How to Build Missions by Riverside Mission Dude

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anonymous, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Explains how to get people into the missions and how to withhold information.
    LOL @3:05

  2. RightOn Member

    sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo religious!

    "practice on people you know"
    in other words......practice lieing to your friends lol
  3. another123 Member

    "LRH reading groups on Craigslist", sounds like they're going back to the 1950's method of indoctrination. Tupperware, FTW.
  4. grebe Member

    So I take it this guy is a Freezoner, not a CoS member, and his plan for LRH reading rooms has nothing to do with the CoS.
  5. telomere Member

    Scientology is the future of Humanity
    and FZ is the future of Scientology
  6. Anonymous Member

    The FZ has missions now?
  7. Anonymous Member

    This dude is a bonerfied Genie-Us. Next he'll suggest we all connect our computers to each together to share information and opinions.
  8. Diablo Member

    Cult is banking on the fact that public is ignorant regarding cult and therefore they are able to use their indoctrination techiques and take $$ without having the questions about Mad Midget "leader", Midget beatings, dead parishoners, staff held captive, forced abortions, bogus lawsuits, disconnection, Jan Eastgate and CHILD RAPE cover ups, Wally Hanks beating, using cult funds to enrich movie stars, raping old people's bank accounts, ASSAULTS on protestors, ASSAULTS on Staff, TD's ASS in DM's mouth!

    This is why it important to keep the public aware!



    STOP THE EVIL SICKENING CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. grebe Member

    Ok fine but the dude in the video is not a member of the CoS.
  10. telomere Member

    (o wait....)
  11. AnonLover Member

    I seen this when Marty posted it on his blog, and it struck me odd that it sounds no different (operationally - not course/training-wise) from how a regular org operates from all the first hand accounts on ESMB from public scientologists.

    So a question for exes in our midsts - what am i missing that was so different "back in the day" with how the old missions operated compared to how a regular org operates nowadays?
  12. I think I understand. The guy is an indie or freezoner but he sounds just like a Scientologist. This guy should run his own little OSA out there in the freezone. It's the same goal -- to get Scientology and it's ideas to expand into the world. This is just a lot more gentle and a little more honest but it still sounds like covert persuasion to me. Yeah, I don't just hate the abuses of the C of S; I hate the idea of any Scientology ideas infiltrating the wog world. It's just madness to me. I just hate freezoners I guess.

    I am sure there are many people here who were in the cult longer and know more than me but it does sound like the same old stuff. Back in the day, someone was always springing on the new back to the basics approach. In the running of a Mission; a lot of the times things fail and so they look to LRH for help. They read old policy letters and such and decide to get back to the roots. Often such things work but this could be more due to the increased inspired enthusiasm of the staff.

    Then again there were the franchises which were also called Missions. These were actually owned by an individual Scientologist. Some of the more successful ones often provided a fairly decent income for these Mission holders. These franchise Missions tended to be run in a more humane and sensible way, almost as if the staff ignored the more stupid LRH policies. Some of these places would even give you a refund and not turn the whole thing into a war. It was not the Sea Org, that was for sure. Smaller places tend to be like that. But since LRH stole these franchises from these people in the late 1970's I am not even sure if such places exist.

    I think the C of S opens and runs all the Missions. I am not sure how they do that but I can guess that they get a public or a staff member to step up to the plate and open one. That person applies for the Mission Holder charter and the Mission is in their name but the C of S is really the one that has the last word on anything important. These Missions would have a closer relationship with the central Org. Besides, any Mission Holder can always be replaced with the skillful use of Ethics. Does anyone have the real facts on this? I have been out so long that I am just speculating.
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  13. Diablo Member

    It's ALL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. 00anon00 Member

    I thought this was about missions
    Imagine my disappoint
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  15. Anonymous Member


    A Scientology Mission can be started by just about any Scientologist who can afford a Mission Starter Pack, which will set a person back a few thousand euro. There were some donation drives to buy these Mission Starter Packs due to their expense. Missions offer introductory Scientology courses and services, and their objective is get their clients ready for shipping off to the Orgs (where more expensive courses and auditing await).

    Missions are run in a manner to ensure they are non-profit. Any potential excess money is used to send staff over to the Orgs for Scientology training. The upshot of this is a funnelling of money up the Scientology business structure, with the Mission staff being constantly under pressure to produce.

