Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I think comcast is censoring our internets. I can access the CSN board just fine on a hijacked wifi just fine, but at my home computer, I can't. Very peculiar if you ask me.
  2. esdsdie Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    i've at&t, and it's still not working.
  3. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Dammit, we rule the fucking tubes. Not them.
  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.


    Heh. icwutudidthar...
  5. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    (I'm gonna piggyback here so we don't have multiple threads for this. If a mod wants to move it or split the postgame part of it into the Flash Raids section, that's cool by me.)

    Man, you guys missed out! Sunday's IAS seminar miniraid was weird and hilarious.

    - Cake! As mentioned already, there was cake on the ground when we arrived. Although I would've liked to think it was someone making a joke for us, I'm pretty sure it was just litter. Even so, I think we considered it a good omen.

    - Bicycle Godwin's! Some bro on a bike rode by and barked something like, "You guys are doing exactly what the Nazis did." He entertained us with several more drive-by whines which were equally weird. I asked him if he was there to shatter us, and he just did a goofy chuckle and left. :(

    - Bluetooth on a Mission! Some well-dressed woman scoped us out curiously from a distance for a while, then walked up within earshot range without talking to us. "Yeah, they're here. Two of them," she reported back into her bluetooth. Her next move was to fail at getting us in trouble with the funeral home we were protesting nearby. We had courteously called well ahead of time to ensure they would be closed, as we didn't want to disrupt any services. Bluetooth was left trying to open a locked door and ringing a buzzer with nobody home. Then she left ninja-style without saying a word. Hope she enjoyed our Star Wars Cantina Band music. (I shoulda put on the Mission Impossible theme or something, haaa.)

    - Sea Org detour! We saw a small group of dressed-up Sea Org'ers, which is pretty unusual(?) for Chicago. They were coming back from lunch or something and were walking towards the org... until they saw us. Then they turned and went all the way back around the other side of the big 6-way intersection. Hey, I know the dodging of Anons by Sea Org happens all the time, but it was new for us, and it was pretty funny and surreal. Adanon described it in a great way when he said they had the "thousand-yard stare". We saw them with their luggage outside, so I guess they were shipped in for the event.

    - Mousey blonde woman was mousey and blonde. She took pictures of us up close again while hardly mumbling a word. Kinda sad how she can't or won't talk to us.

    Overall, it was weird and hilarious. Crashing a UFO cult party in a banana costume and seeing all the oddities is something I'll remember forever, haha. It seriously felt like something out of a movie at times. Scientology is the ultimate reality show.
  6. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Reports from the inside coming soon =)
  7. PenneNoodles Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Hai thar guys

    Sunday went very well. Two anons showed up at noon, with another popping up around a little bit later. We were had some Michael Jackson and ABBA to keep us company.

    My my my, scientologists actually came outside but only one tried to confront us in a failtastic fashion. That was one Mr. Douche Bag on a Bike. A middle-age-ish guy who yelled things at us while he sped past us on a bike. He said things like "You guys are being controlled and you don't even know it!" and "Hitler did what you were doing!" (lol hitler in a banana suit). This was particularly irritating because the coward wouldn't just stop and talk to us. I can take the Godwins but I wanted to see where he would go with this line of thinking.

    A woman came out and was pretty fucking hilarious. She had a bluetooth headset and was reporting on us. "... there's 2 of them!" She walked passed us and rung the doorbell of the funeral home. What a tattletale. Too bad she didn't do her research; the funeral home was closed plus they said they were cool with us standing there.

    We saw Sea Org members! Instead of walking past us, they would rather take the long way to avoid being within close proximity to us.

    There was blond girl again who came out to take our pictures but she left pretty quickly.

    Usually that spot doesn't ge ta lot of foot traffic but the angry gods of Chicago's weather favored us today with sunny skies and breezes. There were plenty of people out. A good umber of fliers were handed out. Some people stopped to get pictures or just to tell us insane scientology is and have we seen that episode of South Park. A surprising number of people asked where the hell was the org anyway. Suggestion to scientology: If you have a giant sign and people in direct sight cannot find it, then something has not gone right.

    We ran out of gas at 1:30, when we figured that their little pep rally was well underway. We were packing up when we saw some Sea Org people leaving, but no other scientologists. Sorry we missed some of you guys.

    EDIT: Fuck beaten by Strong Strength. Plus I forgot the surprise litter/cake that was there when we arrived. How bizarre. it looked pretty tasty except for the fact it had been sitting in the sun all day.

    Also about the Douchebag on a Bike: He did have this weird fake laugh. It sound identical to this dude:

    [ame=""]YouTube - A Conversation With a Scientologist - 22/08/2009[/ame].

    CSN is working for me. That's odd.
  8. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I can't access our local CSN board either. Weird.

    Was Saturday disorganized? I'm sorry, I thought I had made my own plans for the day fairly clear here on WWP. We met up together and stuff and had a lot of fun. I'm sorry you missed us; I didn't know you were coming, and you must've gotten there right after we had left. That was around the time when we had to skip out, as we couldn't wait to catch them on the flip side as they exited the building.

    Did I miss plans on the CSN board or something?
  9. xerobebop Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    If CSN is wiped clean due to this, I may seriously baww. I'm going to have to get a bunch of dox all over again.
  10. esdsdie Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    i don't know. it's like when i drove past the hotel-place around 12-1-ish on saturday you guys weren't there. but that kid kevin freeman was! and he was just as confused as i was... not mad or anything... just like "wut?"
    but i had an adventure driving him home to suburbia. so that was good.
    i'll see you guys in september. i don't remember what our plans on csn were now... where did it go?
    when is the second saturday in september anyway?
  11. esdsdie Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    this is funny. it's like we have anthrax or swine flu or something.
    no-one saw dominic at all this weekend? i fear he may have been shipped off to gold base or something, which is funny but sad at the same time.
  12. xerobebop Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    esdsdie, looks like Sept 12
    If anyone can get in touch with the rest of Chicago anon, direct them to the megathread pl0x. We need moar organize.
  13. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Lol, chuckletech-a variation of laughtech.
  14. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    New org, new found un-subtlety. The "Welcome to the new Chicago Org" sign may be down, but you can tell it's still a scilon building. An associate of mine did a quick snoop of the building and found a new sign posted on the north wall about 10 feet into it, just inward of the main entrance, is a sign that reads:
    Over 20 million copies sold!
    Available in 53 languages!
    <photos of about 30 different
    failetics books in different languages>"

    I'll try to get there and check it out. I'll attempt to take a picture in about a week or so if it's even there.
  15. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.


    I think that may have been the person who, earlier in the year, tried to bully one of our younger Anons with his EVIL DEATH STARE. Not sure if it was the same guy, though.

    He looked pretty enturbulated. :l
  16. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I got those pictures. When I cab get to a computer, I'll upload what I have. Mind you, they are a bit blurred but you can make them out fairly well. My main objective was to get the poster, but I took a couple pics of the building.
  17. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Thanks for scoping out the building. When you get them up, can you throw them in the Windy City Megathread? They'll get more views there in the long run, and I think they're more appropriately placed there than in this IAS thread.
  18. Meatwad Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

  19. Meatwad Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    REGARDING OUR FORUMS - it's getting dos'd.
  20. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    You might wanna check the dates on those IAS events one more time...
  21. PenneNoodles Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Are you sure? I have no problem loading it whatsoever.
  22. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Check the forums more often, perhaps? It was a big sticky in chicagosaysno and we even had a /b/ackup topic here.

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