How Americans can help with Videos

Discussion in 'Videos' started by AnonymousTrotskyist, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. screwfilms Member

  2. SereneGreen Member

    New Video Channell ready for uploads

    Email or Twitter me me videos needing uploaded.

    Twitter username = SereneGreen
    Email =

    YouTube Channel = YouTube - SereneGreen9's Channel

    All information kept confidential.

    Been following as a different user on all internet sources. Created new accounts today. Email me for username I have been following with if concerned.
  3. DoNotGiveUp Member


    Email anything to me (photos, videos), I will share with as many people as I can via youtube or news organizations:
  4. Bcoat Member

    same here. will receive, save, and post/repost anything (text, audio, video, photos) on various multilingual [i'm Ukrainian, so besides English/German/French/Dutch, i can post to Russian resourses] sites/blogs/etc.
    Twitter: Bcoat

    I also have proxy and Tor bridge, if needed.
  5. nickname Member

    email me and i will post whatever i can, wherever i can for you:

    i'm in the process of setting up a proxy.
  6. Selyam Aleykum

    Rest in peace,
    Neda, the world cries while watching your last sip of air,
    not died in vain.

  7. Just upload the videos to - Redefining the Media they dont delete any video...

    But what i dont get is why the world doesnt have the system with law and politics as we have in the Netherlands.. its fair.. and no religion in the law.. thats the best to have a little bit a fair political system..

    /me lights a joint for Iran
  8. Why? Because it is not convenient for the greedy and despotic that you enjoy your liberties. That is why.

    Then they cannot use your labor and hard work to live comfortably while you toil and suffer. That is why.

    Any more questions?
  9. burzum66 Member


    my email is

    my youtube is

    please feel free to contact me, i would like to help anyone anyway i can.
  10. Re:

    I'm not in the US, but if I can help from here... I'm in Lisbon, Portugal.
    My email address is
  11. my Email

    This is a safe email for all iranians to use. Please feel free to send pictures and videos. I will give consistent senders the password to the account. And that way you can send to the email yourself form within the email account itself to avoid any tracking of anykind. Then i will go in and download all files and post to cnn and fox and local news organizations. I am a journalist with a newspaper in the u.s. And an iranian american.

    Peace be with you all.
  12. hermipo Member

    I'm not in the US too, but if I can help from here... I'm in Salvador, Brasil.

    My email address is
  13. I wil help anyway I can

    I will not give out my youtube addy, but here are two email address. I will post anything anywhere I can.... Peace my brothers and sisters. and Please put Iran in title. Let Freedom Ring
  14. StBlueJager Member

    English / Franais

    I speak both French and English and am willing to repost videos to news/video sources for both languages.

    My email address is : AnonVoiceIran


    Je parle le Franais et l'Anglais et je vais poster encore les vidos sur les sites internet en les deux.

    M'addresse internet est: AnonVoiceIran
  15. iranonimous Member

  16. To all email posters...

    Has anyone been getting replies (other than spam) to the emails posted in this forum? Is this working?
  17. tim new Member

  18. FreedomToIran Member

    I can help get videos onto YouTube, you can just post 'em here though right?
  19. My blog and YouTube account

    Blessings and protection to all of you courageous people!

    I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of the Iranian people!

    I'm a blogger in the United States, in the state of West Virginia. I have a blog dedicated to human enlightenment. I've been covering the Iranian revolution.

    Please send videos to me at My YouTube name is LotusOpening.
  20. freepersia Member

  21. You guys do know that if you register, they can send you messages in private here on this website, and then you can reply with your email address in private? That way it isn't out there for all the world to see.
  22. THEsonOfPan Member

    dm could mean David Miscavige. If that's the case, I wouldn't trust it. Anyway my email is feel free to keep those videos coming.
  23. Email: - Make sure you put the following on your subject line so I know you're sending a video: XD

    Nothing Iran-related on the subject line since they're probably monitoring every email with keywords relating to the situation. So either 'XD' or any emotes will let me know and hopefully keep anyone from the government from noticing.

    YouTube username: TheNeuroticVampire
  24. lemmesee Member

  25. Kruge Moderator

    YouTube - commanderkruge's Channel - my youtube account, if some more help is still needed. ^^

    I won't post my email address, but if someone wants to contact me, you can do it here:

    contact |

    btw - the logo on my page actually was *not* inspired by the anonymous-logo at all, but it is a nice coincidence. :) I took a "wear ear protection"-sign (looks like a guy with headphones) and replaced the round part of it with the UNO-seal - could mean something like "music all over the world" or somesuch thing
  26. mtlycru06 Member

    you can send any videos to my email address at:

    by the way my name is jennifer!! :)

    my username for youtube is

  27. mt

    thank you Good people . Crying in Tehran . Thnx
  28. mtlycru2009 ??


    ----------------------my username for youtube is


    cant find your user account on youtube

    please can you send a link to your youtube account

    from Iran ;)
  29. thnx-can you send a link please to your youtube account
    like the other people have done above;)

    YouTube username: TheNeuroticVampire

  30. A good website to upload videos.

    Supposedly this website won't delete or censor your stuff, but be sure to back everything up on an external harddrive or something just to be on the safe side.
    PopModal The Conservative Alternative to YouTube
  31. Helping in anyway.

    I will feel absolutely delighted to upload it to not only YouTube, but many more video-sharing websites.
  32. jsnwrrn Member

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