How Americans can help with Videos

Discussion in 'Videos' started by AnonymousTrotskyist, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. spaz926 Member

    My email is and my YouTube account is veganspaz.
    If you'd like I can also upload and seed a torrent on The Pirate Bay or Demonoid.
  2. mtlycru06 Member

  3. MPEG1Layer3 Member

    If you want you can send videos of Iran to me at and I will upload them on my YouTube account YouTube - 33kbpsAACplus's Channel

    I can also upload them on The Pirate bay if it's needed

    I live in Sweden and use a 128 bit encrypted VPN server that I pay for in Moscow/Russia so it is 100% safe and anonymous :)
  4. templar93418 Member

    my email is my YT username is templar93418 same as here. Good luck and be careful we in America are praying for you.
  5. cmgf26 Member

  6. anarmyofus Member

    I am a video editor

    email your video there and I can remove faces etc before uploading to youtube and to the american and international news media.

    ایمیل های شما وجود دارد و من نمی توانم حذف چهره و غیره قبل از یوتیوب و آپلود به به اخبار رسانه های آمریکا و بین المللی
  7. sasnfbi1234 Member

    my email is i will post any videos to youtube or to the source of you choice. also i will blur any faces if you so desire

    freedom in the end above all means
  8. spaz926 Member

    I've posted before, but my email is and my youtube account is under veganspaz

    I can also upload to bittorrent sites.
  9. I live in america, and I'd be very happy to help get the word out! However, I don't want to post my email on the forum, but if there is another way, maybe just email me and I will respond. I will post it on youtube.
  10. I can post everywhere

    youtube: x0anima

    send anything and everything, be sure to include a clear subject so I can tell its not spam.
  11. TunisianGirl Member

    send videos or news to

    I am Tunisian living in Canada and we are in touch with humanitarian groups and media ...we can Help to expmlain your claims and promote four your freedom
  12. brantrav42 Member

  13. Here is my Video, God Speed!

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