How to download Google video, YouTube video, any flv video?

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    How to download Google video, YouTube video, any flv video?

    This is an article about how to download google video, youtube video and any flv video.
    As we known, YouTube, Google Video are the leader of online video, sharing original videos worldwide through a Web experience. Both Google and YouTube allow us to upload videos to our account, watching videos in online flash flv player, but the downloading videos is forbidden.

    Part1:How to download Google video with streaming video recorder?
    The tool we need is Streaming Video Recorder, you can free download it here. With this Google video downloader, you can download any video on Google video,

    Step1: Firstly, install and run Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder, make sure the sniffer is running. Generally, the sniffer is running by default. But you’d better double check it, or streaming video recorder cannot detect the google video automatically.

    Step2: Then open video g and play the video you want to download.
    Google provides powerful video search, you can enter the keywords, language, date, video duration and video file types to filter videos.
    When the video is playing, there will pop up a message window at lower right corner to inquiry whether you will record or skip this coming video.
    Note: If the current video is forwarded from, generally it will have two online URL for the same video, one is Google URL, and the other is YouTube URL. Each one is ok for streaming video recorder.

    Step3: Click "Record" to download Google video.
    The downloading task will show on download list in middle. You can open several videos in browser and download them together.
    Part2: How to setting output formats to improve the output Video quality (Advanced Function Optional)

    Output Formats: choose the format you want,so you can convert Google video to mp4, avi, wmv.

    Sample Rate: In developing an audio sound for computers or telecommunication, the sample rate is the number of samples of a sound that are taken per second to represent the event digitally.

    Channel: Set the number of output channels. A value of 1 indicates monophonic sound, 2 stereophonic. Some devices may have more than 2 channels, and some high-end devices may not support mono. Returns the number of channels the device was set to.

    Bit rate: Bit rate is generally measured as the number of "bits per second" (bps) at which the data in an audio is being delivered. A higher bit rate means that the audio has more information.

    Batches record streaming videos, up to 20 at one time
    With this Streaming Video Recorder, you can download nearly 20 streaming videos synchronously. Launch Streaming Video Recorder, open your favorite web video, as many as you like, and you can record streaming video to your hard disk all together.

    Create your own "My Favorites" list with channels collection
    Do you often download, capture, record streaming video from online TV channels or your favorite websites? If so, Streaming Video Recorder is a helpful tool for you. Because this Streaming Video Recorder has a module of "My Favorite", which enables you to add your favorite video websites or online TV channels into your favorite list. With that, you can easily record, download, and capture the streaming videos from that list.
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    Re: How to download Google video, YouTube video, any flv video?


    Download the video in the raw format first and then covert that using a loseless codec for use in your video editing software if need be. But, seriously, do not convert if you want highest quality.
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    It's a link to free software for a video downloader with good reviews.
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    Yes, it is.I find this link by chance and just want to share more information on catchvideo with you . Anyway, that's also a good choice to use alike software to download videos in batches. ;)

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