How I Escaped the Church of Scientology. A testimony in an effort to glorify God and Jesus Christ

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  1. How I Escaped the Church of Scientology – From Deep within Ron Hubbard’s Inner Circle.

    A testimony "in an effort to glorify God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage others."

    By Karin McBride-Chenoweth


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    After many years – over 26 to be exact, I finally find myself ready to share my testimony in more detail. I do so only in an effort to glorify God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage others.


    My journey out of Scientology

    One night while in my bed I was looking through a skylight where I lay. I watched the stars twinkle and the moon was very bright. I had been separated from my children for months. They were now back in Ireland with my parents, but I missed them and regular life so much.

    I felt that I was in prison. Punished on a daily basis for being human. I had no way out, leaving would mean I would be ostracized from my peers. Suddenly within my spirit, I called out, “If there is a God up there, please help me. Help me to escape this terrible place. Just help me please”

    I cried into my pillow careful not to let anyone else hear or see me. The next day I decided it was time to go. I was not wearing a uniform as it was my day off. I ordered a taxi that I couldn’t pay for. I spoke to the taxi company and told them I needed to get to the airport.

    The manager somehow sensed I was desperate. He agreed to take me to the airport so long as my father paid him later. I got to the airport ready to board a plane I had no ticket for. I rang my mum and dad explaining what was happening. They arranged with a friend to get me a standby boarding pass. After waiting several hours in fear that I would have been followed, I boarded the last flight to Belfast.

    Jesus and me

    A couple of months later, emotionally and spiritually drained, I was miraculously saved in my late grandmother’s bedroom in February 1993 after picking up the Bible and reading the Word of God a couple of weeks before. I had asked God then to reveal Himself to me. Of course, He didn’t then! He chose the moment when I could receive the reveal.
    All I can say is thank goodness God had other plans for me. I had a very supernatural encounter and by the end of my experience, I knew Jesus was a real person and He had died for me. He had been the one who had miraculously rescued me from the ‘church’ and planted me into the Kingdom of God.

    Barry Smith was the first evangelist with the End-Times preaching that I really loved. It opened up God’s Word in a whole new way for me. Shortly after my experience at home, I went to Dublin on a 3-day conference in November 1993. It was there I officially professed before man, that I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

    It was at that same meeting that I met my ‘spiritual mom’, Jean Galway. At a later conference, Barry prayed over me and broke the ungodly soul ties to the cult of Scientology and to false doctrine. That was one of the most important moments for me following salvation. Words stick – falsehoods or truth and I had a lot of garbage!

    Jean had been with Barry on his prayer team in NZ for several years and had moved back to NI. She was a very wise mentor and council for many years to me. I often referred to her as my gift from God as she really helped me relearn everything. Embedding the Word of God within me was a priority then and still is today.

    God promised me then that He would save my entire family. This came to pass, first my two daughters, then my father in the last six weeks of his life (he had been an atheist), then my dearest mom who lived long enough to experience true Christian fellowship. Up until then, the only person who had been a Christian was my dear Grandmother…if only I had listened to her words way back when…
    *Names have been changed

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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