How do i wave sum news

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Anonymous, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    How do i wave sum news

    i am not your leader. i am not setting the rules. i am just another anon. i am a faggot

    Hello fellow anonymous,
    I am from Anon-Hamburg. I am sending this message to all the Anons that have joined the newsproduction.
    Although we have already gathered nearly 50 Anons the currently working ones are around 10 people.
    None of you were dragged into this against your own will. Everyone joined because he/she wanted to help.
    Therefore we have searched for the reasons why it has come to this. (inb4: lazy anon is lazy)
    But before searching for the error in you we are trying to search for other reasons.

    One problem could be:
    The wave itself. Google Wave is something completly new. Its not even fully released yet. Its just a beta.
    It occured many times that people joined the news wave and then messaged us on irc or sent us an e-mail. ^^

    Pro-Tip: You can edit waves.
    Just double click at the point you want to edit or make a reply to and you will be able to choose between these options.

    But... who was news?
    In fact you can choose any topic about Anonymous and put it into the wave.
    Even if you dont have enough time but think that this topic is a must have.
    Just go to the current wave and edit the link into the fitting category.
    But if you have just a few minutes,
    You can just copy pasta the essential sentences from the post/blog entry or w/e into the wave.
    If these sentences together make sense let it be. If not you can either make it logical or just mark the different passages
    in different colours so someone else can help.

    pix or it didn't happen!
    There are several possibilities to put pictures into a wave.
    You can either copy the link into it or
    install "gears" on you computer. With gears you can just drag and drop ANY object into a wave while editing.
    So if the first post of a topic has a picture in it...just drag it into the wave and its fine.
    If not you may google for a nice picture (inb4 tits or gtfo) with a minimum size of width 500px, height 320 px.

    I herd u liek musics?
    Of course the news need to be spoken too. Because we are germans and have a Nazi accent we need native speakers
    to do some voice acting. Get yourself audacitiy and start recording. But dont send us audacity files.
    These are useless. Go to File->export->wav or mp3.
    And dont be too near at the mic. Though tThere is no need to do it like Tay Zonday and move away from the mic to breathe, too.
    Do a testrecord first and listen to yourself.
    If you hear any disturbing noises you make except your voice (which is hopefully not disturbing)
    hold a piece of membran (dont use paper/or plastic it sounds liek hitler) between you and the mic (>5cm away from the mic)
    and do another test.

    And for the videofootage just watch this video we made:
    YouTube - AnonyNews Behind the Scenes- Color Key Greenscreen Footage Tutorial
    moar Howto┬┤s are following.
    please hold the line

    If any of the above is possible for you. Do it faggot! If all 50 people were working on the news,
    everyones work would be reduced to 20 - 30 minutes a week.

    For those who are interested in joining.

    1. get a googlemail account
    2. Sent a message to Lady.Nonymous, Greutzi, sooleater, Mower or anon0004, with your googlemail address inside.
    3. accept the google wave invite we sent you
    4. get on adding stuff to the wave
    5. ?????
    6. PROFIT
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    no idea what you are talking about
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  3. Herro Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    stop trying to set rules leadarrfag
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    Guys if you are confused.. Look at the name of the subforum this is posted in.

    Also some Anonynews fag should post a screengrab of a wave, so they understand.

    Also quit saying "zed" we don't know what the fuck it is.. Or do aussies also say it?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    Yeah, duh me, I understood a bit later after I posted. It's just awesome I can post anonymously, it spares me the embarrassment.
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  6. Fuckeye Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    I'm going to take a guess and say 'zed' is a letter, and lern2English.
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  7. Mutante Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    Zed's dead baby.
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  8. chrisanon Member

    Re: How do i wave sum news

    What's all this "we" jazz, kemosabe?
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  9. I wish all the posters where still around
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  11. It sounds like the OP is inviting us to be a part of some living "Google Document" but it can embed pictures like a web page or contain videos or links to videos where Anons talk about news or whatever topic they want.
  12. Greatnews556 Member

    Us and NATO intelligence have or will infect all channels anonymous uses. That is their primary directive to control all communication and manipulate entire planet. You have to question everything to even begin to know the truth. Whole media including alternate sources are or will be influenced by agents of govt. Remember us govt and shadow govt are basically the same entity. They will turn you into a witting or unwitting agent or destroy your life.
    Everything is censored and they are in your forums influencing and manipulating you now as we speak. Greetings you can call me sir truth dgaf.
  13. Fuck off.

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