How do I access the Thunderdome?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Poemander, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. asosipww Member

  2. Sockofleas Member

    Not the mods?
  3. asosipww Member

    No I just registered read some threads in new members forums and that's it. This is'nt the first forum I use in my life.
  4. Sockofleas Member

    Wait there I'll fetch you the steps to get down to the dome,'k.
  5. asosipww Member

    I know how to do it, it just doesn't work. I try to join the NSFW group but I get the security error
  6. Sockofleas Member

    Won't be long now, a few minutes more.
  7. Sockofleas Member

    Its closed while it undergoes some maintenance. The dome is where we keep all the top secret stuff and recently the security has been lax now it's being tightened.
    You'll have to wait until the tweaks are finished.
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  8. 159

    Try this shortcut:

  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Didn't you just ask how to get a higher rank in Anonymous? And you are a Scientologist?
    ..... I don't even
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  10. asosipww Member

    I can see Thunderdome. Thanks guys.

    Yes I did ask how to get higher rank in Anonymous. I want to climb the ladder and become a respected community member so I have some say on topics like "why are you mistaken about Scientology".
  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. Chanology doesn't have "ranks" and unfortunately defending Scientology
    won't bring any credibility here. I know many here would enjoy an open discussion, but if you've
    come to WWP to praise Scientology you will not be met with respect. You will be trolled, relentlessly.

    There is nothing in the Thunderdome to further your cause.
  12. asosipww Member

    Yeah now that I seen the dome I'm disappoint. I expected spilling blood, flying limbs and exploding knees, and all there is in thunderdome is some pictures of mods and a retard talking about some great descending conspiracy.
  13. Sockofleas Member

    You're talking about our resident retard there and you got to admit he's got aspirations.
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  14. asosipww Member

    That's a shame really. I came here expecting that I can found people open for discussion here, and I am being told I should rather expect to get trolled. Can't you look through your hatred? Why do you oppose religion?
  15. Yes, same as everywhere on wwp.
  16. Are you sue or a mod trying to drum up more posts?
  17. Sockofleas Member

    No one is opposing religion, they are opposing Scientology and its a hotch potch of science fiction combined with a ruthless and cruel method of conning money from people.

    Its laughable to suggest it's a religion.
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  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Anon speak so soon? Sock up and try again.
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  19. asosipww Member

    Lol. This is not an anon speak. This is internet speak. You think I'm retarded and don't use Internet just because I'm religious? You think I haven't been "grown" by the Internet? That I can't possibly know some parts of internet culture? You better sock up and try again.
  20. I told you that you were not missing anything. lol
  21. asosipww Member

    Look, all religions make money on their followers. When I was a kid I used to live in christian neighborhood and believe me, many would call what happened there "scam".

    But you don't understand. We don't "pay" our Church. We donate. We don't have to give it any money, but we want to, because it helps us so much. It makes our lives better, it makes us better people, and it makes us happy. Why wouldn't we spare some money to our Church so it can grow and help more people?
  22. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Same troll, different sock.
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  23. Go look at this forum:
    ESMB - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    Every single possible angle on this subject is addressed there in a lot of meticulous detail.
    Anything you an possibly imagine is discussed as regards $cientology, believers and ex-members.
  24. Are you sue or a mod trying to drum up more posts?
  25. Sockofleas Member

    Same troll and several socks by the looks of it.
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  26. asosipww Member

    Traitors. Scums. The Church helped them when they needed help, and when they were asked to do something for others, they left and began to spread lies about us, spitting in our faces.
  27. stop beating a dead horse.
  28. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  29. asosipww Member

    Indeed you are both religious bigots with hate speech as their only weapon.
  30. Sockofleas Member

    If the time comes when you wake up to the full horror of Scientology you'll go begging to those same people you referred to as traitors and scum.
    Until then open your mind and educate yourself to the damage it does and ask yourself why so many people have spoken out against it after leaving.
    They didn't do it for fun you know.
  31. Are you going to put their ethics in?
  32. Sockofleas Member

    Speaking out against Scientology doesn't make anyone a religious bigot, as I've said before Scientology is not a religion.
  33. Are you sue or a mod trying to drum up more posts?
  34. asosipww Member

    Because some poeple just hate religion.
  35. Go take your Metamucil, old lady.
  36. Sockofleas Member

    Keep drinking the kool-aid its working for you.
  37. asosipww Member

    Hate speech. Told ya.
  38. Islam is a terribly shitty religion, which is really a violent and evil death cult.

    Scientology is a new-age MLM type of scam which promises to magically fix and heal anything with auditing and esoteric past life regression and alien particulate matter from volcanoes. Probably not as bad as Islam, but harmful to some people in different ways. Some people find it to be an alternative form of pwychological counseling and claim that it helped them. One can only hear from many of its formerly devoted members to determine whether it is a genuinely true and honest path to focus one's life on.
  39. I don't hate all religion.
  40. Sockofleas Member

    This isn't hate speech it's me telling you to stick with your opinion and I'll stick to mine.
    You are quite clear!y determined to believe Scientology is a religion, I'm not.

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