Houston anon?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by hal jordan, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. hal jordan Member

    Houston anon?

    So is Houston anon going to turn out for LRH's birthday or do I need to make the trip to Dallas or Austin? I've seen what they do to a single protester and I'm not putting myself in that situation.
  2. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    Come to Dallas ;)
  3. Pyrorgasm Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    I'm in.
  4. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    Oh damn. Recruitment failed. LOL

    Party on, guise!
  5. Whorr Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    No. Come to Austin. xD
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    How many people usually show up in Houston for the global protests? My friend took me to a raid but there were only like 5 people there
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Houston anon?

    did anyone actually show up? i drove by around noon and didn't see anyone so i fucked off back home
  9. Mix Mac Member

    Re: Houston anon?


    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right thread, but this is the only one I could find dealing with Anonymous in Houston. I would like to know if I could get into contact with any of you. I know there is a church of Scientology in Houston which I would quite like to protest against.

    Also I already have a mask (it's a glow in the dark hockey mask) :D
  10. sizzledick304 Member

    still trying to find out a houston cell. if any of you out there would like to form one as i dont really see much happening here. im down for the FoI stuff and the scientology bussiness aswell im in need of masks flyers and hoodies if anyone can point me in the right direction
  11. GRAYFAWKES Member

    I saw quite a few protesters in the 08 videos of the church protests here in houston. We could definitely get something moving, it's just a matter of recruitment and planning. If your in Houston, message me. I want to try to get an active chapter moving here.
  12. Anonymous Member

    While your at it, protest dumbass hicks.
  13. GRAYFAWKES Member

    Haha, yea luckily since the creation of Katy, they seem to all be contained there... for now.
  14. hmmreally Member

    Anyone still interested? This is a good week for a protest. 69-78 degrees on Saturday, LRH's bday.
  15. Suiram Member

    I'm interested. I protested in San Diego for stress test tables and outside the org. I have masks and I make my own flyers. I was thinking about doing some awareness at the University of Houston since they like to prey on college students. Message me if anyone is interested.

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