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    In AD 2011 War Was Beginning
    So you want to get in the business of making "Anonymous" videos??? GREAT! We need more of those. But before we get started let's cover some basics on the quick and dirty of video making:

    Software - you need to have decent video editing software, not Windows Movie Maker. (for trolling purposes you can say you used WMM) Decent stuff is Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas, and sometimes even Studio! Installing Audacity for audio editing may be required but since video editors have audio cutting capabilities that may not be needed. Audacity does give you easier access to filters and it's FREE though. for sake of ease, Sony Vegas was used for the scrollers. You may also need a video converter, to converter between formats such as flv, mpg, avi, mp4 , there are many good free converters out there, SUPER is a decent one that can be found at FileHippo. The second phase of software is actually LEARNING how to use it all, won't get into that here but there are numerous youtube tutorial videos that will train you in the dark arts. Don't give yourself away buddy through comments!!! ex: "I want to make videos for An0niMooSe, how do this?!" Lurk around, pretend your doing a science project or a tribute to your grandma and ask questions to youtube users if need be. Graphics editing is also important and for that we have GIMP or Photoshop, anything above 7.0 is decent. Majority of the time you will be tweaking pre-existing graphics to fit your needs.

    Graphic collections: So as to not give yourself a damn headache later you need to start on your "Anonymous" collection, graphics relating to Anonymous, wallpaper, high res photos of protesters, people in mask, headless or faceless people. Once you have a good stash it's easier to cherry pick and decide what pics if any your going to use in the video.

    Video collection: a difficult part to master, if your going with something thematic like time lapse videos and clouds, it takes a while to find videos to use. you can always rehash youtube videos but it's a 1000x better looking if you have original source videos. You might need rippers for this, Youtube Enhancer is a decent script for greasemonkey to help you rip videos, Ant video downloader is another decent add-on for firefox that will help you rip videos from other sites like Vimeo n such. If a youtube user doesn't mind, you may want to rip older Anon graphics from them (ask first) - people get touchy if you remix their stuff in a way they don't like....(ex: Battletoads for Wii video, the guy who rendered the 3d toads RAAAAGED when Anonymous "borrowed" his work for the parody)

    Script: to get your message across your going to need a script, either one you wrote on your own OR collectively using google docs or a piratepad / multiplayer notepad account. A piratepad is preferred since it allows people to log in and work anonymously. Script writing requires it's own long ass write-up so it will be addressed somewhere else, not here.

    Txt2Speech soft: You don't want to use your own voice when making Anon videos, you may not know this but YOU might have an ACCENT (that others don't like) so to bypass this problem Anon videos typically use text to speech software. Any voice will do, even female but the most infamous of all Anonymous videos all used Cepstral David. You don't even need to buy or download it, you can actually plug in one sentence at a time over on the Cepstral website and save the output. ONE THING YOU WILL HAVE TO DO: rewrite your script PHONETICALLY so it says it correct. txt2speech isn't perfect, you will have to get creative to make some words pronounce right. GOOD LUCK :) (lol at some of the mistakes from first videos - MEEMEES we had a laugh at that one) In this day and age, you can use any voice, if you use your own or someone voices it for you, your going to need to distort their voice so they can keep their anonymity. DON'T FORGET!

    music: your going to need music for Anon videos and this also takes a while to collect, best thing to do is go look for edgy / moody music - just don't cut your wrist while your at it.... music is always the hardest thing to decide on because YOUR TASTE might not be others cup of tea. Your Hard rocking music might not click with people because some want to hear dark moody music, and others might want to hear electronic / techno / dubstep. It's kinda like that movie half baked where Scarface says he always thought Mr Nice Guy sounded Jamaican in his head.... a successful Anon video sometimes has to take a middle of the road approach. Many times that middle of the road has been ambient electronic music, you decide.

    continued in next post...
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  2. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone...
    Now that you have all your components for creating a video you need a few more things after that point.

