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    The Lulz, Oh the Lulz!
    I have read the book and I got a lot of questions, how about you?


    CALL 1-800-367-8788
    Hello! Welcome to the Dianetics Hotline.

    The purpose of this web site is to provide service for people who:

    - Have read Dianetics and are looking for someone to audit them using Dianetics technology to the state of Clear (the goal of Dianetics, meaning a person who no longer has his own reactive mind). Also for people looking for someone to exchange auditing with, called co-auditing.

    - Have questions about Dianetics either from reading the book or who have questions that arise in auditing or who want help with specific situations encountered in auditing.

    - Want to deliver Dianetics auditing to others or who want to form a Dianetics group in their community.

    Dianetics is the first truly workable technology of the mind. Dianetics reveals the single source of stress, worries and self doubt. More importantly, Dianetics contains an exact technology which shows you how to rid yourself of these things.

    Dianetics technology has been proven effective in over fifty years of testing and application. It will provide you not only with astonishing insights into the basic nature of man but give you precise steps you can take to release your full potential.

    Dianetics has stood the test of time. Year after year it provides people all over the world with the only technology of the mind that can rid you of the true causes of your problems, low self-esteem and psychosomatic illness. The source of these things is your unconscious, subconscious or reactive mind.

    Dianetics challenges everything you’ve ever read about the mind. It is not merely a theory or a bunch of opinions. Dianetics contains real answers that have everything to do with your life.

    And Dianetics is not something that only brings a temporary boost in your confidence or energy. Here is a workable means you can actually apply to blow away the barriers in your life - for good - so you naturally feel confident and energetic for the rest of your life.

    Millions have improved their lives dramatically and permanently with Dianetics technology. Dianetics contains the first fully validated explanation for:

    How the mind works.
    The key to self-confidence in any relationship.
    How painful experiences from the past affect you in the present.
    The exact steps to effectively help others you care about.
    How you can increase self-respect.
    Dianetics technology was researched and developed by author, philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard is one of the most acclaimed and widely read authors of all time. His works have sold more than 120,000,000 copies in 50 languages across the world. Dianetics itself has sold more than 18,000,000 copies and is the best selling book on the mind and life ever written. His breakthroughs have helped millions achieve true happiness and freedom.

    Dianetics Hotline Continued...
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  2. Kilia Member

    Easy now Xenu! ;)
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  3. The Internet Member

    Lol OP used clickbait tech on me with its uninformative yet provocative thread title.

    Edit: threat title to thread title. I am not drinking Smirnoff because Fuck those Goddam Russians. Absolut and OJ FTW.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Could this be an opportunity to talk to the experts about this?


    From DTMSMH, page #230 - chapter titled DRUGS

    In reverse, nitrous oxide makes an excellent hypnotic for institutional therapy. It is far from the best obtainable from the chemists, that is certain, for some brilliant chemist will certainly be able to bring out a good gas hypnotic now that dianetic is known and the need of it in institutions is realized.

    There are some drugs which assist reverie, however. The commonest and most easily obtainable is plain, strong coffee. A cup or two of this occasionally alerts the analyzer enough so that it can reach through deeper layers of “unconsciousness.” Benzedrine and other commercial stimulants have been used with some success, particularly on psychotic patients. These brings the mind enough awake to permit it to overcome engramic commands. Such commercial stimulants have the disadvantage of exhausting a Q quantity in the mind.

    ... Benzedrine burns up Q. After a few sessions with Benzedrine the current stock of Q is exhausted and the work has been observed to deteriorate either until a higher dosage was administered -- and there is a close limit to that -- or until more Q was manufactured.

    Tape Recording 5009C29 - GUK & Freewheeling

    A lecture given on 15 June 1950

    Also, from here: — L. Ron Hubbard

    Lecture 15 June 1950: Case Factors

    In this lecture, it turns out L. Ron Hubbard was experimenting with something that the current church would rather you didn't know about. Turns out he was mixing large doses of various minerals and vitamins (see purification rundown) along with a pick-me-up used in those days, Benzedrine.

    In the 1940s and 1950s, reports began to emerge about the recreational use of Benzedrine inhalers, and in 1949, doctors began to move away from prescribing Benzedrine as a bronchodilator and appetite suppressant. In 1959, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made it a prescription drug in the United States. Benzedrine and derived amphetamines were used as a stimulant for armed forces in World War II and Vietnam.

    First Reference @ 17:31 in the tape recording.

    There is also a Triple A dose. I don’t know what happened to the Double A dose, but the Triple A dose contains 80 grains of glutamic acid and 20 milligrams of Benzedrine.

    By this time you are really getting a double handful of pills!

    At the Foundation these doses are usually handed out under prescription by the medical director, but this material in single packages sells across the drugstore counter except for the Benzedrine. If you are going to mix it together in compounds however, and particularly if you are going to administer it to anybody, you want to check with a medical doctor to make sure it is all right. It is professional courtesy.

    If you have to grab hold of anything, grab hold of Benzedrine, if you feel the energy skipping. Benzedrine doesn’t shut down the analyzer. Just what it does we are not quite sure, but it seems to have the opposite effect, and if you are a very smart auditor you will not throw away the advantages of the power of suggestion completely.
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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ol' Hubbard slipping in the suggestions of suggestion per usual? Frikken Moon-battiness under all that lipstick.


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