Historic article - 1993 - referencing Sea Org living conditions

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    Excerpt from the ‘Independent’ national newspaper, circa 1993:

    THE Church of Scientology, one of Britain's largest cults, is being prosecuted by a local authority for failing to ensure one of its largest communes is safe for human habitation. The Independent has been leaked documents from the church headquarters that show it may have misled safety inspectors over the number of adults and children living in the commune. The church, founded by L Ron Hubbard, an American science fiction writer, after the Second World War, has its European headquarters in East Grinstead, West Sussex. It owns a number of large mansions around the town, many more than 100 years old. One communal house burnt down two years ago and since then Mid-Sussex District Council has made regular inspections of cult properties.

    The cult has persistently denied overcrowding in any of these communes and says they are fit for human habitation. It has, however, been confirmed that environmental health officers from Mid-Sussex are prosecuting the cult for failing to keep Stonelands, one of its largest communes, safe.

    Susan Barton, chief environmental health officer, said the cult had ignored an improvement notice issued last year that called for a number of changes, including better fire safety. She confirmed the council was taking the church to court over fire regulations. The first hearing is expected next month. A spokesman for the church said the property had passed previous fire inspections but conceded that 'the fire standards can be upgraded; we are in the process of making improvements.'

    Ms Barton also confirmed that cult officials had led her during a recent inspection to believe that only about 50 people lived permanently in the main house at Stonelands. According to a document in the possession of the Independent, the total is about 130. The document is a copy of an internal inspection of the premises by cult members on 18 September. In all, there are 190 people listed as living in the main house and in various outhouses, including a boathouse.

    Among these are at least 24 children who live in dormitories separate to their parents. The cult official who inspected these rooms noted: 'Smell of wet beds and bleach . . . smell of wet beds needs to be handled.'

    Ms Barton, who has asked for a copy of this document, said: 'If I've been misled over the number of people living in the house, obviously this is a matter for considerable concern.'
    The church said last night it had not misled the local authority. A spokesman said: 'Maybe a staff member was asked and he said 50 people or something - it might have been said offhandedly.' He said the authorities knew more people lived there.

    One said that cult children at Stonelands were encouraged to participate in Scientology. He said his own daughters were encouraged to perform 'Training Routine 0' in which two people stare at each other for prolonged periods of time without moving. They also participate in the 'ethics' system of Scientology, which is another word for discipline. This involves, for instance, informing on friends and parents for having 'bad thoughts' which could include saying something critical of Mr Hubbard.
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  3. anonanchovie Member

    Shelly was lucky enough to avoid Stonelands, even though it was better in terms of the rural eenvironment that the children could range over when not being monitored by the prison guards nannies.

    Mrs Barton scared the cult into spending an unprecedented sum from Sea Org Reserves to both buy and renovate Walshes Manor in Crowborough. It took about 18 months to complete the renovations and the move, but even though it was quite institutional, Walshes was quite luxurious in comparison.

    You can bet that this expensive and time (and slave labour) consuming project was not done out of a sense of love and compassion for the Sea Org staff. No, Scientology employs a brutal 'survival of the fittest' approach to Human Relations needs. But because the government had found them out in a blatant lie, and full blown inspections and raids, and what they might discover in terms of child and elder abuse alone, were inevitable. Int management took fast and expensive action to make the problem go away.

    The fall out was that most of the UK executive structure were RPF'd (including all of OSA) and a new management team arrived from Hemet and the Hollywood Guarantee Building headed up by a violently disposed Ron Norton at CLO level and a nasty Barb and Ron Newton at CMO level. Int management, you see, were grudging in their largess.

    Inside intelligence and leaks to government officialdom are a very important aspect of the anonymous and chantology anti scientology movement. I rehashed that article to remind myself of the power of the well placed leak.

    By the way, soon as Washes Manor was purchased, Marc Yeager sent the then Captain AOSH UK a 'telex' - an email you cold war era, cultie fuckwits - stating "I have bought you a new house, look after it." Int still billed AOSH UK for the full cost of the building and the renovations - even thought most of the work was done by RPFers. This was on top the seventeen million AOSH owed SOR for Saint Hill Castle and grounds renovations completed in 1989. Money always flow up, not down, and if does, SOR charges for it. All a bit feudal if you ask me. But then, this is why Int has at least 4 billion in cash stashed in offshore accounts.

    What a fucktard that CO CMO Int was. He almost deserves his fifteen year tenure on the RPF and in The Hole.
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    Great Xenu, it's like battling evil alphabet soup with you clams.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I agree 100% however to understand those whom you are attempting to get thinking some rational thoughts again sometimes you need to know a little of their jibberish
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    1.jpg BERISH

    ...well, no, I don't really. But yeah.
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    Apparently they're still in Crowborough, ~15 miles from Saint Hill.

    50 objections against planning application for Scientology HQ May 24, 2017, Neil Vowles, The Argus
    From the numbers, it look like 5 buses would make the round-trip each day. Assuming that they were full, a big assumption, that would be 160 Sea Org staff.

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