    A TEAM: most major Anon videos are TEAM efforts between many different Anons from different countries and professional backgrounds. When videos are a team effort they break up the work load to something manageable. One person may be responsible for acquiring the music, another hunts down graphics for a particular operation / message, a team of people might be working on a script. Team efforts help the video editor piece things together and "see" things that the editor cannot, like glitches, bad timing or an badly cropped image. Also team efforts help with pruning a video down, cutting out unnecessary lines or scenes, putting that final refinement to a production. A team is not required but is recommended. Remember that this post is a writeup coming from experienced video team members but in the end take everything as a suggestion. A team could be 2 people, it could be 3 people, or 10. You personally may work better as a lone wolf, or just hate group environments because of some social disorder, in the end it's still up to you! :)


    Youtube account: or other video service account, is necessary! Where else are you going to stash your videos?!? This could be your own, or a shared account or you can borrow another Anons account with their permission. A shared account is usually topic specific, or operation specific, and allows a number of users to mask themselves behind one name. A youtube account for your own personal use is still recommended though, this allows for commenting your own personal opinion on other videos and allows for personal one on one communications with individual users.

    food stuff: Ramen noodles, totinos pizza, TACOS, candy bars, hersheys, 2 liter RC bottles, maybe even Jolt Cola. You need food to keep you going and stuff that's easy to microwave or put in a toaster oven will save you time while your working on videos. You can also eat while your in the render phase of your video work, which means you might be eating 10 mini meals a day since rerendering is a pretty common phenomena.

    Time: your going to need time, time to write, time to plan, and time to put it all together. Unless you've done 100 of these already, it won't be a breeze. And even if you've done a few sometimes they still take forever and 10 days to finish. for example: the 888 video was pieced together 24 hours before the upload (cutting it close) but the script may have been written a few days before.

    Plan: Important to video making but more important for Operations, planning is needed to figure out the order of video pieces and graphics. Sometimes a script has to come first before a video editor can "visualize" how the video is going to "feel", all in all you still need some sort of plan of attack. Planning also helps others see what the approach is to a project, and allows for immediate edits to the work flow, a basic guideline of what your work process is going to be helps tons. One of the benefits in working in a team environment is that as you become more experienced it becomes easier to guesstimate what your partners in crime are expecting and it becomes easier to fit the needs of the team / cell. So much so that your "plan" can then be broken down on something as simple as a napkin. ;)

    Donated sample of actual IRC transcript
    of Ultra Top Secret Anonymous communications pertaining to planning:

    <Gman> lol you hear NPR interview?
    <Burrito> Yeahz it coolz, let's make a video about it
    <Gman> lol k
    <Burrito> I'll make new graphics - it be k-RaD 31337!!!lololol

    continued in next post...
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    Now that you've read all that you need to learn the most important part of making Anonymous videos - Classical Anonymous Mentality.

    A successful Anon video is one where you can disassociate yourself from personal opinions and cultural upbringing. If you want to "speak for Anonymous" you need to put yourself in the shoes of the "final boss" and think to yourself, what would Anonymous do??? IT WON'T COME EASY unless your a SOCIOPATH already or borderline psychotic, because you have to remember that Anonymous is NOT YOUR FRIEND. Anonymous is COLD, Anonymous is CRUEL. Anonymous is the voice of INTERNET JUSTICE, and justice is HEARTLESS. Someone killed a cat and put it on youtube? Anonymous says this person deserves NO MERCY and must be DESTROYED. Normal people don't think this way, you have to de-link your brain and become a monster, a monster who is willing to do anything to revenge a wrong, destroy the soul of another person and strike fear into the heart of men. Anonymous IS THE LAW OF THE INTERNET. Anonymous is the super-conscience of the internet, logic in a suit. Only a place that has lolcats right next to nuns being raped by purple tentacles can hold such a thing as Anonymous. The internet is a place where YOU physically don't exist, only your thoughts, and in many instances those thoughts projected onto the internet as Anonymous are socially unacceptable. But that's ok, because as ANONYMOUS people can be free, free from the prejudice of your society and other aspects of your life that are holding you down... your race, your religion, your social standing, your income level, your edumucation. With the freedom you embrace as "Anonymous" you can then carry out GREAT JUSTICE. Some guy walks free out of Jail on a technicality for beating his kids??? you can't walk up to him IRL and put a bullet in his head, but as Anonymous you can carry out a campaign to destroy this mans life - internet vigilante justice. Corporate fat cats walk all over the public and wield obscene amounts of money to destroy the rights and freedoms of the common man? It's Anonymous who leaks his Amsterdam sex tape that was hacked from his machine.

    It's these things you have to keep in mind when you suit up as Anon. And when you write, remember that you are only here a brief moment in time but your thoughts and words may live forever as Anonymous, FOREVER. FOREVER.

    That's why it's wise to think things through before you put a project out there. Something that a good number of "Anonymous" on this very board are acutely aware of. You want to put your best foot forward so that when a video is finally presented that the majority of the Anonymous collective agrees with your action. from 4 million to 400 hits, each piece of work is worth it if what you put out there has the approval of the majority of the internetz. If your going to fail though, turn your fail into something epic, like NY cell and agent pubeit. Or NZ fail guys.


