How to make a giant banner

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    Re: DC Ideal Org Open Oct 10th, Main Ceremony on Halloween

    How to make a giant banner:
    Buy a roll of banner paper at the local office supply or art store.
    They come in different widths, 24", 36" or 48" and different lengths, 10, 20 or more yards.
    Buy a roll or two of clear packing tape - 2" wide works well.
    Unroll the paper on the ground to the length of the banner you want.
    Reinforce the long edges with the packing tape to keep the banner from tearing.
    Get a can of spray paint, the ones used for marking sidewalks and pavement work well as they shoot straight out of the top. Write your message.
    At the ends, you can roll them around a stick or cardboard tube to make it easier to hold or to raise it high so the peasants can see it.
    And, voila, you have a huge banner visible at 100 yards.
    Remember the long Psych convention sign. Long sign is long!

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