Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. PagAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    this one is so much better :D

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    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Fuckin saved!
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  5. anoninoob Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Any Chicago Anons already namefagged or not minding to be namefagged? All you need to do is download a copy of previous IAS events that have been leaked and show them to the Chicago PD. Proof that it is not a "church service" and just a lying pep rally. I mean really, this isn't anything different than a Convention of religious leaders. Much different than what would be considered a "church service".
  6. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I've already thought of a plan. Well, if we are expecting a large turnout, there is a location nearby we can use as a staging area. Gather everyone, don masks, and make a march on the hotel. I'm considering calling the hotel myself to see if there will be any problems with us protesting, along with making a few phone calls to the local police department to let them know we will be there and our intentions. They won't be able to call "Religious Services" for the simple reason is that the hotel isn't zoned for religious use. I can't tell exactly where the entrance is from the satellite pics however, so I cannot say what kind of clearance we'd have. I don't want to have to deal with the hotel claiming we are preventing them from doing business. I see what I can do.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.


    Do it in advance. Patrol will be too busy to take time with the material on scene.
  8. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Alright, pause for update......

    *edit* Alright, I've spoken to both the PD over there, 16th District CPD, and the Director of Staff at the hotel. Now, this is what I have.

    Arangements are set roughly from 10am to 4pm. If this changes, let me know and I'll inform them both.

    Hotel: Someone will be sent out to us so that we know where we can and cannot stand. The usual procedure is enacted; you must keep moving and you must not impede traffic. The sidewalks around the hotel. Ingress onto private (hotel) property for the most part, forbidden. As stated, we will be shown where we can and cannot go.

    Police: Informed and willing to let us know the details of what we can and cannot do. I'm waiting for that call from them so I can tell you guys what's going on. They will not be there as security or as babysitters (as usual) Remember, I'm extending the olive branch to them so no problems will erupt. If I see someone doing something stupid that can get us removed or arrested, I'll deal with it myself.

    So, for the most part, we are cleared to protest. As long you all follow what's been written or what will be said at the time protest, we should all be fine.
  9. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Make sure you find out from them if amplified sound is allowed. I doubt a hotel will allow a megaphone, though.
  10. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    when I booked my room the hotel said they were in Rosemont?

    did the phone monkey not know what he was talking about?
  11. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    It's near enough to rosemont if you were going to the convention center. Still falls within CPD though.


    Next time I talk to them, I'll find out everything. Just tell meatwad to bring it.
  12. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    The address is 8500 W. bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago IL 60631

    Its near O'Hare Airport.
  13. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I know that and you know that. But I don't think preventing the faux church from misusing the 150-foot law is that simple.

    Because even if you could convince the PD that the IAS party is secular, the Chicago CoS still has their normal stuff going on. They have convinced the Chicago PD that they are "having services all day" every day. That's what happens when we visit the org on other protest days.

    Some of the PD may even sympathize with us, but if push comes to shove, I doubt they are not going to side with a bunch of kids on this. Not when the Scientology lawyers remind them that Scientology is a recognized religion in the United States, blah blah blah, and threaten legal action.

    I could be wrong; if you think you can liaison with the police in a way that exposes the CoS's lies about "holding religious services," go for it and good luck.

    In the end, it's not the biggest deal in the world, because their org location kind of sucks and we have a really good one elsewhere in the city. It's only relevant vis-a-vis this IAS thing.
  14. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    'Kay, I'm having serious concerns about the protest spot for the Saturday part. (Which I probably can't make, but hey)

    I'm looking at this place on the street view of Google Maps... the west side seems to be their back area and the north is the Kennedy Expressway. It looks like their main entrance is on the south, where there's that looong series of parking lot entryways. Also, I don't see a sidewalk on that side (the north side of W. Bryn Mawr Avenue).

    I can just see the hotel saying, "lol u guys kin stand way down there," on some crummy sidewalk on the south side of Bryn Mawr as traffic blows by with attention focused on the other side of the street, looking to turn into any one of 10 million parking lot entryways. Who are we gonna reach from there? The people exiting the parking lot? The residential buildings south of W. Bryn Mawr Ave? LOL.

    Any way you could find out for sure where exactly you'd be placed? Maybe I'm worrying too much, but if I were going Saturday, I'd be worrying about a lack of good spot leading to it being a colossal waste of time.
  15. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I just dug a bit deeper. The north side of the building, toward the express way, if the side of the main entrance. There is also a sidewalk on that side of the entrance. I'll attempt to give a call a bit later on in the wee to confirm it's a sidewalk we can use.
  16. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Well, Saturday's no good for me, but I can make the Sunday one! Anyone else wanna form a Sunday raiding crew to visit both the Org and the IAS people at once? I have a feeling some of the IAS visitors will skip out on Sunday's follow-up seminar, but not all of them!

    I was thinking of getting started maybe a bit past 12 to be well in position by the time the earlybirds begin showing up at ~12:30 for that. But hey, whatever floats your boat. What say you?

