Help us translate back the hymn!

Discussion in 'Translations' started by mariam, Jun 18, 2009.

    We have had the hymn Iran is Free at university for quite some time now, but never had the Farsi for this music because we are all born in England. We want to sing in Farsi!
    Can you please help translate the words to Farsi, and in roman lettering also so our entire group may sing! I always loved this lyric and think it fits perfect to our brothers' situation!
    God Bless You!
  2. woah.

    When was this written?
  3. You can't just transliterate this, it would need to fit the melody and length of each phrase because its music.

    Hay! Isn't music illegal in Iran?

  4. I don't know if this is helpful at all .. but this what I could do!

    aa .. pronouced as .... "O" in GOD
    a .... pronounced as ... "a" in CAT
    ee .. pronounced as ... "Y" in CANDY

    meedavam(run) man(I) aazaad(free) misetaayam(I sing) khodaa-vandegaar(GOD)

    sedaaye(voice) maa(our) hast(is) roshan(clrear)

    ghalb-haayemaan(our heart) baaz(open) mishavad(is) be(to) khodaa-vandegaar(GOD)

    shaadiye(joy) maa(our) ke(that) jaree(flows) shod(is) dar(in) kooche-haaye(streets of) Tehran e ghadeem(old Tehran)

    Doaaye(pray of) solh(peace) ke(that) degargoon(change) kard(has) donyaaye(world) dar peesh raa(will come)

    in(this) sarzamin-e(land of) Paars(Pars) ke(that) pedaraane(fathers) maa(our) saakhte-hand(has built) raahash(road) raa(its)

    hamekas(everyone) hast(is) hamrahe(with) maa(us)

    meedavam(I run) aazaad(free) in(this) sedaaye(voice) man(my) ast(is)

    az(from) solh(peace) va(and) keshmakesh(skirmish) dar(in) penhan(hiding)

    beshno(hear) nava(music) ra dar(in) ghalb-ha(hearts)

    meedavam(I run) aazaad(free)
  5. this has several problems and mistranslationsit's not usable
  6. ^ OPS! Sorry .. I feel like I'm worthless!
  7. Free Iran!

    It's still brilliant.
    I think the main problem is the translation of 'Iran' as 'I Ran', instead of Iran, meaning the Islamic Republic of Iran, aka Persia, but that is easily fixed and the rhythm isn't set in stone there, no?
    Everything else looks good?

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