How do I access the Thunderdome?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Poemander, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I'm an old man with diarrhea, please tell me what to do!
  2. asosipww Member

    Why are you not? What are the features of a religion that, in you're opinion, are not present in Scientology?
  3. Contact a health professional.
    Eat some plain oatmeal.
    Drink fluids 7-up, water, so that you don't get too dehydrated.
    Then, esad.
  4. Sockofleas Member

    What begun as an enquiry on how to access the dome has ended in dietary tips.

    I like it.
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  5. I only hate the Scientology religion but the "Scientology is or isn't a religion" topic is a good way to drum up posts.
  6. 259

    You tend to sympathise with radical muslims and fradulent "social justice warriors".
    You are not much better. I forget your name, but you are the old bitch in Alaska with hemorrhoids and a recently dead cat. I only know this because you started two threads to tell strangers here about your hemorrhoids and dead cat. You have the avatar with the peace symbol, but you are really full of butthurt.
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  7. Sockofleas Member

    Normally I say little in here as I prefer to read other people's opinions and educate myself on the hazards of Scientology but from time to time I'll have a go if I'm in the mood.
    The drumming up of posts is best left to you and your splendiferous attempts at it.

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