How to make a Pirate Hat for Sea Arrrrgh and beyond!

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by Lord_Nuke, Jun 16, 2009.

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    How to make a Pirate Hat for Sea Arrrrgh and beyond!

    Ahoy mateys, I be the dread pirate Nukebeard, and I'm hear to give ye a bit of advice on makin' sure you scurvy dogs show yer colors.

    "But Cap'n Nukebeard, I don't have any sufficiently piratey gear!"

    Fear not me lads, here's how ye can solve that dilemma. In fact, I be suggestin' that EVERY anonymous be puttin' this to good use.

    First, ye start with a newspaper.

    Ye fold it in half, like so

    Then, ye fold the corners inta' the middle like so

    By this point, it should look somethin' like this

    Movin' on, ye fold the front part of the bottom up

    and flip it over ta do the back the same

    Finally, it be lookin' something like this. Ye can then open it up and put it on yer head, or on other body parts if ye be kinky that way.*

    Now ye got yerself a mighty fine pirate hat. Get to plunderin', boozin', wenchin', and usin' excessive apostrophes.

    *Nukebeard accepts no responsibility for any papercuts sustained if ye be kinky that way.

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