Hey guys At first I hope that all member to welcome my, and i have a new idea

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by manshy, Aug 11, 2011.


Do you like my idea?

Yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. manshy Member

    I am very happy for my presence here has been one of my dreams to be there doing the right thing just right and not because of money
    You are the equation you have achieved and you have made something of a hacker uses to blackmail others to use the service of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of communication
    To show my support you i was make a Logo to put it in all accounts, Facebook, and I started myself and here you can see my facebook profile
    Hope all of you like it

    thanks to all of you guy's
  2. cfanon Member

    Do you think it's a safe idea to post anonymous related material onto (what I assume is) a personal account?

    A for effort / enthusiasm.

  3. manshy Member

    I'm talking about people who want to help like me and can not for the lack of professionalism hacker world
    I work in the field of networks and I thought that I help and I'm talking about people who are not team hacker like me and not to total member

    I hope you have understood my point of view
  4. anonamus Member

    Well I for one, have not.

    What is it you want to help with?
  5. manshy Member

    i told you in any field i work to know only
    i want to help but i don't know how so i ask all of you to do my idea for the other member want to help like me and can not do any thing and just want to support anonymous

    and i developed the idea of deliberation in order to tell your opinion
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  6. Anonymous Member


    1) Welcome. I for one love your idea!

    will let you find a protest near you.

    Happy Anon-ing.
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  7. manshy Member

    thank you very much

    I promise that I will go to learn soon, at first i need some of the organization for my time because my time between work and study very narrow
    Freedom of expression and freedom of communication to the Internet without restrictions imposed something we must strive for it all of us

    claimed me guy's the test certificate CCNP + Overalls me in the middle of this month

    one more time thank you very much about your advice to me
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't go for my CCNP without Overalls... I'm totally wth the OP.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I too welcome his.
  10. maldadjr Member

    yo desearia ser alguien como tu anonymous deseo eso tengo una gran aficion hacia tii siempre he kerido ser hacker o como se llamen sii pudiera ayudarte en algo para estar con ustedes we adelante VAMOS ANONYMOUS..!!!
  11. WMAnon Member

    Maybe this is more of a "new members" conversation. I like your logo, though!
  12. Anonymous Member

    I once accidentally my own overalls.
  13. Loki's spawn Member

    If you go to the main forum home page, there's international forums where you can make discussions in your native languages.
  14. manshy Member

    Well, my friends became the subject is now limited to only here so you must expand the area of ​​publishing
    "the Logo"

    once again, I started myself and logo published between my friends who support the thought of "anonymous" or the people who I meet on the Internet and also admire the ideology of the "anonymous"

    therefore, we must raise the level of dissemination the logo of personal accounts on site Facebook as much as possible to be and a basket of new pressure for us
    and each and every one of us a lot of friends and fake accounts on Facebook so you must use all of that

    and i have exploited my presence in the forums on the Middle East since a long time to publish the logo in order to make a larger base of users of Facebook become bear this logo even when we get to the date scheduled for implementation in the case of approval on the implementation there will be many, many users of Facebook put our logo as personal picture to Facebook

    I hope that what I do really helps
    and if what I do really help so must everyone here should be do a part of this
    alone you decide if this helps or not

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