How To: Call Scientology businesses anywhere for free

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by Hostile, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hostile Member

    How To: Call Scientology businesses anywhere for free

    This is only for the purpose of collecting information from orgs as for where their stress test carts are and if they're open before a raid.

    This is not for prank calls... no... that would be worng.
    This is also not for operation: Battletoads to reform, because that was not a fun operation that was not a great amount of lulz.

    step 1. make sure you have a microphone for your computer. I got mine for a dollar and it works great, don't spend too much.
    step 2. download skype and register a username with an anon email.
    step 3. if your computer has a sound card that can record input and output sound, do so.
    step 4. if step 3 cannot be done, download a program called "pamela" for skype. it records calls.
    step 5. on skype, start a conference call with some friends (because blackup is always needed)
    step 6. possibly host it on a website like shoutcast (only works if step 3 works.
    step 7. dial 1-800-goog411 that's 1-800-466-4411.
    step 8. if you want even more anonymity (from google's personal info trackers) hit *.
    step 9. follow instructions to call ANY scientology (or any other business) for free in north america.

    again, this is intended for information gathering and reconnisance. this is not for prank calls.
  2. Namenlos Member

    Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    Is there a thread for this? My search foo is weak :c

    Looking at this; also, page with numbers on for calling...?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    There are a couple of approaches you can take.

    Pretend to be genuinely interrested, waste their time, then LOLXENU hang up.

    As above but more subtle and try to sow doubts in their minds.
  4. Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    OT3 in hubbards voice, rather than "LOLXENU".

    They know that voice well, they spent a lot of cash for his lectures. Reel them in by asking for an appointment, or get them talking, then hit it.

    Have a practice call to a friend to make sure whatever device you are using to play the audio plays it nicely over the phone.

    Take obvious precautions, don't use a number that is in any way traceable to you or anyone you know.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    Just get in the mind of someone actually calling whatever number you are calling: "Which kind of person would call this number, and why?"

    Also: never hesitate, hesitating for just a second in answering questions will make them suspicious/hang up.

    Write down "your" name, adress, phone # and other info before you place the call. Also write down what troll you wanna pull, as it is easy to get confused while placing the call if you haven't got any visual support.

    Other than that, it is crucial (as when calling ANY business) to get past the secretary before you start trolling.

    Finally: record all calls, share the good stuff.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    From 888chan:

    Target: *Toll free scifag phone numbers*. These numbers can be called for anonymously, for free, using any skype account, from anywhere in the world.

    Numbers are:
    1-800-367-8788 (Dianetics hot-line)
    1-800-722-1733 (Bridge Publications)
    1-877-857-4227 (Flag, General contact)
    1-800-574-1595 (Golden Era Productions)
    1-800-334-5433 (Scientology Golden Age of Knowlegde)

    Each and every one of these numbers can be called for free any number of times using any US phone or Skype/other VoIP service.

    The person answering the phone will always be a receptionist. Her(it’s almost always a female) job is to get rid of the pranksters and let the legit people through. Be clever here, why would anyone call this number in the first place? If you are calling the Dianetics line, then you would like to hear about X book, your order never arrived, you are having trouble with the ordering page online, your shipment was damaged etc. This will put you past the receptionist and in to the world of the different scifag worker ants.

    Sites like Free Call - Free International Calls & Free VoIP Service. Internet phone calls - free VoIP, call PC to phone over Internet telephony and Free phone calls with Calling America that offers free calls might be useable too. This allows calls made using just a browser, and not just toll free numbers either.

    Make sure to record any lulzy prank calls and share them.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    Volunteer ministers toll free: 1-800-435-7498
  8. Anonym0se Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    call them up on your personal phone, no *67 needed. (wait for it...i have a point)
    wait for C&D letter
    Deliver back to them..personally....
  9. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Guide to spoof calling $ci?

    I'll just be merging with the relevant thread

    also, I believe prank calling IS an illegal activity, but only once its done with malicious intent, usually it constitutes harassment if done more than three times to the same number.
  10. Spangly Member

    Re: How To: Call Scientology businesses anywhere for free

    *67 (assuming that's equivalent to the UK's 141) is ineffective against 800 numbers. They get your number even if you use it.
  11. Namenlos Member

    Re: How To: Call Scientology businesses anywhere for free

    But where can I find the numbers for UK based orgs?
    Not that I would call them...
  12. RightOn Member

    Re: How To: Call Scientology businesses anywhere for free

    How 'bout from a pay phone?
    Ask if they sell Dianetics and ask if there is any tax charged on the book or any other books... if they say no... report it to the state as a hot tip?
    They are supossed to charge tax on all books even though they are tax exempt???

    I think prank calls can be fun BUT are such OLD NEWS. And a waste of time.
    There are moar important things to do.
    I say NO to prank calls!

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