    One of appeals of becoming a Mission holder is the 50% discount given on services at the larger Scientology locations. When you consider the large expense some of these courses represent the initial Mission Starter Pack investment doesn’t seem so bad. This extract is from a 1998 FSO price list:


    Missions offer all courses up to the level of ‘Clear’. The below table is an illustrative costing of how much such a project would set you back. Note that allowances for repair auditing, materials, repeating courses, etc. have been left out, so this is a gross underestimate. Note also that all prices featured here come from a 1998 FSO price list converted to euro (the Dublin Mission doesn’t exactly hand out price lists freely). In the FSO list extension courses are $35 (they are €25 here), Ups&Downs course is $120 (it is €82 here), STCC is $200 (it is €130 here), etc., so I have used a conversion factor of 1.5 where Irish prices were not available.

    Life Repair €3,000
    Purification Rundown €2,000
    TRs & Objectives - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    Scn Drug Rundown - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    ARC Straightwire - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    Grade 0 - 3 x 12.5 hr €13,500
    Grade 1 - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    Grade 2 - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    Grade 3 - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    Grade 4 - 2 x 12.5 hr €9,000
    New Era Dianetics - 3 x 12.5 hr €13,500
    Clear Certainty RD - 1 x 5 hr €2,000

    Total €97,000
  16. Anonymous Member

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Franchise Holders

    (Cancels HCO PL 21 Oct 65 "Release Checks for Franchise PCs"
    Modifies HCO PL 13 May 65 "Sale of Bulletins and Tapes Forbidden"
    Modifies HCOB 28 July 59 "Our Goals"
    Modifies HCO PL 2 Jan 65 "Franchise Who May Have It and How to Maintain It")

    The Franchise Programme was first introduced in the early lyart of 1959. Since that time some changes have been introduced. With the stabilisation of our technology it becomes possible also to stabilise the Franchise Programme.

    The original aim has not been altered. It is simply, to Clear Earth.

    Clearing a large population in our lifetimes is quite within reach.

    If each Scientologist were to contact 3 people per year and bring them into Scientology we would Clear this Planet within ten years. So it is time we got down to business.

    All HCAs and HPAs and above, not on Org Staff are to be issued with an interim Franchise which they are to ratify within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in the revocation of the Franchise.

    Franchise Holders are expected to do one or more of the following:

    Run BS, PE, HAS, DCA, HQS, Anatomy of the Human Mind Course, or HDA Course or process to the Level of their classification (Class VI or VII may only audit to Level IV of course).

    The exact plan for a Center is this:

    I. Sign an interim Franchise
    2. Run Basic Courses
    3. Process to the Level of their training, keeping up with own training at the Local Org
    4. Keep a good Level of activity for some months, selecting Students and Pcs for training and processing in the Local Org, St Hill and AO.
    5. Get trained to Class VI at St Hill
    6. Take out a permanent Franchise
    7. Progress towards clearing the area, by getting as many trained in the Org as possible and getting them set up in new Franchise Centers.

    It's a tough Planet so we'd better face it and measure up to it. Use the Local Org to keep Ethics in in your area.

    But the First step is to say "I'm going to Clear (the Continent) and start telling people. And moves that don't aim that way are dispersals.

    The easy part is getting people on our side. You've heard it said "everybody is a Scientologist-some haven't cognited yet". The tough part is to keep everyone pointed toward the goal.

    So a Scientologist should say first to himself "I'm going to clear (his Continent) and then tell others "We're here to clear (his Continent).

    Then work on the above programme and we'll do it easily. It is only essential we keep the goal before us and cooperate. We are not here to play games with each other.

    We're here to Clear Earth.

    So all we ask of a Franchise Holder is:

    I . He must send in IO% of his weekly income (apart from booksales and FSM commissions) from Scientology and Dianetics to the Church of Scientology of California (WW Org) each week.
    2. He must abide by the Code of a Scientologist and the Auditor's Code and the Policies governing Franchise.
    3. He must charge at least the Continental charges.