    Also remember that a large part of classical Anonymous mentality is the group effort, the same way the NAZIs justified burning jews in ovens "It's just a job, and Hans doesn't seem to have a problem with it" - Anonymous becomes crueler in large groups. If you don't have the stomach for carrying out some operations, sometimes it helps if your best bud is also a fellow Anon. It's a war mentality. When your on the front lines of an Anonymous Operations, the feeling of "safety in numbers" is enough to push you through that mental barrier. Sometimes it's best not to go it alone in Anonymous!!!

    It takes a while to rise up to GOD mode level in Anon script writing and a true master is never finished in his studies, but for you to achieve that, it is the beliefs of this Anon that this maybe the most important aspect of it all. When I personally participate in script writing or even press release writing, what comes out is not anything near what I write on a daily basis, it achieves a level of refinement and vocabulary that is NOT NORMAL to any average netizen. When you write and others see it as "this was written by Anonymous. I shit bricks!", you know you've achieved it.

    in short:
    YOU real life: I LOVE YOU *kiss*kiss*
    YOU as Anon: I HATE YOU *kill*kill*

    on writing:
    you on irc: <Burrito>lol hungry voy a comprar Tacos jajajajaja gimme +v oper
    you as anon: <Anon9001>Your insolence has been brought to our attention. Anonymous will unregrettably give you a first hand display of the true power of The Legion. Enjoy the last fleeting moments you have on these Internets.

    continued in next post...
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    After weeks of advanced Anonymous mentality training, you should always keep in mind that the thing you do as Anonymous are FOR ANONYMOUS. For the glory of the whole, for the future of Anonymous. Someday you'll be dead and the people who knew your secret can say "he did it for the lulz - his name was Robert Paulson" and those same people will disavow your affiliation with Anonymous and blame Ebaums World Inc.

    Doing that is one of the hardest things of Anonymous, because naturally every person is proud of the work they do. EVEN WORSE for natural talents and an artists because those people are so used to signing their works! When your work is stripped of identity, even your mental identity, it's difficult to let go of it. for example: I like that "WE RUN THIS" video, I would like to meet the guys who pieced together that work just to chit chat and trade war stories (I never bother going to look for people, for operation security) - but since I have no idea who made it, the best I can do is say thanks for your efforts! And I hope that is enough to satisfy the ego of those involved.

    Know that the video work you put out may be examined, criticized, remixed, parodied and possibly mocked but remember Anonymous in the end is incapable of caring. YOU as a person CARE, you as Anonymous doesn't. If you can't take the criticism of the work you creat for Anonymous, don't make it.

    My only consolation to you Anon is this: You know you made it, and that's all that matters. If your not embarrassed of it, show your mom and dad. Just the way they used to pin your crayon drawings to the fridge, i'm sure they will be proud of you and keep your identity secret :)


    Also you might want to go in with the mentality that hey, I want people to re-use my work, and apply it to any Anonymous operation, not just my campaign against (blank). If you can do that then WIN! ALL GLORY TO ANONYMOUS!

    continued in next post...
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    Anonymous is always evolving, changing, and upgrading. Nothing written here is written in stone and should be seen as more of a suggestion than outright gospel. I've been involved in every aspect of Anonymous video operations since the beginning, from script writing, music selection, txt2speech, video chopping, pic shopping, script checking, uploading, and it is my belief that a good video maker should be involved on all levels, top to bottom of the process. Sometimes your contributions are huge, sometimes very small, but being a part of some great efforts is a very satisfying feeling. I hope that the next generation of Anonymous video guys do better than what we could and I look forward to the future of Anonymous media.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    What about PowerDirector? Is this software any good? I downloaded a copy of it, but still don't know how to use it.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Whatever videos anonymous makes - they still come out better than the dumb cult videos.
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  8. PowerDirector is fine too, as long as you can drag stuff onto it, line it up to the point of nudging frame by frame, adding music and voice tracks you should be cool. A lot of video editing programs have come a loooong way. For example, STUDIO by pinnacle used to be real flaky, we made the PARTY HARD video in that, but it did the job, Sony Vegas was used in some of the earlier stuff just out of ease of use. A lot of video guys will snob up and say you should only use top dollar software like Premiere and after effects, but what they forget is that all these programs have a learning curve. Software like PowerDirector and Studio will allow anybody to just jump in and start working. A good number of Anonymous videos are made on MACS also, so it's not uncommon for people to use iMovie, or Final Cut.

