How many more years of Ahmadi Nejad do you think people can tolerate?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Political Traveler, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. How many more years of Ahmadi Nejad do you think people can tolerate?

    The more we go, the more radical Iranian regime seems to become. How long more do you see it continuing this path?
  2. moarxenu Member

    I use the Soviet Union as the standard for the longevitiy of totalitarian regimes. It lasted a little over 70 years starting in 1918.

    The Islamic Revolution in Iran began in 1979 so it has about 40 years left.
  3. CarterUSP Member

    You reckon the internet could speed things up a bit?
  4. You could be quite correct, however, the issue of population differences fits into any hypothetical equation I might craft.

    IRAN currently comes in at about 75 Million.

    RUSSIA (almost) currently comes in at about 142,946,800 as of a 2010 Census. So Iran has approximately half of Russia's population.

    Can this have any bearing on your estimates?

  5. moarxenu Member

    I think population has less to do with it than time. It seems to take about three generations for people to get so sick of totalitarianism they get the courage to revolt and for it to prove that it cannot deliver anything other than poverty, elitism, and suppression.
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  6. Excellent point! Time is a major factor. 40 years! Quite depressing, all that.
  7. ShodanRiot Member

    well seeing as how the Supreme leader has been hinting about abolishing the presidency altogether, maybe not too many more years.
  8. his name is mahmoud ahmadinejad
    ahmadi is not a first name anywhere in the world
    not even in iran

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