How do I access the Thunderdome?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Poemander, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Poemander Member

    I'm seriously not finding anything to get there, I was told I needed to give myself access. How do I do that?
  2. Anonymous Member

    One does not access the ThunderDome...
    The ThunderDome access YOU!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    The Dome used to be the High Point of the site. Be prepared to be dissapointed
  4. Anonymous Member

    Just stick your head up your ass OP. Oh wait,
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  5. Anonymous Member

    There's a Thunderdome?
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  6. RightOn Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    I used to go to the thunderdome when this place was called enturbulation...
  8. Anonymous Member

    The Thunderdome doesn't really exist, it's one of these in house jokes played upon new members.
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  9. Clever Name Member

    Swimming pool on the roof.
  10. Emma Peel Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Kill yourself. Preferably in a fire and on YT.
  12. failboat Member

    Why don't you check your donkey door?

  13. asosipww Member

    I can't join NSFW user group, I only get this message:
    "Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again."

  14. You are not allowed into the Thunderdome for the time being.
    There are certain tests you must pass in order to gain entry and in time those will be revealed to you.
  15. asosipww Member

    What are these tests? How long do I have to wait until you reveal them to me?

  16. Patience is a virtue all will be revealed in time.
  17. don't worry. you are not missing anything.
    the thunderdome has pervy lemonparty pics your mom would not want you to see, anyhow.
  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Try again, see if it works.

  19. Pervy lemonparty is my favourite sort.
  20. asosipww Member

    Still doesn't work. I am really willing to pass these tests as soon as possible. I read about this Thunderdome thing in some thread and it said that a lot of *interesting* stuff can be found there and I really like this kind of things.
  21. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Close your browser. Reboot your computer
  22. Once you have restarted your browser press the # key twice and the message giving you instructions for the dome will come up on your device.
  23. asosipww Member


    I did it and nothing happened. Did I do smething wrong?
  24. Get me a date with David Miscavige and I'll help you.
  25. Ersatz Global Moderator

    sue is doing some tweeking. You might want to try again tomorrow.

  26. Sue's might be tweeking for the entire weekend maybe he should try again on Tuesday.
  27. I the tells me how to get a date with David I'll help, sort of.

  28. Let me help you.
  29. lol.
    Sue is a tweaker.
  30. asosipww Member

    I am a Scientologist for over 9 years now and I never met him. It's not that easy. David Miscavige is a busy man, he can't just meet everyone.
  31. John Duff Member

    Not sure if ...
  32. good advice!

  33. Are you sure?

    There's lots to talk about like what happened to a friend of mine, her name was Lisa.
  34. asosipww Member

    Yeah I'm sure. David Miscavige is a hard working man.

    And by "Lisa" you mean Lisa McPherson? Yes, bigots throw that name in our faces very often, though they don't really know what really happened. Scientology's best doctors tried to save her life, but they failed. Sadly, sometimes you just can't save someone's life. It was a sad day, but we have to live on.

  35. Why is our forum so important to you and why are you so desperate to access the dome?
  36. asosipww Member

    It was the first forum i found after googling "Anonymous", and I want to access the dome, because I read in some thread that some funny (gross, intimidating, weird) stuff can be found there, and I like that kind of things.
  37. asosipww Member

    Also, because I'm curius bastard and can't stand the thought that something is hidden from me.
  38. Sockofleas Member

    Hasn't anyone gone through the entry process with you step by step?

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