    In return, the Franchise Holder:

    I . Receives the Franchise starter pack consisting of the Policies relating to Franchise.
    2. Receives for a small fee technological materials, consisting of the packs of star rated materials up to the Level of his Classification (or Class IV-whichever is least) and any new Bulletins up to that Level will be mailed within a week of issue.
    3. Receives service for his individual wants from the Franchise Officer WW. This may include issue of single copies of past Bulletins which concern current unclassified technology to their level, past Policy Letters giving useful info on administration, Ethics handling, the public or promotion which contributes to the expansion of the Franchise. These may only be supplied where a genuine need is demonstrated. Such are for use by the Franchise Holder only. More than one copy of HCOBs or HCO PLs will only be sold and then only where these are for a recognised Course (or recognised process: e.g. List 1).
    4. Receives a pack of special Bulletins and Policies relating to instructional technology.
    5. Receives the materials of Staff Status I and 11.
    6. Is appointed an FSM for his local Org, St Hill and World Wide.
    7. Receives materials such as fliers for Courses which he can use to disseminate with (these may be charged for).
    8. May, if desired, purchase free dictionaries for issuance to his Students and Pcs. He must however, send in the names and addresses of all those receiving such dictionaries with a properly filled in standard Application Form to St Hill.
    9. An interim Franchise Holder may not run S & Ds, Green Forms or Rehabs unless authorised to do so. On completion of a Grade, the Franchise Auditor attests that the correct phenomena have been obtained for the Level and gets the Pc to attest that he has attained that Grade of Release. Both attestations are sent to the Local Org with requisite fee and a Certificate is mailed for that Grade to the Pc-Attestations for all the Grades may of course be sent in all at once.

    A similar system exists for Certification of Students on Courses. All that is required is an attestation from the Supervisor and the Student that the Student has completed the requirements for the Course. A Certificate will then be mailed to the Student for the nominal Fee charged by the Org for this service.

    If a Student or Pc cannot attest, they are routed to the Local Org for Review services. The penalty for false attestation is the assignment of a Condition of Liability on those so attesting. In serious cases the Franchise may be revoked. The assignment of such Conditions may only be done through the Franchise Officer WW.

    Help in Ethics may also be obtained from the Local Org.
    10. Receives 40% discount on all books valued at more than S 1.25 (6/- sterling) but receives discount on tapes and individual meters solely by virtue of memberships held. 10 or more meters may be purchased at 50% discount. Bulk orders (200 or more) of any book may be placed with 50% discount.
    11. He may not have his own FSMs selecting to his own Center for profit. FSMs are for Orgs. He may however teach the Dissem Course to his Staff or Students. He must send in the names and addresses of those who buy books or receive service for the first time to an Org. These people will then receive the Area Mag, Continental Mag and "The Auditor" and be offered a 6 month free International Membership.
    12. He may not audit or train Org Pcs or Students or the Pcs or Students of another Franchise Center within 2 years of the Pc terminating at that Org or Center unless the Pc or Student cannot now attend that Org by virtue of emergency or unless the person wishing to take processing or training can obtain permission in writing from the Local Ethics Officer that he may do so. Such permission may be obtained after the fact, but if the action is found to be unwarranted Ethics action may result. Such notifications will enable any Ethics outness in either the Franchise Holder or the Student to be remedied. A copy of any Ethics Report made by a Franchise Holder should go to the International Ethics Officer via the Franchise Officer WW.
    13. Receives weekly mailings by surface mail (airmail may be paid for if desired).
    14. He may give disagreement checks to his Staff if so qualified.

    Those who remain inactive or who fail to send in 10% payments will have their Franchise revoked after one year. We are out to Clear Earth, therefore we can't afford to carry the inactive at the expense of the active.

    The Local Area See is informed at I st Jan each year of all those who have a Franchise in force. These lists may be publicised. Only such and those appointed in the meantime may receive discounts and other privileges of Franchise. The Franchise Holder and Local Org are expected to keep in good ARC with each other (see HCO PL 19 Mar 68 "Service").

    Those who earn consistently nore than $500 per month and who intend to continue their Franchise activities indefinitely (or become an Org at some future time) and who are SHSBC Grads Class VI, may be granted a permanent Franchise. A Franchise Holder who qualifies through his statistic may be so appointed immediately on completion of the SHSBC.

