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Discussion in 'Videos' started by AnonymousTrotskyist, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. For those people who fear being tracked by their videos, or those who just want an added layer of anonynimity, you could send your videos to people in the US so that they could upload them. My youtube account is under the same name as my account on this site, and my email is

    If any other people from the US would like to help, please add the name of your youtube account and email address. Id also like to know about other sites i could upload videos to, so that the youtube censorship can be avoided.

    [MODEDIT: People should consider very careful before providing email addresses, not least because the amount of spam you get will increase dramatically. We advise against this. Also, YouTube are now only censoring the most extreme videos. However, listing other sites where videos can be uploaded as the poster suggests would be helpful.]
  2. Send your video here brave iranians america!

    MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS I will send it to CNN and FOX Networks. Stay strong, you can taste the freedom now!

    We'd be glad to help however we can.
    Don't worry, the same thing happened as the USSR fell, you guys can do it, just persevere, the World is behind you, even if it doesn't feel like it.
  4. I smell shenanigans.. This site is ran by Anonymous.. I dunno maybe you are trying to set your differences aside for the good of the Iranian people.. but I dunno I chuckled a little bit.

    Youtube account name: acitonj
  5. VeritasPyre Member

  6. mimic time

    Hey - don't limit this to Americans... We in the UK want a bit of the action too:○) My email addy is and I've loads of room for your videos! Peace and Love!
  7. Puerto Rico will lend a hand
    in the subject line add [iran] at the start so i can search for them and filter the spam.
    i have plenty of space and some nifty tools to make sure i get the video.

    پورتوریکو خواهد شد که دست من قرض بدهید؟
    در خط موضوع اضافه [ایران] در آغاز من هم می تواند برای آنها و فیلتر کردن هرزنامه جستجو نام دارد.
    من به اندازه کافی فضا و برخی از ابزار جذاب را به من اطمینان حاصل کنید که ویدیو.

    if anybody can fix the translation go ahead. or forward a better translated version.
  8. hairdressers

    Any videos or info sent to me, I will get out on YouTube, social networking sites, or wherever you'd like me too.

    Viva Iran
  9. SpookyET Member

    SpookyET [AT] GMAIL [DOT] com

    YouTube username is the same as on this forum.
  10. I will post all your videos

    my e-mails are:

    tamame video hayee ke befresteed ya Rapidhsare, youtube ya dailymotion post mikonam

    and will send your videos to all Iranians I know
  11. Fancy Member

    This is spam and not helpful at all. This is about Iran not Scientology spamming the org and no I am not a churchie.

    We are here to help Iran and that is the only purpose of this forum.

  12. Fancy Member

    I have an email I use and it is already spammed to death. so no matter if I get more spam there.

    I am not posting my ID on Youtube but it is related to the artists world. If I post that then Iran would know who I am there.
  13. iph8x Member

  14. Youtube: BsixSfour
    (I'm a car enthusiast lol)

    Fight for freedom, all of you are heroes.
  15. iaxiloll Member

    If you choose to help it might be advisable to use a neutral email address so as not to attract too much attention. Our focus here is Iran.
  16. Tony C Member

    My email is:

    Send pictures, videos, letters, etc. I will make sure they are posted to YouTube and all other official sites to help get the word out for the people of Iran.

    Whatever help I can provide, I will do with pride.

  17. About the other video sites. Try They are not cencoring any videos, and Iran is greatly covered there. Hope this helps.
  18. Help

    I would be glad to assist you.

    You can send videos to and they will be uploaded to youtube or facebook. I can also send them to Foxnews or CNN.
  19. Send video and pictures

    Youtube Account.

    YouTube - dochartagh's Channel

    Email :

    I have been uploading videos from Iran for several days now.
    I also can post on CNN Ireports if not too graphic for CNN
    Youtube has not filtered any of the videos I have posted so far.

    Working hard to get information out ASAP, I am also running bitTorrent seeding all files that I have.
  20. my email ist:

    Send my everything, Pictures,Videos ect.

    I will upload it by Youtube, spread it by twitter and send it to CNN,NTV,Persian TV(ParsTV,VOA) German News,BBC and many more!!
  21. I would like to help anyway I can.

    jimmyjazz58 @ live. com

    Just enter 'Iran' in the header.
  22. gigabyte72 Member

    I am trying as quickly as I can to download all the videos posted here. The software I am using is VDownloader 0.82. Additionally you can send your videos to me at
  23. you can deliver also to, i will post to youtube...

    its a fake mail i use for anonymous purposes, its safe...

    it's a completely anonymous email, i'll post it on youtube. I'll keep my youtube account off the forums, but if you email me a title i'll use it exactly so you can search for it later
  25. u-tube or other sites/servers
    Get me the data, i will put it online @ multiple spots w/ backups.
  26. spaz926 Member

    My email address is My YouTube account is veganspaz. Please send me the video, title, and what you want in the discription.
  27. Laura-IRAN Member

  28. etilinus Member

  29. Junius Member

    if you have Basiji videos, send them over to

    I will post them to YouTube and other websites as well as my blog which can be found in my signature
  30. send me vids

    i will post on youtube:



    People can at least try to set up websites on NING.Com. It's free & not closely monitored.
  32. healthcarenow Member

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