    In the meantime, if there's any interest, I'll see if I can grease the wheels for Sunday (notify the proper people, etc.).
  17. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Want the numbers to call for the people?
  18. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Forum is back up, fyi
  19. Kevin Freeman Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Allright, chicagosaysno is down, whats the word on the raid? Still happening? What time? where? all that fun stuff.

    Edit: its back.
  20. PenneNoodles Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    OK, forum still down for me.

    Can't make it Saturday but I can make it Sunday. I can be at the ORG by about noon.
  21. The Blue Jay Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Same here :/

    About the forums that is. I plan to blast both weekend dates
  22. Adanon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    "The Force That Guarantees The Future Of Scientology" picked a pretty downstat location for their super duper event but even though it's out in the hinterlands, it should still be pretty open to enturbulation.

    The hotel is in the middle of a fail business park on the edge of the city adjacent to a neighborhood affectionately called "The Jungle" for it's vast expanses of look alike blonde brick apartment blocks. The entrance off of Bryn Mawr cuts directly back to the hotel building. Most of the adjoining parking areas are for the neighboring office buildings. The area immediately to the south is residential apartment buildings.

    The only truly public sidewalk is on the south side of the street, but there is public parkway area on the north side on both sides of the entrance.

    Most of the parking in the neighborhood is limited to permit holders so the CTA Blue Line would probably be the easiest way to get out there. The Cumberland Ave. stop is the closest. From there it's a short hike south on Cumberland Ave and then a couple of blocks west on Bryn Mawr Ave.

    The Chicago org, like many midwest org's is mainly a good ol' boys club for WISE/IAS types. Mainly a bunch of businesstards, dentists, chiropractors etc. There's no telling just how many are actually going to show up for this swinging party but the staff keeps insisting that Anonymous has been handled. Giving them a nice big Anonymous welcome is bound to generate some outpoints.

    I don't know what folks are planning, but being there a couple of hours before the regging gets started seems like a good idea so we can be sure to say hello to everyone as they arrive. Trufax, expect more overweight suburbanites in minivans then knights on white stallions. Since everything north of Bryn Mawr is mostly office buildings which will be emptied out on the weekend or business class hotels like the Renaissance which also pretty much empty out on the weekends, there probably won't be a whole lot of traffic outside of whatever few scilons happen to be clammy enough to show up so we should all have a nice (if relatively brief) get together.

    Out of town Anons that are seriously planning on coming out for this should let us know. There's lots more to do in Chicago than hangout at the cheezy cougar bars that populate this part of the city. Srsly.
  23. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Awesome scout-work!

    Maybe Anons will get a good idea of their numbers if they show up early enough, heh.
  24. xerobebop Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    I retract my statement saying I will be there, and am replacing it with a "Chance of slim to none I'll be there."
    I am not retracting my enthusiasm for this, though.
    Bring cameras, enturbulate, don't go anywhere alone, be safe, etc.
    You've heard it all before. Good luck.
  25. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Did you Sunday'ers wanna meet near the 6-way intersection again near the funeral home? That's where I was thinking of kicking it. Also, some odds and ends got tied up for this day of the raid:

    The funeral home will be closed. They don't have any services on this particular day. I just wanted to make sure, because I'd feel a bit weird throwing a party near or in front of their building if people were mourning the loss of a loved one.

    St. Alphonsus Catholic Church has been notified that we'll be in the area. They are having services throughout the day on Sunday, and I didn't want them to be surprised by the spectacle. [COLOR="red"]Let's try not to do anything that could disrupt their services, plox.[/COLOR] They keep the windows open during the summertime and the last thing we need is for them to be pissed at us for making a racket.

    The police know we're coming. This time I got routed to a different part of the PD telephone lines. These people seemed unfamiliar with us and they were pretty much like, "Cool story, bro" over the phone. (shrug)

  26. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Can we get a head count for this?
  27. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    There is never a definite headcount. A range of people is all that can be given.
  28. The Blue Jay Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    asshole. This is where you reply OVER 9000!!!!

    despite the fact that now I have been taken off the list for saturday. But sunday is a guarantee
  29. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Just needed a nice round number to let hotel and police know.

    <edit> I'm going to be a bit late tomorrow. I have a bit of running to do. If anyone gets there before me, someone may step out. The person is Cathrine, I believe. She'll be able to inform everyone where you can and cannot go. I'm thinking I'll be there around 11:30ish. See you there then.
  30. Adanon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    The Saturday IAS event is at 6:30. There won't be too many people to raid very much before then. I was figuring on starting at around 4:00 until whenever.

    11:30 or 12:00 seems good for Sunday.

    I can haz raid tiemz nao plox?
  31. xerobebop Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Saturday is here, and I am stranded 80 miles from the city. As I thought I would be. I suppose I will just wait for a report and cry in the meantime.
  32. xerobebop Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Also, PLEASE tell me none of the ChiSaysNo info will be lost. PLEASE?
  33. Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    So what happened on Saturday night? Anything?

    Regarding Sunday, my plan is still to get rolling at around noon. If you guys want, I can meet you guys in front of the (closed) funeral house. You can borrow signs, fliers, protest toys like bubble wands, etc. from me if you want.