    A permanent Franchise Holder in addition to the above privileges:

    I . Receives the Org Exec Course at 50% discount and the Minister's Course at 50% discount.
    2. May run Rehabs and S & Ds if desired.

    It is held that those to whom a permanent Franchise is issued, have sufficiently good tech to handle these services. This right will be revoked in the event that abuse of these services occurs or statistics decline subsequent to this right being granted. They must inform the local HCO of the names and addresses of those who have had S & Ds in their Center. They also forward attestations from the Pc and auditor that the Pc is no longer PTS. Disconnection Letters must be sent to the Ethics Officer of the nearest Org for inspection before being mailed, the disconnection letter being stamped and enveloped properly for such so the Ethics Officer needs only to inspect it and post it.

    Green Forms may not be run unless the auditor has been trained in Review actions in an Org. Normally a Franchised auditor will find which of the 6 things (which can be out on a Pc) are out (HCOB 13 Sept 65 "Out Tech") and act accordingly.
    3. May offer services to Junior Franchise Holders by way of tuition on the premises of either himself or the junior and may charge for these services or receive return services from the junior during tuition.
    4. Receive the weekly mailings airmail (as do Orgs on the mailing list).
  17. Anonymous Member

    All Franchise Holders are subject to our Ethics system as are all Scientologists. Franchises are reminded that Ethics exists to make Tech possible. -Hence, where tech is in, Ethics isn't interested, but where there is squirreling, ARC broken Pcs, squabbling between Franchise and Orgs, statistics down, Ethics will become fascinated. Therefore keep the goal in mind, and work towards achieving it. The high statistic Franchise Holder is a valuable being, it is his actions as an FSM that keep Scientology expanding (along with others).

    If this programme is followed closely we'll soon Clear Earth.

    Mike Davidson Franchise Officer WW
    Nada Shultz Public Activities See WW
    Kevin Kember Qual See WW
    Brian Day HCO Area See WW
    Tony Dunleavy Public Exec See WW
    Anne Tampion D/HCO Exec See WW
    Allan Ferguson Org Exec See WW
    Ken Delderfield LRH Comm WW
    Joan McNocher D/Guardian WW

    LRH:jc.rd Mary Sue Hubbard The Guardian WW

    Copyright 1968 for
    by L. Ron Hubbard L. RON HUBBARD
  18. In the Mission that I was in; the goal was to grow and become an Org or a fully fledged "Church" but I notice that some Missions (mainly the franchises) chose not to do that even though they were more than capable of doing so.
  19. RightOn Member

    does that have anything to do with the status of the mission owner changing?
    or are all missions and full fledge "churches" owned by RTC?
  20. I only know about late '70s Missions. The Mission I was in was actually set up by an Org staff member. He recruited someone to go to my city and start a Mission there. It sure sounds to me like the Mission was owned by the Church of Scientology in everything but name. The franchises that I know about were almost autonomous in a way. One franchise that I know about didn't follow policy and didn't send students for higher training to the closest Org. This Mission had no respect for a lot of Orgs and instead sent them to an Org much farther away where the ED knew a lot of the staff there and trusted them. Of course in a way the status of that mission owner did change when LRH stole that Mission. It soon became an org. Before that, the Mission actually made money, now it's just another one of those empty orgs one hears and sees so much of on YouTube. A lot of those franchises seemed to be quite happy being Missions and didn't want to become Orgs. They certainly made money compared to the C of S setups. The one I was in wanted to become an org as did a lot of them and they were all set up by an official Church of Scientology as a first step to becoming and Org.

    If you have ever heard of a Field Auditor then you know that is an auditor who has clients of his own. When they are finished with him they move onto an Org. A franchise to me is a larger version of that idea and they always had a sort of air of "separateness" to them. Indeed, one could often detect an almost hostile rivalry between franchises and official Scientology centers that were soley set up by the C of S.

    Wish I could help you with that question. I tried to answer it as best as I can and with what little I know. I doubt there are any Missions that aren't owned by the C of S. The ED of our Mission was the Mission Holder but that person didn't have to invest any money at all in it; the Mission Charter was just a piece of paper and it was total C of S. Some of the staff there were even from the big city Org and were there under orders to help keep the place going even if it meant pulling up stakes and moving to our city.
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