How To Chanology

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  1. How To Chanology

    Chanology Overview

    The goal is to destroy the Church of Scientology. There are 4 aims

    1. Reduce membership
    2. Remove Scientology Tax Exemptions
    3. Stop money making fronts
    4. Make them spend

    Underpinning all these strategies is informing people about scientology.

    This can be done by
    • Telling other people you know
    Flyering/talking at raids
    • Harpoons, in media or to journalists for the general public, and to politicians or other important figures to achieve aims 2 and 3.
    • Lrn2Digg
    • Clever marketing e.g.
    • Preparing the ground. Anything which puts scientology out there gets people more willing to listen. Recently we tried to get a NASA space station part named Xenu (they had a poll), as it turned out, that gave the far greater result of getting Colbert to talk about Xenu.


    Before you can inform you have to know.

    More About Scientology - Why We Protest
    Fair Game (Scientology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    Operation Snow White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rehabilitation Project Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1. Reduce Membership
    Estimated numbers are estimates, but there’s about 25,000 scientologists in America and perhaps 50,000 worldwide
    Reducing membership has two components: (i) Stopping recruitment (ii) Getting current members to blow

    (i)Stopping recruitment
    Raids. It’s hard to recruit from behind a curtain. It’s hard to be sucked in when people are protesting it
    Targeting sources of recruitment eg. Narconon, WISE businesses, dentists and chiropractors
    1. Making people associated with these a priority for informing.
    2. Shutting down these organisations

    (ii)Getting current members to blow
    Raids. They have to question why they’re attracting all this suppression. Even if they don’t believe our claims, they’ll plant the seed of doubt. Also the disruption means targets are not being met, which makes scientology worse to be in.
    Critical thinking. The inanity and awfulness of this has to make some people leave. According to ex’s accounts, particular logical fallacies or points are really effective. The surest way to success is to get them on ex-sci sites like ESMB
    Spoilers. Telling people about Xenu and his homies is fun, and if they get as far as OT3, they’ll see we were telling the truth all along. By association, the other stuff we said becomes a lot harder to dismiss

    2. Remove Scientology Tax Exemptions

    This is well covered at
    Tax the Cult

    • The Sklars approach: Scientology enjoys an additional tax break religions do not. This is unconstitutional as far as anyone can tell. If it gets brought before an appropriate court, it can be removed
    • Obtaining the IRS deal made with the CoS in 1993. So far FOI requests have been unsuccessful.

    This is a political issue. Politicians may help the tax-exemption status get looked at, and they may be able to help out with the FOI angle. Obama ran on a platform of transparency in government, which might avail us.
    Politicians should also be useful in Australia where the cult enjoys tax-free status.

    3. Stop money making fronts

    Inform people, especially politicians giving or thinking about giving tax money to groups like narconon or criminon about
    (i)the scientology connection,
    (ii)reasons to be wary of such groups eg. the second chance fiasco in New Mexico

    4 Make them spend

    • Encourage exes to apply for refunds, or make lawsuits. Show them that everyone's doing it these days. Let them know that the stuff they signed while routing out has no legal standing.
    • Report exploitation of staffers, and try to get them paid minimum wage
    • Try to get non-scientologists contracted by scientology paid.
    • Of course they also spend money advertising trying to counter all the bad PR we/they bring. BUT NEVER CLICK ON THEIR ADS IF THEY APPEAR ON THIS SITE. THAT COUNTS AS CLICK FRAUD AND WILL RESULT IN PENALTIES FOR THIS SITE. If you see their ad on other sites, feel free to click on it.

    General Actions

    • Learn what's wrong with scientology
    • Lurk Moar
    • Raid. Check out your local cell at Anonymous: Still Alive
    • Download or upload scientology documents when required
    • Harpoon media and influential people. Spread the word on blogs/forums
    • Recruit more chanologists
    • Contacting other groups to do our work like pro-lifers or secularists
    • Investigate links to scientology. If something seems suspect, you can search a person involved to see if they have any known connection to scientology using the search bar at The Truth About Scientology
    • Donate to the sever
    • Look at current projects to see how you can help Active Projects - Why We Protest | Activism Forum
    • Think of ideas yourself you lazy cunt

    Input welcome, I'll update the OP later.
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    Woah, this thread is like deja vu all over again.
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    good for newfags to read
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    that's not how to chanology

    how to chanology is:
    be retarded, troll a cult
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    Woah, this thread is liek deja vu all over again......

    Oh wait..........


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    Partial credit.

    Chanology is getting lulz by destroying a cult simply by trolling.
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    Which part, the OP or the ad to meet black singles in your area?
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    Good overview.

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