church of Scientology:
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  7. tikk Member

    Someone requested I take a look at this thread and as I notice it's from a few months ago, so I guess I'm bumping. I have no way of actually knowing whether this is from FBI but I think that it's all very good advice. One reason I think it's genuine is that it expresses a frustration I'm familiar with, that being the sometimes wide gulf between what lawyers/law enforcement and non-lawyers deem proof-worthy. The airtight case one imagines is often more air than tight.

    I think the one thing I'd add to this is mention of the battery of waivers and non-disclosures signed by departing exes, which is probably Scientology's most effective deterrent against investigation into its conduct. These signed agreements range with differences so there's not much useful I can say in the way of a blanket statement as to their validity.

    But I will say that these agreements are intended to keep you from approaching law enforcement or filing a civil claim and like almost every contract drafted by the more leveraged party, the ones I've seen anyway, overreach and often amount to flimsy, calculated bluffs. Many of the clauses in these agreements were not meant to hold up in court--they were meant to keep you quiet. Even if certain parts of the agreement are enforceable, other parts may not be; even if you've accepted a cash settlement. At the very least, your approaching law enforcement or an attorney to consult as to the validity of the agreement will not violate the agreement. Talk to someone if you're on the fence.
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  8. Thanks tikk.
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    I imagine that no matter if it was or not, he probably took it as a personal message. A criticism. He doesn't like that. :(
    I know -- so sez Professor Obvious.
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  11. Boris Korczak Member

    Whatever crime was committed by anyone, any organization or any church violating your civil rights, your freedom and your personal well-being MUST be reported to the authorities in the country you are living in.
    By not doing it you are as guilty as the perpetrator(s).
    Stay safe.

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  13. Do you know if the Jewish Center keeps records of the people they help ; I'm pretty sure that is the same group that helped my in laws in the past; when one family member first joined Scientology. Now nearly 30 years later that same family member who joined CofS; is using undue influence on the remaining parent to make some really bad choices.

    They are using the fathers close friend to get to him; we have been the primary care-givers and they are trying to convince the father via the close friends influence that we are abusing him; that is so untrue! The elderly parent was adamently against Scientology until he met this new friend; who has you guessed it, recently been friended by the CofS members...

    We are being disconnected from the family for trying to reason with the dad... When we try to reason with the CofS family members they hang up on the phone on us. Does anyone know if using undo influence on the elderly for possible financial gain is considered a crime?
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    Demand PROOF of the abuse. P R O O F.
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    AWESOME THREAD!!!! Me "Happy-Pants" :)

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    I spoke to the FBI - they said they cannot do anything but highly recommended to get a bunch of people together to file a class action suit. I think that will happen very soon. Lurkers - stop signing the legal docs - you are signing all of your "human rights" away. This is where the CULT gets away with their crimes! They are destroying themselves because of it but it would be nice to see a bunch of ex Scientologists hit them in the only place it hurts - THEIR BANK ACCOUNT! They don't care about # of Clears, Oatees, first starts, books sold, people in, people out - all they care about is the MONEY! They worship it like it has meaning - and it does not have meaning that will make them last and help them survive. They are stupid now - that is what happens to criminals. They do stupid things like go after Sell Ebbs, buy expensive real estate at the peak of the market, put up Ideal Org buildings when the buidings they are in are vacant and have been for years, cannibalize their staff, destroy lives, shatter families, lie, cheat, deceive, extort and bribe. Oh yes, and negligent homicide and the cause of suicides.

    Write up their crimes on the internet - it helps lurkers get out!
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  19. good thread deserves a bump/ :)
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    thread deserves sticky
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    Full Agreement from me!
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