How To: Library Raid

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by NailsPDX, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Noclaf Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

  2. Vir Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    [ame=""]YouTube- アノニマス: åå¤å±‹å›½éš›ã‚»ãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ¼å›³æ›¸é¤¨ã§ã‚µã‚¤ã‚¨ãƒ³ãƒˆãƒ­ã‚¸ãƒ¼æœ¬ç™ºè¦‹[/ame]
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  3. Noclaf Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    DAMN IT Asians always stealing my ideas!!
  4. Vir Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    If you were a Scientologist, you could claim to have traveled back in time and postulated the cards to the JapanAnons.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Would behind the dust sleeve be a good place to put them too? Or don't bother?
  6. Re: How To: Library Raid

    According to your own words-there is no "US" nor a "We" , or perhaps you only meant that to be directed towards me in another one of your trollfits?

    GG- buh-byez :D
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Why give anyone access to these books at all? Scientology is a dangerous cult that hurts people.

    There's nothing wrong with writing complaints to the library administration for stocking them. Count up the number of Scn listed and then list in your letter the number of classics you CAN'T find in the library or compare the number of books they carry by major religions v Scientology.

    I like hiding the Hubbard books behind other books on shelves that rarely move.

    If the bar codes are on the jacket cover, switching the cover to another book that's actually useful also works.

    I think it's also about time we got "Blown for Good" in all the libraries on our own, under the Scientology religious section.

    We should remember to donate our good books to the libraries as well so they don't have so much extra space to stock the Scn trash.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Strong magnets also can and often do destroy the bar code magnetic ability to be scanned. They certainly permanently ruin my credit cards for scanning.
  9. AnonSac Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    My daughter has chosen to do a report on Scientology for her Religions class (despite my protestations that a cult pretending to be a religion doesn't qualify), so she went to the library to do some research. She was very happy to give me a handwritten you-found-the-card, and I was very happy to see it! She told her professor that she had decided on Scientology, and her professor said she was happy that she was going to write about it because it is so "secretive." My daughter told her that when she asked me for a good site and I told her whyweprotest, her teacher chuckled. I'm going to try and get my daughter to wear my GF mask when she turns it in.
  10. Anon547 Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    woah! good idea im gonna get the library i goto next time i got there...
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    win after win after win
  12. Librarian62 Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Speaking as a librarian i would say asking to have something removed from a collection would be a waste of time because censorship of any kind would and should be resisted by any librarian worthy of their masters degree. In my branch i have "Dianetics" and the DVD "An Introduction to Scientology" both legitimate titles on the subject.

    One thing you should all remember is that librarians are information professionals not just checker outer of books.
    When someone asks about materials about Scientology i am ethically obligated to refer them to the Dianetics books. Of course as a professional i would be remiss if I did not also mention that we have ( I acquired for the the library )
    Blown for Good, Piece of Blue Sky , L.Ron Hubbard Madman or Messiah, My Billion Year Contract . which just came in. etc. i would also point out many of our databases including magazines and newspapers and oh yes i remember a little something in the New York Times St Pete Times. I can look it up for you in a jiffy. etc.
    Oh here's the book you where looking for .....Oh look someone left a....

    You Found the Card bookmark with, it looks like about 5 books, some neatly typed up referenced articles and web pages about Scientology .... i wonder how that got in there.....

    We librarians work for you, Don't ask us to censor, but if you do not have the anti Scilon books at the library you use , then request them to buy it / them. Librarians purchase on literary value and patron requests.

    protip: request first, books we purchase will go on the shelves. Donated books regardless of value actually have less of a chance on making it to the shelf because of shelf space and cost ( we estimate it costs us a little under $8 just to process a book, label, barcode, tattltape, catalog and cover.) And truth be told we get a lot of worthless crap which we can't use. I must have thrown out dozens of worthless Scientology books myself.....

    Knowledge is free......
  13. Librarian62 Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    "If the bar codes are on the jacket cover, switching the cover to another book that's actually useful also works."

    Don't pull that shit it makes no sense to switch covers and/or barcodes , It just makes patrons mad and why would you want to INCREASE the stats on a pro Scientology book when someone wants their copy of Blown for Good ? It also reduces our chances of getting the good books back...

    magnets? what the fuck are you talking about .....

    Only Scientologist's would pull that kind of fucked up shit....

    And remember, all librarians have OTIX powers, you fuck with us and we WILL find you........
  14. Marcab9000 Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Thanks for the posts Librarian, Nice and insightful

    Did My library today, Only two books, placed two cards and back in the same spot.
    Hiding is futile, people will go to a library with unhidden books or buy them, and therefore start a cycle. Anonymous is about freedom of information , even if it means stuff we don't like.
    Did the bookstores aswell, they are the other important ones to hit.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Your ideas (except for book donation) are wrongheaded and mostly illegal and are VERY BAD SUGGESTIONS. You don't have the right to hide books, mislabel books, or sneak books into libraries.

    Your ideas of trying to squelch Hubbard's writings by hiding or banning his books are misguided and have a fundamentalist, censorship mindset about them. In fact, make sure his words are read. Hubbard's ideas defeat themselves when out in the light. Making them taboo only gives them secretive allure.

    Also, you use the "Scn" abbreviation, which I only see from Scientologists.
  16. Marcab9000 Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    OSA Much
    Imma Making mah tinfoil!!!11!!1!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    I took some WhoIsDavidMiscavige cards and put them in between pages mentioning him in Andrew Morton's book. 'Twas fun.
  18. Mousez Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    Just finished 2 libraries and a Hastings.

    Went with the template, BUT because I want to be special (ed)
    I went with SEXY lime green paper from wally world ^_^.

  19. Re: How To: Library Raid

    I have to say, "Great!".

    I have a soft spot for library raids. They are my fave.
  20. Mousez Member

    Re: How To: Library Raid

    This was my 1st one. I am new to this, but doing my part.

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