    Other stuff you may want to keep in mind:

    - The Catholic church is having services throughout the day on Sunday. They keep the windows open in the summertime, and outside sound echoes like crazy in there, so let's make sure we don't disturb that.
    - Be prepared for someone from the org to come out and take pictures (duh)
    - Don't be surprised if they cowardly try to call the police on us for no reason. We aren't doing anything wrong, so it's all good.
    - I wouldn't expect hilarious hijinks or anything. We can hopefully talk to some passersby, hopefully see some IAS dupes, etc. But mostly we'll just be chillaxing.

    Edit: Map?

  34. Adanon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    No, Saturday night was pretty much of a bust. I dropped by at 4:00. Never did see any Anons, but since I made the trip, I figured that I might as well hang out and see what might turn up.

    Lol. Place was so dead. It's a 15 story hotel with at least 200 suites, maybe closer to 300. Two restaurants, a bar and a Starbucks. Between 4:00 and 6:00, maybe 60 cars turned in at most. Most of them left during the same period. Traffic like that wouldn't even keep a burger joint open for very long.

    Between 6:00 and 6:40 or so there was a zerg rush of about 20 cars turning in.

    Between hotel employees coming to work the night shift, general public hitting up the Starbucks and maybe a few just getting something to eat as well as any other guests at the hotel, only a small percentage of this er... "traffic" that came lumbering in during that period was likely to have any association with Slappy & Co. Subtract whatever org staff that came in to engage in the picking of pockets, it sure didn't seem like there could have been very many pockets to pick.

    Certainly some scilons may have flown in and booked a room but considering that by and large, the Chicago org's sphere of influence doesn't extend much beyond Battle Creek, it's a safe bet that the vast majority of those who did come, came by car.

    Upon leaving, maybe 20 minutes after the event was supposed to have started, there were still a bunch of staffers hanging around outside of the hotel, apparently postulating some kind of a win for themselves. Good luck with that gais!

    It might as well have been just another day at the org.
  35. CBAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Well, I tried to make it to the protest, but I got hit by a car. Fucking jag owners. Think they own the road. Some soft tissue damage of the neck, a sprained wrist and ankle, and a finger dislocation. I'm going to be out of commission for a short while. Two good things came out of it, the jag owner will pay for my med bills, and his car has some decent damage to it compared to what I got. I might even get a few bucks outta him. I'll keep you posted as the details fall in.
  36. Adanon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    Ow ow ow ow ow! That didn't happen on Cumberland Ave. did it?


    Glad to hear that it sounds like you're going to be ok. Take it easy and heal up well.

    All of these IAS knights on their white stallions running around town this weekend, and yet not one of them was there to help. I don't want to go out on a limb here but I"m beginning to suspect that these scientologists aren't always being truthful.
  37. LarryBren Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    We interrupt this thread for a brief announcment of what the above poster makes me think of:

    The coolest video EVER on how to handle a bunch of lunatics charging you on horseback follows!!

    Renamed: CoolAnons facing charging scilons:

    And now, back to your thread....
  38. esdsdie Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    ouch. you should to to the scilon center and demand a contact assist from them. and then... when they can't do it... lulz! but seriously... sorry. that like hurts. and "owning the road" is the reason why i hate everyone now who owns a big and/or expensive car.
    i drove past the org like around 1.30-2.00 today... and none of you guys were there! except... i think i saw epic photo guy packing up, but by the time i had managed to find a place to park that i though would be sufficiently far enough away from the org, and gotten back there, he was GONE! so i just window-shopped up and down lincoln, got a cup of delicious coffee from the massive coffee conglomeration with obvious name, and spied on the VERY FEW scilons that were going in and out of that place.
    and actually yesterday (habbo hotel day) the only protester i ran into was Kevin Freeman, on my second drive by, offered him a ride to wherever, and we drove by a few times and said "screw this, we're going to plush pup instead." because plush pup is awesome if you're a carnivore... and i guess if you're not... well.. they have like salads and fries and malkshakes. so... omnom. nomnomnom. so i had meat for like the first time in two weeks, and then it put me in food coma while i was driving home after dropping that kid off at his house full of dogs. the end.

    p.s. CSN forums still down! and kevin freeman posted an awesoem picture on it pertaining to the raid, last night. and now it's gone. le sigh.

    edit: i'll be happy when settembre comes around. at least we're fairly well organized for monthly raids.
  39. PagAnon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    THANK YOU good sir! I shall now have to go find a copy of this movie and watch!
  40. Adanon Member

    Re: Hey Chicago, Guess what's coming.

    A few quick pics from Sunday's raid of the Chicago Org where the cult was making a last ditch effort to reg whatever they could from the IAS event. It didn't look like things went very well for the cult but for Anon.... Huge Success!


    The designated meeting point was marked ahead of time by the mysterious appearance of this Caek! Evidently, somebody knew we were coming so they baked it. It wasn't a lie, but we decided to pass on it. It might still be there just in case anyone is really hungry.

    The public is always supportive and often have their own cult anecdotes to share...

    Visiting Sea Org members hauling their booty back to the ship. But they'll be back. This org is soooooooooo downstat. Slappy CoB will not be pleased.

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