Home Cameras: Fighting back

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by the_cloak, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. the_cloak Member

    Home Cameras: Fighting back

    Check this video out on CNN.

    Woman watches home invasion on webcam -

    Some lady got robbed and so she got one of those home camera systems that you can buy and build fairly cheaply. The ones I like to use are by Swann and have a feature where they can email you if they detect a threshold of movement. You can then log in and remotely look at what is going on. That is what this lady had and the video above is the result. She got the thugs on camera and you even see the police storm the house with guns drawn to pluck them out.

    Myself, I got these to protect against burglary, but they would be great for watching for scilon shenanigans if you are namefagged. You could catch them tresspassing in your yard or even breaking and entering. So if you are namefagged and are still a thorn in their side, look into getting some of these cams. They are easy to set up and because it can email the images or a small clip of what was going on when it detected something amiss, the footage will be safe even if they find and trash or steal the cameras and recording PC.

    Oh and even if you are safely anonymous, it is great to know you have advance warning wherever you are via mobile device (if it does email) if some freak does get in. They are also great for knowing when that package you have been waiting for has arrived on your porch if you have one watching the drive and the yard. So unless you are dirt poor or in a college dorm where you can't install equipment easily, then you might want to look into getting these, and make sure you get the night vision verisons too.

    OSA, keep in mind that we now have technology that once only rich organizations like scientology could afford. The tables have turned and now we can make our homes fair game resistant in ways you never before expected.
  2. Namenlos Member

    Re: Home Cameras: Fighting back

    Good to know :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Home Cameras: Fighting back

    The general priority is locks, alarm system, and then cam.
  4. the_cloak Member

    Re: Home Cameras: Fighting back

    Well yeah, cover all your bases, but even if the locks and alarms foil them, you should have the cams if you can. Catching them in the act with iron clad evidence is crucial in making sure they pay for this fair game shit.
  5. ARC Member

    Re: Home Cameras: Fighting back

    Set secure passwords and follow other security advice, or you might be letting strangers spy on you through your own insecure cameras.

    The cat doesn't seem to care that there's burglars in the house. Maybe it's thinking "oh, it's those two guys again". She had curtains, but seems she failed the "get a dog" step, though they say she has a dog door (for the cat?).

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