How can I anonymously host a Django site?

Discussion in 'How To' started by Django Fawkes, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Django Fawkes Member

    I'm looking for Django hosting whereby nothing links me to the domain registration or payment. Every other host seems to want your details for payment and automatically publish it on the whois database.
    Whois protection doesn't cut what I want either, I just don't want to have to input any details to start with, a bit like gmail used to be (until they started phone verification).
  2. Anonymous Member

    use a nym, a post drop service, and a throwaway cell line
    does Anon have to teach u everthang?
  3. Anonymous Member

    For payment you can get a $25 visa gift card, ($4 cost) the one that looked most like a visa card allows you to fill in your name and billing address online without any verification. godaddy check your phone number but do not need it to be verified. That's it. However, there is a procedure to challenge the details entered on the whois database as grounds for shutting down. Nobody will be bothered to challenge the millions of spam domains, but a church might. You can use Amazon cloud for hosting for free with your gift card for registration. If you need phone verification, get a go phone. Or you can buy a cheap sim card from compatible carriers for your, say, AT&T phone. This will be about $2 from time to time. Then get a google number to go with the mobile number. When the mobile number expires, you can still use the google number for verification. Route the calls to your google talk. But some require mobile phone verification all the time.
  4. Django Fawkes Member

    Well yeah, I was looking for those who had the best idea in anonymity. Try finding this black hat espionage shit anywhere else on the web. They all just recommend some paid VPN proxy, nothing on site hosting.
  5. Django Fawkes Member

    Ok, thanks for all of that, I know that Co$ won't be able to trace, but the feds would. how do these really underground and illegal sites come up? Are they all on deep web?
  6. Anonymous Member

    hosted outside your country of origin, for one thing.
    also, these sites "come up" and "go back down again" too.

    plus if you're hiding from the feds, and have anything of substance to hide
    they find you :)
  7. Django Fawkes Member

    Right, so anonymous hosting for a surface web is out of the question. It makes me wonder about so-called "hacking" sites that set up with forums boasting of people who hacked into things.
  8. Anonymous Member

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    You gonna post faggot stuff on yer site?
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    Cool. I'll be there, just 4u bb.
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  15. Leakjuppie Member

    You can buy hosting & domain using bitcoin payment. But your bitcoins should have been mixed in mixing service such as bitmixer or Then you should register domain and hosting and fill in fake info. Also you should use tor browser for all that. Be careful with putting your data into web
    BUH BYE .
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