Horrifying new trend: Posting rapes to Facebook

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by brat, May 20, 2013.

  1. brat Member

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  2. Random guy Member

    Well, well, well. Let's see how smart posting ones crimes on-line is in the long run...

    "Dude, it was all cool and the bitch was crying and raging and shit, but then I started getting these weird messages with a picture of a mask in it, and then ... "
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  3. Facebook is ID-rape. Just sayin'.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Call me crazy, but isn't this a good thing in the long run? Most cases of rape can end up in a "he said she said" scenario, with additional evidence needed for prosecution being difficult to come by. If rapists are posting pics on the interwebs then that becomes evidence that can be used to prosecute - I see that as a good thing.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Yes, It may provide prosecutors with valuable additional evidence, however the distress for the victim is infinitely worse. That IMO invalidates any upside.
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