How to: Bawesome.

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by megaphonebitch, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.


    that reminds me of this video i saw on youtube about a year ago with some guy in a mask going on about some stuff, boy was that different!

    not so much now tho, we need new material =D
  2. reznik Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    So i was thinking about this, and talking to someone who was joking about 'apocalypse logs' (when you print monies at the tune of say 4 billion over a 3 month period the unintended consequence is that eventually you devalue your currency create spiralling inflation as no one wants to buy your debt) - > just in case you need 'apocalypse logs'.

    Though about impending doom of ZOMG ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION

    with all the economy paranoia / hysteria / fear about the economy
    and the talk of another great depression. i was thinking about this and the Gold "From The Future " Guy with the "888 The End is Nigh" sign. I thought of the following idea which may not be a fail idea for local cells to do.

    random factoid : during the great depression money was devalued so much that people were litterally pushing wheelbarrows of cash around (may not be true but i swear o saw it on a documentary).

    So the idea is.

    1. Print a pile of fake cash, shooped with an interesting design and the local cell url on the money. (the pile wouldnt neccesarily have to be all fake cash - just made to look like it. glue on the top layer kind of thing)
    2. Get a couple of Anons with "The End is Nigh" signs
    3. Print "Surviving the Apocalypse - We Are From The Future" Flyer (Funny / Amusing/Weird/Interesting/Confusing - and obviously with the Cell URL on it).
    4. Mask up, push the wheelbarrow of cash around with a sign holder either side, saying weird things and have some others handing out the "Surviving the Apocalypse" flyers.

    for a bonus maybe have some "Apocalypse Logs" with branding of Cell in the wheel barrow with the Cash, its something else to talk about to people that will confused and amuse them. "We've got our Apocalypse Logs - have you?" type of thing

    Good for getting attention. Good for recruitment.
    But best of all, pretty funny and fun to do ... maybe, or maybe just fail


    Be From the Future. Warn this world of it's impending Doom.


    {pictar of the 888guysatgoldthaticantfind edit thanks nonnonanon}
    nice shooop skeptor (credit he remove his lower post - save thread space i guess)
  3. Nataku Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    I don't get it. Could be lulzy to pull as a prank - with enough people running around with bags full of cash, and fake newspapers shooped up...

    Not worth trying to tie CoS in, though.
  4. reznik Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    no but it isnt directly CoS activism but it'll soon lead to it if .......
    What it is doing is making people interested in your group, your culture. all they have is the url. Maybe they dont even know about Scientology activism and Anonymous. But the see the thing happen, take a flyer. think "wtf was that?" and visit the url.

    maybe, you know. they'll think "wtf, who are this group ... they doing interesting shit ... i want to find out more.... i want to be part of this!"

    this kind of thing is good for internal group morale, bonding, motivation levels recruitment etc.

    which is all for the best.
    mix it up.

    do you ALWAYS have to hammer people over the head with "LOL XENU BUT SAD.FACE FORCEDABORTIONS IN THE SEA ORG"?
  5. nonnonanon Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.


    Nataku: it doesn't have to tie directly in to CoS to be worth doing. Excessive seriousness makes for dull and bored protestfags.
  6. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

  7. Namenlos Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    I really like this idea. <3
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    I feel this thread is about the difference between energy and weight.

    The energy is here present, but the connection between it and weight is always a mystery with your types, aka the privileged. If you were going to really do something, you would be doing it right now instead of posting.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    tell us more about how the real people roll...
  10. zebrafaced Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Looks like Sydney did the freeze. I take back what I said earlier in this thread. It can be done, and it can be win.

    [ame=]YouTube - Chaniversary - Feb 14th[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Chaniversary - Feb 14th, Hyde Park, 11am[/ame]

    DO WANT @ metal "Never Gonna Let You Down" later in the third vid. Anyone have it?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Real people realize that they are just posting on the internet. They realize the difference between one's fantasy of possibiliy and what is not that. Most of all they realize that one can enjoy going into the fantasy of possibility just for the fun of it. OP knows this, others here do not quite seem to.
  12. Nataku Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
  13. zebrafaced Member

  14. Skeptic1337 Member

  15. Nataku Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Vancouver flashraid, October 30th. [ame=]YouTube - The People Love Anonymous Concept Of Scientology[/ame]
  16. Skeptic1337 Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    :clapclap: YAY!
  18. Fuckeye Member

  19. Mutante Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

    [ame=""]YouTube - Alien captured on CCTV[/ame]
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    you type a lot of words but you never really say anything =/
  21. Namenlos Member

  22. Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Have to post this here, it just fits perfectly

  23. Mutante Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    European transport policy presented in the form of mime ^^^

    Also, lol :)
  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    I wonder whether OP's behavior last Saturday was part of the new tactics discussed in this thread...
  25. Lorelei Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Improv Everywhere is the Nazz. Also, lots of interesting O EXPLOITABLE (kinda) ideas there.

    I feel your pain. I can't see any obvious flaws with your methodology.

    Perhaps next time you should bake them some lovely cookies first.
  26. Mutante Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    Namefagged and foxy? Step right up and promote anonymous liek this.

  27. V for Anon Member

    Re: How to: Bawesome.

    oh nice, videos of useful stuff

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