How can you distabilize Bassij ?

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  1. So , what 's the efficient way to make them regret the beating of people ?

    Bring the kids and the Qoran to the party. (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)

    These people are using now only rocks versus AK ( kalachnykovs)
  2. How can you stop the Tear gas in a quick manner ?
  3. Take a bottle of water and an extra clean shirt or cloth with you.

    In case of tear gas wet the cloth and wrap it around your face.

    Also tear gas can be picked up and thrown back. Don't be afraid of the canister. Just cover your face well and wash your eyes with a bit of water afterwards. It's quite harmless. Just hurts.
  4. My guess is you simply can't.

    Unlike police forces in Iran or other countries, these are volunteers. Which means they are committed to their cause. This is exactly the kind of situation that could easily lead to civil war if both sides had access to weapons.
  5. anonymous612 Member

    I would NOT recommend bringing kids. Religious texts, sure. Kids to a situation that is blatantly dangerous? Absolutely not.
  6. Well, don't worry about that, the Basij have much more flexible morals. Kids are fair game for them:

    Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising
  7. Runa Member

    Yes, and those 15 year olds are probaby not trained, which is another good thing. Besides, thy are not community connected.
  8. Do not grab the tear gas canisters with your bare hands, you'll get burned. Use kitchen mittens or thick gloves and throw it back or kick it. Keep your eyes closed as you throw it, if it gets into your eyes, rinse with water and water only.
  10. Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran

    source: twitter #iranelection
    Australia: confirmed
    Finnish: confirmed
    German: confirmed
    Austrian: confirmed
    Italian: confirmed
    French: confirmed
    UK: confirmed
    Netherlands: confirmed
    Norway: confirmed
    Belgian: confirmed
    Mexico: confirmed
    Portugal: confirmed
    Spanish: confirmed
    Slovenia: confirmed
    Russian: NOT CONFIRMED (and maybe not even recommended)
    Brazilian: NOT CONFIRMED (but possible, not recommended either)

    Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran
  11. soak your bandanas with vinegar to ease the pain of tear gas and mace
  12. large fires, such as during a street blockade relieve the effects of tear gas (obviously within a certain distance). Thus, since things are already burning, possibly try and hold key intersections with a burning blockade,. The smoke may not be that great for you but it sure as hell beats tear gas. Oh ya and water/vinegar soaked bandannas and such relieve effects temporarily.
  13. Runa Member

    Find out where they keep their guns: attack place and steal weapons.

    Basij probably don't care if they lose a few members, better to disarm them.

    And I don't know how crazy this might sound to the common Iranian, but look for wasy for making alliances with the Kurds in the country.
  14. The religously motivated need to be meet with religious arguements

    The basiji are religiously motivated. To win them over the protesters need a religious argument.

    Shia Islam has a long history of being repressed by Sunni overlords, their religion is built on holding martyrs heros and resistance to oppression and usurpation holy.

    If the religious Iranians can be won over by analogies of the protesters to the holy Shia martyrs (Husayn @ Karbala), and the current regime to Shias worst enemies (Yazid and others), then the basiji and regime can be destabilised and the new revolution have a broader base of support.

    In the 1979 revolution the analogy was made and helped win success against the Shah. If you see how passionate Shia get on Ashura for their martyrs its easy to understand how the message resonates.


    We need to try to get Shia clerical arguments against repression, fraud and the Iranian system of government and rebroadcast them. The blood of new martyrs gives them new credibility to the devout.
  15. defense advice in the gear and preparations sticky

    see the other thread, there are some tips in there

  16. Get 2 bunji cords or surgical tubing. Create a pouch out of (preferably leather) else cloth. wear leather gloves as the canister can get rather hot. with 3 people, 2 holding the tubing 3rd launching you can send the canister back.. 100 meters or more.

    example. [ame=]YouTube - How To Make a Water Balloon Launcher[/ame]

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