Houston, TX

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by anonymoushouston, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Rephil Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    I will be there on the 14th with at least 3 people. Upwards of 5 or 6 expected.

    Edit: Ooh....

    Does anyone have a couple extra GF masks?? I have some RaidVirgins coming and I'm unsure of local store's stock of them.
  2. SnakeEyes Member

    Re: Houston, TX


    [ame=]Houston - I need you Feb. 14th. 2009 11am on Vimeo[/ame]
  3. Rephil Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    Fuckin beautiful Snake!!
  4. Gary Pariani Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    At First i was like...


    BUT THEN I...

  5. GIR Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    Why iiisss his head so big? Whyyy's his head so biiig?
  6. Re: Houston, TX

    ... you know what?

    If I'm over this fucking flu, IT'S MY TURN, BITCHES

    I missed February last year because I was in Japan. This time, I ain't missing SHIT if I can help it.

    Also, if you have never spewed orange vomit out your nose, you're missing out on life.

    Also, I ain't wearing a mask - fuck it at this point. Thanks to CATHY NORMAN, WHO HAS HIRED GOONS BEATING PROTESTORS, I've been facefagged, so eh.

    Worse comes to worse, I get namefagged. Then I get a C&D, and I mail it back to the local law firm with feces smeared all over a copy, while the real one gets mounted on my wall.
  7. BrandiChan Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    Hey HoustonAnons it's been a while since I've been to a raid, but I'm gonna do what I can to get there. Some of us here in the East Texas area are thinking about carpooling so I'll be bringing a few noobs if I can make it.

    Hells yeah one year!!
  8. Rephil Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    Forecast says that its going to rain.

    Waterproof your signs. Prepare the umbrellas. Keep the fliers dry. Put a poncho on those thetans.

    I will be checking the Blackie Weather Update with Ollie Williams later to see if there are any changes.
  9. Re: Houston, TX

    If it rains, I have other ways we can protest.

    I'm considering burning 250+ copies of "Faith 4 Finance." Anyone feel like covering parking garages with them?
  10. Rephil Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    I plan on being out there rain or shine. I'm going to need to make some waterproof signs but it should be fun to splash around for a while.
  11. Sativa Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    There is a 50% chance of rain tomarrow.

    I'll fucking be there. If you dont show up because of rain, you get aids, and no caek.
  12. Re: Houston, TX

    Lets show them what houston anons are made of tomorrow! I'm ready with 2 good signs and my trusty GF mask, picture camera only because of the rain threat, but im buying pizza for us at fuzzies. Donations are welcome. also what topping do you all want? im thinking 4 pizzas should be plenty.
  13. Rephil Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    I'm a pepperoni man myself, but mai waifu will want plain cheese or olives if others want.
  14. AnonFlash Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    I just found out about Anonymous yesterday :( So I completely missed the raid. I'll try to be there on the 21.
  15. Re: Houston, TX

    I ended up taking my girlfriend to an Austin ER this morning at 6 for a kidney stone. Not fun.
  16. ARC Member

  17. Sativa Member

    Re: Houston, TX


    APRIL 18th.


  18. Re: Houston, TX

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