    You want to stick with newer software though, since new programs allow direct import of HD video and mp4 format.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Firefox plugins let you rip Youtube vids in HD MP4 if available. Long render times though. Allow 3 days to create a masterpiece.
  10. Anonymous Member

    This thread on 'Why We Interrobang'...

    inb4 "Message from Anonymous to the Alien Ambassadors of the New World Order using HAARP to put Rainbows in our Water Supply".

    Good thread though.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Shut up, we all know how it really works.

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  12. rendering time is all processor dependant - on my laptop i have an old pentium 4 3.2ghz, it's a desktop replacement, but it still took 2 HOURS to render the scrollers in Vegas (the multilayers / transparency adds to the choke) - I moved the source over to another machine, a quad core amd and it cut it down to 25 minutes to render that 10 minute loop.

    We've been working on the new video stuff since the 9th lolz but IRL stuff gets in the way at times , that and the dome. lol sorry for delays.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the answer. I wanted to make a video a couple of weeks ago. I've donwloaded all the material I needed from Youtube, but I just didn't have enough time to start learning how the software works. I guess it will be my next project.
  14. sooleater Member

    thx for this.

    i have to see lots of shitty fucking shit of SD (580p ????wtf is 2011) Video with no or lit video edit skilles.
    hope it will bump the qualy of videos.
  15. BSE Member

    Ah, this helps a lot. thnks. ready for my shitty vids.

    All of them will be with .sid. Your welcome.
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  16. theking1888 Member

    good job on the guide
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  17. another123 Member

    one note on music choice: you might want to stay away from YouTube provided music. depending on the artist, you may not be able to embed the video, but doesn't let you know before hand. <- learned the hard way.
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  18. I run into this problem a lot on facebook after you link to a video, gives a warning and forces people to visit youtube, thank you for the protip!
  19. bump cuz people need to know how to NOT be fucking retards!
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  20. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I prefer Newground's Audio Portal. The Music is free to download and I think is under a creative commons license. (I am not 100% sure, so if I am wrong, my bad. However I do know most of the songs are under CC)

    The original Message to Scientology music was The Rise of Satan from kingj4life on Newground's Audio Portal. I think that the song was slowed a bit but it was credited for the background music.
  21. YOU ARE CORRECT SIR - 100 internets for you.
  22. Ilsanya Member

    can someone teach me how to mentally be anonymous?
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Be yourself and grow a thick titanium skin. Remember that Anonymous is not your friend and not your personal army. Also be prepared to give shit as much as you take shit.
  25. Ilsanya Member

    maybe i have already done this, i have noticed since occupying that i don't allow things to get to me even half as much as i used to...i am mos def myself no matter who likes me or who doesn't ;)
  26. Anonymous Member

    Openshot is a good Editor for Linux...
  27. Anonymous Member

    HI i am experienced editor in adobe premiere and i have mics camera and animation software the only thing i lack is the software to mod my voice ? im looking for that whole &quot;Mirosoft sam&quot; soud as it is alot easier to hear than distorting my voice if any one knows how to mod a voice or how to get a microsoft sam voice which i can record please reply many thanks !
  28. xenubarb Member

    I think I just got called a sociopath...
  29. xenubarb Member has a lot of stuff and a wide range of themes. You can type in a mood in the search and get results. Sometimes I find music I like well enough to incorporate into vids.
  30. Anonymous Member

    'We Run This' is one of the best propaganda videos of all time. So much win in that.
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  31. There's a fuckton of free After Effects tutorials here:

    I don't recommend trying to force each lesson into an actual video (over edited videos are as obnoxious as under edited) but if you're new to AE, they make good exercises for getting to know the software.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Hello. What is the Txt to Speech soft used for the BlackMarch video ? Clearly it s not David voice on Cepstral.
  33. Can you plz send me the Voice Scrambler of anonymous ?? Too my tormail

    Greetz anonymous Friesland
  34. suspected hot stuff is hot
  35. WeWhisper Member

    I recently started making videos again. I've noticed that even though my original four or five videos from 2+ years ago garnered me a little over 2,000 subs, my new videos are only getting a few hundred views a day.


    Really though. What's the best way to market youtube videos without spending money?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Maybe it's because it's all pretty much been said in generic videos on YouTube.

    Try being original, no one else is!
  37. m0dulat0r Member

    Curious as to why this hasn't been replied to in so long? There should be a resource link on here for video materials :)
  38. Anonymous Member

    Get the best relay. IE A guy with a well known avatar (theanonmessage for ex)

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