How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

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  1. GuyFox Member

    How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    There has been a lot of questions and requests on the DM cutout stand that our cell deployed @ the idle org opening in Quebec last Saturday.


    That was a one-off, so I had to come up with a template/how-to from scratch. here goes.

    1. The materials you'll need.

    - A foam board, 32x40 inches or the metric equivalent (70x100cm), the thicker the better. Around half an inch thickness will be fine. You can get those at just about every art supply store. You can also grab a larger board, but we want lifesize, right? ;)

    - A good, sharp exacto knife.

    - a pencil and a black permanent marker.

    - light-adhering masking tape and a few colors of spray paint (you can use other coloring techniques if you're more comfortable with them)

    - clear tape (you can use other protective techniques instead if you want)

    - a template, such as this: crap/little_davey.png

    - and of course, this miscavige mugshot:
    Miscavige Mugshot

    2. Step-by step how-to

    - First, you need to print out the face on a FULL sheet of letter-sized paper (or A4 in metric), leaving no margins.

    - Cut out the face out and place it on the foamboard (don't glue!!!), so that the top edge touches the edge of the board. Have a good look at the template and find the correct placement where the head will go.

    Remember that the body does not take the full width of the board - but the text bubble might. You'll need to place the head off to the left, then.

    - Using the template as reference and with the face still in place, sketch where the body outlines are going to be, including the head (very carefully trace around the print). Be sure to leave a "margin" on the bottom, 3 or 4 inches tall. You'll need that later if you want the dwarf to stand on his own.

    Alernatively, you can just have the template printed at a much larger scale if you have access to the right equipment, or if you're a masochist you could print it on many little letter sheets and assemble... Seriously, it's easier just to draw it.

    - Outline the shadows as you see them on the template!

    - step back from the board and eyeball it to make sure everything looks right.

    - Ink the outlines and maybe the shadows (if you're not gonna spray them) with a permanent marker.

    - Now cut the entire silhouette out. just don't cut out the gap between the legs and most of all DON'T cut out the area between the text bubble and the head, at least not below his ear. otherwise the bubble may break off easily. Here's a good view of how these areas are not cut out:

    - Color the dwarf using a technique of your choice. You can spray it like I did, having previously masked areas of different color (the shirt, all outlines and shadows etc), and repeat for different colors once the previous dried completely, or you can use marker pens in proper colors. Or even a paintbrush.

    - When the body is finished, stick the head on using double-sided tape and tape it down well with clear tape, forming a seal against wind and rain.

    - You can use the remainder of the board, the large chunk you cut out from the right side, under the bubble, to make "feet" for the stand. They can be rectangular, trapezoid, semi-circular, whatever works... You'll need a cut on top in the middle and a matching cut in the base of Davey (which we intentionally left white, remember?) so that you can set the cutout in those 'feet' and thus have DM stand on its own.

    This is how it stands:

    Good luck! I'm hoping to see more of these out in the world :)
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    Might make one to drop off at local cell. Bravo.
  3. i'mglib Member

    Re: How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    Awesome. Do want.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    OHI- did you just facefag a femanon?
  5. GuyFox Member

    Re: How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    It's a guy and he says he doesn't give a damn. He's like that throughout entire protests and has beenfacefagging all over youtube before. It makes no difference...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to make a lifesize David Miscavige cutout stand!

    LOL at the chubby longhaired guy with the KFC bucket.

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