How to : Anonymize your photos

Discussion in 'How To' started by artistic.ideals, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. How to : Anonymize your photos

    That's right, your photo is the one dead giveaway to you.

    Your lovely digital camera, has a fingerprint, and not on the lens, but one that is created when you take a picture.

    This fingerprint can be traced, and DHS does uses it at times to track a person.

    (Best idea yet, have two Digital cameras, and absolutely anything you do with your anon camera remains anon, never use your personal computer for uploading the pics and anything anon related for usage, buy in CASH. No more debit card purchases people. Get back to basics time.)

    In fact, most people just upload from camera, barely look at what they have, don't blur out faces, slam them onto photobucket, and walk away. This is a bad idea if you are new to this game, and it's time to step up a notch and get to doing this smart over being stupid.

    So, for more info on this topic, since TL ; DR is obvious I have found you a couple of sites and a video!

    Video (Person in video was using Photoshop CS3 for refrence. Don't ask how I know):


    Hidden Data in JPEG Files

    Pixel noise said to create unique camera "fingerprint"

    Schneier on Security: Digital Cameras Have Unique Fingerprints
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Getting a 403 on this link
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    ^403 forbidden
  5. Coldsaw Member

    I can explain it to you but my english sucks ;)

    Take a .jpeg data and put it in a Folder on the Desktop. In my situation is the name of my File: 12345.jpg and the name of my folder: Test .

    Now you have to choose the data you want to hide. It works with all kind of data. you can also hide more than 1. My file have the name: Anonymous.exe (it is also in the folder Test).

    Now you need a program wich can make the file you want to hide to .zip . I am using WinRAR. right click on Anonymous and click on "add to archive..." choose zip. on the left side.
    you can also put other files in the zip pack.

    now open the command. click on the windows start button and write "cmd". dont start as admin.
    now we have to nagiave to our folder Test.
    cd Desktop
    cd Test (Name of the folder)
    dir ( Now u can see whats in the folder)
    copy /b 12345.jpg + Hidden.jpeg (Hidden.jpeg is the file wich hiding our Anonymous.exe and showing our 12345.jpg)

    Now you have your file in the order.
    And if u want to open it start WinRAR. ( Dont richt cklick on the file) choose your Hidden.jpeg and there it is.

    I hope you understand it.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Delete System32.

    Mod Edit: Come on, do I really have to tell you guys not to listen to this one? -Durga
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  9. BrakTalk Member

    Time to change my avatar? :/ (Coldsaw)
  10. WMAnon Member

    doesn't editing photos in MSpaint also remove that data?
  11. Anonymous Member

    I think letting Scientology come to my door would be easier and more fun,,,sheesh! Ive been uploading since 08' and nothing yet.
  12. Coldsaw Member

    Sorry ;) I can change it
    If you edit the photo it wont work. i tried it out. But you can change the name of the .jpeg
  13. Anonymous Member

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    i think equals you abouth the comentary

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