How do I find Cells near me?

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by CT_Anon, May 6, 2013.

  1. HOC Member

    The best way, if anyone here still wants to find their local cell, is to visit and see if your cell is listed there. :)
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  2. ogisforbes Member

    Mcafee wont let me go to that website. i wonder why.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Because Google Chrome is retarded?
  4. ogisforbes Member

    my antivirus security suite says that anonstillalive is an unsafe website. i am unsure what you mean about google chrome.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Google Chrome gives some users the same run-around as the bogus Mcafee warnings. Site is cool. No worries. Enjoy.
  6. ogisforbes Member

    i think i wont look. i tried on my gf,s pc with bitdefender, i still get a "you dont want to go there notice."
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member
    We've been sending reviews but they haven't updated the site report yet. Feel free to chime in to help us get that changed.

    I've seen McAfee quarantine an entire set of gov domains in the past. Funny, yes. Inconvenient, hell yes.
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  9. System Member

    dude drop McAfee its crap try ESET NOD32
  10. HOC Member

    The two posts above give a pretty accurate summary. Since inheriting the site, we've been working on a number of features and have been pentesting both privately and via various trusted 3rd party security audit services. The majority of our security ratings are in the top 90% range, with giving us a 100% score during extensive testing:



    Granted one can never really say that any website is 100% secure, but compared to the majority of sites out there, it's quite safe to browse. It's just McAfee being lazy.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Wonder what the failed infrastructure test was? I suspect it is the image uploader which isn't standard, but is fully sanitised on the server side (which the test may miss)?
  12. HOC Member

    They claimed it was due to the remote host implementing TCP timestamps, and that a side effect of this feature was that the uptime of the remote host could be calculated. Nit picking really, imo.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    That's just silly. If I put a big flashing sign on the site with "This box was last rebooted X seconds ago" I'm seeing how that could help a potential hacker.

    Not going to lose sleep over that one.
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  14. Looking for a cell in orlando
  15. Anonymous Member

    for god's sake and your own, stop using proprietary os's. this includes osx, and ESPECIALLY windoze.
  16. Anonymous Member

    loking for a cell in dayton ohio
  17. I think with the creation of "Cells" we forget one of the original rules of anonymous... remain anonymous and never give you're identity
  18. Anonymous Member

    Dang straight. If most Linux is too scary, try a distro like KDE. Small learning curve and it's really come into its own as an OS. No excuse to feed the bloated MicroMonster.
  19. Well said. If more took this aproch in thought, the people would make an impact. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Cut the jokes and be serious.
  20. Gunnertyr Member

    I'm upstate new york msg me
  21. Anyone from around the Albany, NY area?
  22. Where in upstate?
  23. Ant Member

    looking for cells in the northern panhandle west virginia area
  24. Also from MA
  25. Andy Downs Member

    That one of the biggest lessons from Gene Sharp's books. Have a plan to reach a goal, then retreat and regroup...then again.
    Otherwise its just mental masturbation
  26. OTeleventy Member

    That can be nice, too.
  27. Andy Downs Member

    Fair point....wait I need a moment to myself....ttyl
  28. Anonymous Member

    lol you scamp
  29. dops8198 Member

    I am in Northern AZ send me a message.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Looking for a cell? Punch a cop! Haha!

    *This is just a joke ,,,I do not condone punching of Police Officers*
  31. im around that area
  32. darkoverlord Member

  33. Andy Downs Member

  34. cubby Member

    i like pie
  35. Anonylemmi Member

    Caek is good too.
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  36. FreakE420 Member

    How do I find cells near me?
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  37. Anonylemmi Member

    I wish to like the above post again. Can anyone lend me a like? I will gladly repay you Tuesday.
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  38. laughingsock Member

    Here take one of mine.
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  39. Woo Hah Member

    Google Chrome is owned by Anonymous shareholders.

    Your local cell can instruct you how to buy shares. WWP users get 10% discount.
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